Model Interview with Ana María Parfene from Milan

Interview Annie – In this interview, we spoke to a young model who has successfully arrived in the modeling business after only a few years. Annie is originally from Romania, but after growing up in Valencia she decided to pursue her career in Milan.

Annie: Amazing, adorable, authentic

Milan, probably the most famous model and fashion city in the world, is the home of Ana María Parfene, or simply Annie. Despite a lot of competition in the popular city for models, she was able to build up a great career for herself after only three years of modeling, with which she wants to fulfill her dreams. Among others, she has achieved all this with her mother agency, 5.0 Models Management, and Indastria Models by her side. Besides her life as a model, you can also learn some great tips for your own career from her.

Live, love, Milan

FIV: Hey Annie, it is a pleasure for us to have this interview with you. At the moment you are a Milan based Model, so we can learn a lot from you. What is life like in Milan?

ANNIE: Simply wonderful, I feel very identified with the lifestyle and culture that Milan transmits, cappuccino, pasta, pizza, art, fashion… I wouldn’t know what to choose! Since I’ve been working here my life and my tastes have changed a lot.

FIV: I can well imagine that life must be wonderful there, especially as a model, it must be exciting there, right?

ANNIE: That’s right, we all know that the heart of fashion is born in Milan, here there are opportunities for all kinds of jobs and models ; advertising campaigns, shooting, showroom, presentations, shows, ecommerce… every model should try to work here!

FIV: So you haven’t lived there all your life, so i guess you moved there at some point for your career?

ANNIE: I was born in Romania, but since I was two years old I have lived in Valencia, this year I started to travel to Milan for work.

Photo: Ana Maria Parfene

Beginning of her model life

FIV: I would be interested to know how long you have been modeling? Because you seem experienced to me.

ANNIE: Not much, actually it has been three years since I started to focus and follow my dreams and passions, it’s not relatively long if I compare myself with colleagues who have been in the industry since they were 14 years old hahaha.

When dreams come true

FIV: this is surprising, but you are doing a really good job, so what has been your biggest success or job so far?

ANNIE: I have made several campaigns for well-known brands in Spain as pikolinos, Lois, Teoxane, I have also catwalk for designers such as Custo, Dolores Cortés, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and I am currently working in the showroom of Giuseppe Zanotti, I wouldn’t know which one to choose!

FIV: That sounds great and is an amazing achievement after only three years in the modeling business. Do you have still a dream that you would like to make come true?

ANNIE: Of course, more than one in fact hahahaha… I would love to be able to see the world traveling while working for well-known brands. I would also like to try acting, I’ve always thought that fashion and film go hand in hand.

Photo: Ana Maria Parfene

Friends and Emily Ratajkowski as motivation

FIV: For this job and these dreams, you should definitely have an interest in fashion. Have you always been interested in the fashion world or did it develop at some point through a role model, perhaps all by itself?

ANNIE: The truth is that my interest in fashion came when I started college, I have always been very flirtatious and asked my classmates for pictures, they told me that I should be in an agency and focus on fashion. They were my support and my impulse to dedicate myself to this world and of course my inspiration is Emily Ratajkowski, I adore her. Surprisingly when I was four years old I didn’t like to have my picture taken and now look at me… it’s my everyday life hahaha.

Photo: Ana Maria Parfene

Getting Jobs in Milan

FIV: Great, so you definitely don’t lack motivation and inspiration. Can it still tend to be harder to get jobs as a model in Milan because of the competition?

ANNIE: It is true that there is a lot of competition, but it is also true that there is a lot of demand. Personally I have had no problems working in Milan, in fact I have worked a lot and well, it all depends on how much you trust yourself and what you set out to achieve.

How to become a successful model

FIV: I am very happy for you that things are going so well for you and that you can gain some experience. Can you give New Faces any advice on what they can or should look out for in order to become a successful model?

ANNIE: The first and most important thing is to get information and find an agency that is professional, serious and that you feel comfortable to start with. There are many nowadays but that does not mean that all of them are good… The second thing is to make a good book with basic clothes and natural beauty, it is important that clients can see how you really are. Finally, trust and believe in yourselves, attitude is what really opens opportunities.

Photo: Ana Maria Parfene

5 tips from Annie for you

FIV: And finally you might have any top 5 tips or must-haves for models?

ANNIE: The first tip I can advise a model is not to compare herself with her colleagues, each model goes at her own pace. Second, learn to enjoy the process of evolution in the modeling career, we all receive a lot of “NO” from clients. The third is to transmit naturally the role that each new job requires of us, because it is never the same, today you may have to transmit a sweet character and tomorrow the opposite! Fourth tip, maintain a balance between body and soul, food, sport and mental health is very important, if you fail one, you fail all in this world. Finally, be realistic with the possibilities and limitations of each one and do not reach the level of obsession about the fact that you have not gotten X job. I have always believed that when one door closes, three new opportunities are born, you have to know how to take advantage of them.

Photo: Ana Maria Parfene