Interview with Elena Carrière: About the pressure on social media, mental health & GNTM

Elena Carrière Interview – Model Elena Carrière is not only super successful as a model, but also in social media, where she educates her followers about important topics like mental health. Elena Carrière became known through her participation in the 11th season of Germany’s Next Topmodel. In an interview with us, the model talked about her GNTM participation, the pressure on social media and her commitment to the topic of mental health. She also gives an insight into her exciting plans for the future.

This is how the model deals with pressure on social media

FIV: Hi Elena, glad it worked out with the interview. You have a great reach on social media. With this notoriety comes both positive and negative aspects. Among other things, criticism. How great is the pressure in the business to always be “perfect”? What’s the best way to deal with that?

Elena: I think the pressure is more subliminal than conscious. I would say that I have always been quite indifferent to what others think of me, because it was clear to me early on that these people don’t know me. Nevertheless, it is of course the case that you permanently feel a latent pressure to deliver something and to offer people something. It’s less about criticism from the outside than about criticism of yourself.

Photo: Linda Böse

Elena advocates for the issue of Mental Health

FIV: Keyword social media. You raise awareness about mental health on your social media channels and talk openly about your panic attacks and depression. Mental health is a super important topic, which unfortunately is still not taken seriously by our society. How important do you think it is that the public is educated about mental problems?

Elena: I am actually of the opinion that a lot has changed in the last few years. Many celebrities and superstars all over the world confess more and more to strugglen and advise therapy etc.. I think it is now possible to talk about it in a very relaxed way in society. Unfortunately, the offer is still much too small to be able to really help people. In general, I find it important to use my channels to make clear to people who suffer in silence that they are not alone / the only ones with this kind of problems.

Elena gives advice: Mental Health problems

FIV: What advice would you give to those affected?

Elena: Do not be ashamed to ask for help! Everyone needs help in life, and most people are very understanding and willing to provide it!

Career start through GNTM participation

FIV: You owe your fame to your participation in GNTM, among other things. You took part in GNTM in 2016 and came in 2nd place. Since then you are a successful model and active on social media. How has your life changed since you took part in GNTM?

Elena: Well, I wasn’t in public before and then, from one day to the next, I was. It’s like eating a steak again from one day to the next after 3 years of veganism. First quite traumatizing and you have to see how you digest that. But I was still so young that I quickly got used to everything that came along. As is generally known, people are very adaptive.

Tips: Participation in GNTM

FIV: Soon the new season of GNTM will start, what tips do you have for the aspiring candidates?

Elena: I didn’t watch Topmodel, so I don’t relate to the newcomers.

Photo: Linda Böse

Elena’s exciting plans for the future

FIV: Finally, a short look into the future, we are curious what you have planned in the near future: Do you have big plans like a move or something similar or is there something special coming up? Give us a little teaser of what your fans and followers can look forward to in the near future!

Elena: I’m looking forward to Christmas with my family after 3 years of “not being together” – then to my Winter Escape and of course to my “Food Project” which I can finally hold in my hands in spring ’22! Furthermore, my move to my own apartment in Berlin is currently being planned and organized, as well as my Holistic Health studies will be finished in March and then I can finally be an official coach! In any case, I am very much looking forward to everything that is coming.

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