GNTM season 9 (2014): Winner, contestants – Stefanie Giesinger, Nathalie Volk & Betty Taube

GNTM Season 9 – In the 9th season of GNTM, the models could apply online and at castings in ten German cities. This year, the jury had something very special in mind – the models who convinced the jury at the casting got a pair of pink high heels as a symbol for advancing to the next round. In the end, only 25 of the applicants made it and started the journey to Singapore. In this article you can read more about the winner, the contestants and the jury of the 9th season. Back to the FIV Special GNTM: Germany’s Next Topmodel.

Winner Season 9: Stefanie Giesinger

In the end, Stefanie Giesinger, Jolina Fust and Ivana Teklic were allowed into the final. Stefanie Giesinger is probably one of the best-known faces in Germany. Since her “GNTM” victory in 2014, Steffi has evolved from up-and-coming model to beauty and fashion entrepreneur – and a real social media star. The then 17-year-old schoolgirl has many dreams for her life. At the top of her list is her desire to become a fashion designer, a career as a model, and to walk for Victoria’s Secret someday.

Candidates of the season: list

Here you can find a list of the contestants from season 9 and which place they made:

  • Stefanie Giesinger – 1st place
  • Jolina Fust – 2nd place
  • Ivana Teklic – 3rd place
  • Betty dove – place 4
  • Aminata Sanogo – 4th place
  • Nathalie Volk – 4th place
  • Karlin Ivana Obiango – 7th place
  • Nancy Nagel – place 7
  • Samantha Brock – place 9
  • Anna Wilken – place 10
  • Sarah Weinfurter – 11th place
  • Lisa Gelbrich – place 12
  • Sainabou Sosseh – Rank 13
  • Jana Heinisch – place 14
  • Simona Hartl – place 14
  • Antonia Balzer – – place 16
  • Emma Kahlert – place 17
  • Laura Kristen – place 18
  • Franziska Wimmer – place 19
  • Pauline Cottin – place 20
  • Laura Haas – place 20
  • Ina Bartak – place 20
  • Fata Hasanovic – rank 20
  • Lisa Seibert – place 24
  • Jill Schmitz – place 24

Jury members: Thomas Hayo & Wolfgang Joop

In the jury of the 9th season Heidi Klum got support from designer Wolfgang Joop as a new juror and the art director Thomas Hayo.

  • Heidi Klum
  • Thomas Hayo
  • Wolfgang Joop

Heidi Klum: Supermodel

Heidi Klum – Whether on ProSieben at Germany’s Next Topmodel, in the jury at DSDS or even in the American show America’s Got Talent; Heidi can be seen everywhere. Heidi was known on the catwalk and has walked for Victoria Secret, Versace and many other fashion shows around the world. Read more about the host of GNTM here:

GNTM: Germany’s Next Top Model

Every year, Heidi Klum searches for Germany’s top model with guest judges selected by her. Twelve young women compete for the title and a modeling contract. In the process, they have to pass several tests and land contracts.

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