Models in Los Angeles: Scouting, castings & jobs in the USA – Interview

Models in Los Angeles – Join us for a fascinating interview with Michael, the CEO behind CM Models, as we explore the dynamic world of modeling in Los Angeles. Learn what it takes to succeed in the City of Angels, from the bustling modeling scene to what it takes to have a thriving modeling career. Michael will also provide invaluable advice on how to pass auditions and navigate the challenges of working in the US, especially for European models.

Becoming a model in Los Angeles

FIV Magazine: Hello everyone. Today we have a very special guest with us, Michael, Head of CM Models, a seasoned modeling agent with years of experience in the fashion and media industry. Michael is here to give insights into the world of modeling, especially in the glamorous city of Los Angeles. After our interview, today all about Los Angeles, welcome back Michael!

CM Models: Thank you for inviting me. I am very happy to share my knowledge with you and other aspiring models.

What makes Los Angeles special?

FIV Magazine: Absolutely, we’re delighted to have you here. First, let’s talk about the city itself. Los Angeles is known for its famous models. What do you think makes LA so special for models compared to other cities?

CM Models: Los Angeles has a unique charm that is incredibly appealing to models. The city’s appeal lies in its connection to the entertainment industry. Models here often have the opportunity to break into acting or other areas of show business. The fashion scene is vibrant, and LA is a center for commercial work. In addition, the city’s diverse environment provides a demand for models of all backgrounds and styles.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Fashion hotspots in Los Angeles

FIV Magazine: Before we dive into the modeling world, what are the fashion hotspots in the city for models, for example when they are here for castings and jobs and have time! What are your recommendations in LA?

CM Models: Los Angeles has many cool neighborhoods for young models who have some free time between castings and jobs. Start with Silver Lake, a hip neighborhood with trendy cafés, vintage stores and street art. In the evening, you can explore the city in the bars and clubs of Hollywood. Melrose Avenue is perfect for shopping and Instagram-worthy photoshoots. The Venice Beach Boardwalk is a popular meeting place for young people, with street artists, stores and beach bars. And if you want to experience the surf culture, Santa Monica Beach is the place to be.

FIV Magazine: What would be your top 5 in LA with some time on your hands?

CM Models: These are:

  1. Silver Lake – trendy cafés and vintage stores
  2. Hollywood – bars and clubs for night-time adventures
  3. Melrose Avenue – shopping and Instagram-worthy photoshoots
  4. Venice Beach Boardwalk – street artists, stores and beach bars
  5. Santa Monica Beach – surfer culture and relaxed beaches

Becoming a model in Los Angeles

FIV Magazine: That’s fascinating! Now let’s talk about identifying potential models. How do you recognize someone with modeling potential?

CM Models: Recognizing potential models requires an eye for certain qualities. Models often have striking and versatile looks, but it’s not just about looks. Self-confidence and the ability to move naturally in front of the camera or on the catwalk are also crucial. A great model exudes charisma and can captivate an audience.

Find a good modeling agency in LA

FIV Magazine: Excellent insights! Well, for young people who dream of becoming a model in Los Angeles, what advice can you offer?

CM Models: The path to modeling in Los Angeles begins with an application to a reputable modeling agency. If you are accepted into such an agency, they will take responsibility for building you and your modeling career. They have top-notch fashion photographers who will help you create an impressive portfolio. These agencies also offer one-to-one meetings where you can discuss your goals and ambitions. You will have a permanent contact person to help you with any questions or concerns.

One of the benefits of a reputable modeling agency is access to clients and exclusive castings that are by invitation only. This gives you the opportunity to take part in high profile projects and establish yourself in the industry. Later in your career, you can even take up opportunities abroad, as top modeling agencies often have international connections and contacts.

Working as a foreigner in Los Angeles: Requirements

FIV Magazine: Let’s talk about working as a model in the USA. How can you work in the USA?

CM Models: Sure, for anyone wondering how to work in the US, here’s some useful information. If you are a model from the European Union (EU) and want to work in the US, especially in Los Angeles, it is usually necessary to obtain a work permit. The US has certain visa categories that apply specifically to models. A commonly used visa is the “O-1 visa”, which is intended for people with exceptional skills or achievements.

In order to obtain an “O-1 visa”, it is an advantage if you already have a successful modeling career with numerous jobs in your home country. Your main agency in the EU can help you with this process and support you in applying for the visa. It is advisable to find out about the necessary steps early on, as the visa application process can take some time. This way, you can successfully realize your dream of working in the USA, especially in Los Angeles.

Model dimensions and requirements in LA

FIV Magazine: What about the typical measurements for a model, what is it like in LA?

CM Models: The industry is evolving and there is no longer a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. While size and proportion are still important, there is an increasing demand for diversity in terms of body types and sizes. Models come in different shapes and sizes, and agencies are looking for people who can represent real people.

FIV Magazine: That’s an important point to emphasize, the diversity in the industry. How has the modeling industry in Los Angeles embraced diversity?

CM Models: The modeling industry in Los Angeles, as in the rest of the world, has recognized the importance of diversity. There is a growing demand for models of different ethnicities, sizes, ages and gender identities. Brands and agencies are actively seeking a broader range of people to better reflect the real world. It’s a positive change that was long overdue.

Do you have any casting tips for models?

FIV Magazine: Absolutely, it’s wonderful to hear. Finally, for young models attending casting calls, do you have any tips to help them navigate the process, especially if they are nervous or overconfident?

CM Models: Casting calls can be intimidating, but remember that everyone started small once. Find a balance between excitement and confidence. Be well prepared, bring your portfolio and dress appropriately for the casting. Self-confidence is important, but it should come from within, not from arrogance. Be authentic and show your unique qualities, and always remain professional.

FIV Magazine: Thank you, Michael, for sharing your valuable insights into the world of modeling in Los Angeles. It was a pleasure to have you here today.

CM Models: Thank you so much for inviting me. I hope this information helps aspiring models find their way in this exciting industry in the City of Angels. Good luck to you all!