Interview: Alice Ambrose BMA Models – on daily life, model lingo & tips for models

Interview – Alice Ambrose is a model booker and model agent at BMA Models. BMA Models is a UK based model agency with head office in Hertfordshire (near London) and 2nd office in London. They have built up an impressive board in their existing years including actors, influencers, artists as well as a long list of successful models from the UK and Europe. We did an exclusive interview with her and asked her questions, the answers to which will be of interest to you if you come from the fashion and modelling world. No matter if you want to get an insight into the everyday life of an international model agency or if you want to get some tips for your own model career.

The daily life of a modelbooker

FIV: When it comes to the profession of a model booker, not everyone can directly imagine what you actually do exactly. What does the everyday life in your agency look like?

Alice: A normal day in the life of a modelbooker consists of a variety of tasks,from scouting models to meeting new models to coaching them to be successful. Booking models for cool, interesting jobs, the admin life!!! It’s fun and varied, but you have to have an eye for the job to get your talent the right job!

FIV: What are your fondest memories of working with clients?

Alice: All of them were great, but ASOS & Harrods are my favourites if I had to choose, they were so easy and fun to work with!

The model jargon explained for you

FIV: Many of our readers don’t know the words we use in the modeling business on a daily basis. Please explain in a few words, help our readers understand the modeling jargon.

Alice: Casting – Castings are held so that the client can see the model in person, usually a few pictures are taken at the meeting (models go without makeup, hair natural and wear black jeans with a black top) and if there is a role or specific shots to be taken on the day of the shoot, the client would ask the model to elaborate.

Intended Use – Where the client will use the images/videos they receive from the booking EG. Online & Social Media for 1 year.
Z-Card (Model Card) One or more pictures of a model printed on a card, showing which agency she is represented by and a few statistics. (She or he would bring this to a casting).

FIV: Can you explain the difference between bookings and test shoots?

Alice: Bookings are paid work from a brand/client with commercial use. A test shoot is a free shoot that photographers request or we as an agency look for to help develop new model portfolios or an experienced model needs new images (the photographer will also use them in their own portfolio).

How to become a model!

FIV: Many pretty boys and girls dream of becoming a professional model themselves. What should a model application contain? Can you give 3 pieces of advice?

Alice: Instagram link (so we can see what her life looks like) her measurements and especially Polaroid and portfolio pictures!

FIV: What does a first model interview usually look like?

Alice: We ask for some background information, their background, experience, expectations of their rates. We explain how we work here at the agency and how we get jobs etc. (this gives them a real idea of BTS and the work we do for our talent) and finally we take Polaroid’s.

FIV: How should a newface show up for you? (outwardly & character wise) Give us 3 pieces of advice for our young readers.

Alice: Fun and enjoyment of life, willing to start from the bottom with low fees, long hours, good communication, that’s all we ask of our newfaces ?

New model of a model agency

FIV: Can brands/companies book your models only for shoots or also for events and video productions?

Alice: Brands can book stills, videos, films, theatre, events (we have an influencer & artist/actor board as well as models).

FIV: Your work ethic is to set new standards in the model agency business. What exactly do you mean by that?

Alice: We want the best for our talent, we want to develop them and give them the best possible advice to make them as successful as possible. We are a family at BMA #bmafamily