Johanna Höpfler Interview: About GNTM, body positivity and future plans

Johanna Höpfler Interview – Johanna became known through her participation in season.15 of Germany’s Next Topmodel. In this interview Johanna talks to us about how her life has changed through her participation in GNTM. In addition, she gives tips in the areas of body positivity and pressure on social media. In addition, the model tells us which projects she will pursue in the future.

From elementary school teaching to GNTM

FIV: Hello dear Johanna, how nice that it worked out with the interview. You are a successful model and already have a large reach on Instagram. Did you always want to work in the model and social media world or did you have other future goals in terms of your profession before GNTM?

Johanna: In fact, I always wanted to work with children and study elementary school teaching. I’ve loved being in front of the camera ever since I was little, and after taking part in GNTM, it was immediately clear to me that I wanted to continue in this field.

Tips: Pressure on social media

FIV: You are in the public eye and are active on social media as a social media personality. How great is the pressure in the business to always be “perfect”? What is the best way to deal with it?

Johanna: The pressure to be “perfect” is definitely there. When you’re in the public eye or actively using social media in general, you automatically compare yourself to others and often get a false self-perception as a result. However, I always try to do my thing and just show myself as I am, without constantly thinking about whether I meet any criteria or please everyone with it. I think if you think too much about how you present yourself, what you say and how you act, you can quickly become inauthentic and I definitely don’t want that. People are interested in me and my life and not in some version of me that is considered “perfect”.

How to feel comfortable in your skin

FIV: Keyword social media. You do a lot for body positivity. Do you have any tips for our readers on how they can feel good in their skin?

Johanna: The best tip I have for others to feel good is to ignore the opinion of others and be yourself. You can’t take negative comments to heart and just stand by yourself. There are always people who won’t like you, just like you don’t like everyone. You just have to focus on the things that you like about yourself and then emphasize and highlight them instead of constantly looking for flaws.

Life changed by GNTM

FIV: You owe your fame to GNTM, among other things. You took part in GNTM in 2020 and have been a successful model and active on social media ever since. How has your life changed since GNTM?

Johanna: My life hasn’t really changed that much apart from the fact that I now share a lot of things with people through Instagram. Sure, you’re often recognized and approached now when you’re out and about somewhere, but that doesn’t bother me at all, quite the opposite. I still worked in the beer garden after GNTM, just like before, and recently started studying, because I still find that super important in addition to social media.

Johanna’s artistic streak

FIV: In your free time you like to deal with art and paint. How did you get into art and would you like to work professionally as an artist or in the artistic field?

Johanna: Art was always my absolute favorite subject at school. Unfortunately, I had little time to pursue it after my school days. When I then had to involuntarily quarantine for a while, I started to paint again and will definitely deepen this hobby and maybe even earn money with it in the future. Artist as a main profession, I could imagine but rather not.

Projects that Johanna will pursue in the future

FIV: Finally a short look into the future, we are curious what you have planned in the near future: Do you have any big plans like a new project or a movie or is there something on the

Johanna: I don’t have any concrete plans for the future, I’ll let everything come to me. But I could definitely imagine further TV projects, if the right offer should come along. I will also continue to pursue modeling and hopefully make progress in this area. Otherwise, I just hope that the overall situation with Corona will relax again and maybe you can travel again without any problems, because there are still super many countries and places that I still want to see.

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