Modeling in Los Angeles: Model Booker about application, castings & jobs

International modeling is the dream of many young girls. Like Leni Klum making it onto the Vogue cover at 16? Is that possible? We talked to an international model agency and answer the most important questions. CM Models is known as a renowned and recognized model agency. They place models worldwide and help young people to build a professional book, to then work for designers and shows in LA, New York, Milan & Co. Models who work and live there know exactly what the world of models looks like. For years, true trends and statements are set here, through trade shows, shows and shoots. CM Models offers models first class results and trains models to make a career there as well. No matter if online stores, shootings, video productions or other projects. We were allowed to talk to an international booker of the agency about what it’s like to become a model and how to increase your career as a New Face.

Become a model – model booker explains the basics

FIV: Hi Dilara, today we want to talk to you about what it’s like to make it big as a model and work around the world. What does it take to work in big cities like LA, New York, Milan or Paris?

Dilara: Depending on where the model is from, they are built up there first as well. The big jobs like Dior, Gucci and Prada are of course the goal, but first the portfolio has to be built up and a good experience at shoots and catwalks is the be-all and end-all. Therefore, it is advantageous if the model starts to apply as a model at a young age (15,16). With us, for example, you get editorial jobs for the first time. Young models, also called New Faces, practice posing in front of the camera and feeling comfortable.

FIV: How do you plan the shoots? How do such projects come about?

Dilara: As bookers, we know the photographers of course and check in advance if the shoots are suitable for our models. We are always in contact with the model and the photographer and make sure that the model feels comfortable. These shoots, video shoots, fittings or runway jobs are very well pre-planned by professional people in the fashion industry. This is how we work even if the model goes abroad.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Traveling as a model: Los Angeles, New York & Co.

FIV: At what point is a model ready to take on big jobs and travel?

Dilara: Of course, we pay attention and communicate with the parents, what the future of the model looks like. If the model is interested in going abroad after school, you can link that very well with the model business. We have sent our models to Milan, Paris or America several times. They are managed by us and have a great and exciting time there. There is not always the perfect book to travel. But little by little the first real bookings come up and clients inquire about models. So you realize if the model would have a chance to work in the international market.

FIV: When the model is abroad? How does the whole stay work? What is the model allowed to do?

Dilara: The model makes so to speak: Work & Travel. For example, the model travels to Los Angeles. Of course, everything is clarified in advance around visas, flight and accommodation. The model has a lot of opportunity to explore the city. There are completely new impressions. Restaurants, cafes and different sights are to take the model of course also directly. We send the model dates regarding open castings for customers and contact us if there are jobs locally. The whole thing actually takes its own course relatively quickly.

FIV: How is the model financed on location?

Dilara: Often the model gets steady jobs there, where the fees are very coherent and you even go home with plus on the account. But the model does not have to pay for accommodation and travel etc. himself. Such things are often taken over by the customer or by our partner agencies locally.

FIV: If a model already lives in LA, can she also be photographed by you?

Dilara: Of course! We work internationally and have models all over the world. We are happy to have more models abroad so that we can serve our clients. The bookers can also all speak English, so it shouldn’t be a problem. The applications are also received and evaluated just as digitally.

Modeling in America: Requirements

FIV: On the Internet, you always read different requirements for height and weight. What is important to know here? And what are they like in America?

Dilara: If you want to work internationally as a model in the high fashion world, you can be prepared for the fact that there are certain measurements. It would be an advantage if the model has appropriate height and slim proportions, so that ideally you can always propose the model and represent it worldwide. Of course, there are always exceptions, the spirit of the times changes the fashion world, the media but also advertising. What we as a model agency, also our model scouts pay special attention to are, for example, small, extra highlights, such as freckles or tooth gaps. So there is no perfect model, not even in LA. As a model, however, you come very close to the ideal of beauty. Also curvy models are often booked, that has enabled us models like Sarina Nowak and others and that is wonderful. On our website you can find a lot of info about becoming a model.

FIV: How do you work in Los Angeles, for example? Are the productions similar to those in Germany?

Dilara: Due to the cooperation with other agencies in LA, jobs in Los Angeles are guaranteed, the processes are fast and uncomplicated. So the model and we as a model agency can fully concentrate on the photo or video production. If your shooting project takes place outside, on the beach or in other parts of the city, then we will of course organize the entire travel and return for you.

FIV: This all sounds very promising! What would you recommend models do in their free time when they travel to LA? What beautiful things can you experience there?

Dilara: You have to remember that the models are there to work and the casting dates can line up very quickly, so you really have a lot to do. But if you have free time, there are so many sights in LA. Also culinary you can live out there of course extremely. Mostly, different models get to know each other at the casting and even become long-term friends, because they explore everything together. We have most different tips on our homepage, in order to start in LA correctly.

LA Tips: Models traveling

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