Behind the Scenes: Model Booker Enable Career

Once run over the fashion week in New York for the biggest brands like Prada, Dior, Gucci is the dream of some young girls and men. However, many are not aware that there is more behind the model. Because every successful model has an agency that represents her and to which the job requests go. The one who handles the job requests for the respective models is the Model Booker. He alone decides which model is proposed for which job and manages everything from contracts to communication with the model. We met with a Model Booker and asked you the most interesting questions.

The perfect conditions for a model

FIV: Many girls dream of being able to work internationally as models. What are the prerequisites for this dream to come true?

As a young girl you should usually have a height of 174 to 180 cm. You need a lot of self-confidence and ambition, because you have to perform well at a young age, such as at a fashion show; quick change of clothes, new run and all that without mistakes. The bigger the jobs become, the greater the responsibility, especially when there are 20, 30 people on site for a production, all waiting for you as a model. Even if someone is in a bad mood, you stay professional, friendly and do a good job! This means that you need a certain body size so that you fit perfectly with the patterns or the other models, you need a lot of self-confidence and ambition but also a very professional way so that you can still conjure up the perfect smile even with difficult customers who may have had a bad day.

You have to love your job, bring energy and of course it’s all about facial expressions, gestures, posing and much more.

FIV: What are the perfect measurements for a model? Are the classic 90-60-90 still valid for orientation?

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

The classic ideal of beauty naturally prevails in every situation. Also here one can say that in the range of proportions, models are very often at the ideal size of 90 60 90, whereby the sizes vary slightly, e.g. with models for high fashion. Here the measurements of chest and hip often have a few centimeters less. What’s the matter with you? The fewer curves the model has, the better the fit and fall of the clothes. Important, not only for normal photo shoots and commercials, but also for fashion shows. If you want to work as a model, e.g. at the Fashion Week, you absolutely need the international requirements. 95% of designers are looking for exactly this look. Apart from the High Fashion and Fashion Weeks, there is of course also the large area of advertising. Here the measurements can also go a little higher. Especially in commercials, it is often not the height that is important, but the charisma and personality of the model.

FIV: Are there any exceptions or is this completely fixed?

In addition to body size, there are two other important prerequisites for making exceptions. Beautiful and special faces with unique, rare features that have a special charisma. This can be a special face with recognition value, freckles, a large tooth gap, white hair, despite dark skin. There are several possibilities. A few examples of extraordinary models are:

  • Chantelle Brown

  • Lindsey Wixson

  • Jessica Hart

Modelscouts – Attention is paid to this

FIV: Where can you find the best models? Do you have any preferences?

Most models are found today via the Internet. What is the probability that we will meet in downtown Berlin? Or in Hamburg? Or in Munich? Exactly, most models are found and discovered today by the application on the Internet sides. But there are also still situations in which you accidentally become aware of models, such as at Fashion Week or during a simple shopping tour, e.g. in the Mall of Berlin. Of course, pretty girls can be found everywhere, even in the countryside. Only there’s very little chance of meeting here. The best chances are therefore in the big cities and in the mega metropolises such as Paris or Milan. Somehow everyone is drawn to the big cities. As a model scout, you can find good models here, especially in the city centre, when you don’t expect it at all.

FIV: What do you pay attention to when you discover a potential model? What’s the first thing they pay attention to?

As described at the beginning, the size of the model is an absolutely decisive factor. The absolute majority of jobs depend on body size, which is why it is the most important and decisive point. Then proportions, face and distinctive features. Then details, teeth, hair, skin and of course the most important things, looks and charisma. Of course you can still learn a lot, but if you bring the package with you at the beginning, it’s perfect.

Alternatives to model life

FIV: Is participation in Germanys next Topmodel a good start for a model?

Not as a model, but primarily as an influencer. In the end you live from the TV glamour of the show. With every new season there are new favourites. Most of the models we don’t even remember. Who was number five again three years ago? Who was number one again in the fourth season? I couldn’t answer it for you! In campaigns, on jobs, you rarely see them. Mostly they are still booked for fashion shows, so you get some PR for free. For a sustainable modeling career, however, the TV stamp is rather counterproductive. The models also notice this when they apply in the real agencies after the show. Suddenly there is no more applause, but the hip is criticized. Instead of a 92er hip as indicated on the Sedcard, the model has a 97er hip. Plus the big ego, through a one-time show. And the TV stamp, too. As an influencer, Germanys next Topmodel is a really great format to win 100,000 fans. If you market yourself properly afterwards, you can also bring it to very good customers and campaigns! But you also have to remember that only 5 out of 1000 make it. The rest remains unknown or has forever the stamp, without the many fans from the final show. Everyone has to weigh that up for themselves.

FIV: Which international models do you find best?

At the moment I am particularly fascinated by Kaia Gerber and Ellen Rosa. These two models are also at the top of the international list. As the daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford, Kaia has got great genes and the right attitude. Kaia has come a long way at her young age and her modeling career has only just begun! And then there’s her super demeanour.

Ellen Rosa is well on her way to becoming a successful supermodel. Your charisma speaks for itself.