GNTM season 10 (2015): winner, contestants – Vanessa Fuchs, Anuthida Ploypetch & Katharina Wandrowsky

GNTM Season 10 – In the 10th season of GNTM, world star Heidi Klum is once again on the search for Germany’s most beautiful model. Besides Heidi Klum, the jury members were once again Thomas Hayo and Wolfgang Joop. Among the many applicants, the jury chose 17 models. Vanessa Fuchs was chosen as the winner, Anuthida Ploypetch came in second ahead of Ajsa Selimovic and Katharina Wandrowsky. In this article you can read more about the winner, the contestants and the jury of the 10th season. Back to the FIV Special GNTM: Germany’s Next Topmodel.

Winner Season 10: Vanessa Fuchs

Also in this season, four of the models were allowed into the final, which again took place in the SAP Arena in Mannheim. Among them were eighteen-year-old Vanessa Fuchs from Bergisch Gladbach, who was also the winner of the 10th season, Anuthida Ploypetch, Ajsa Selimovic and Katharina Wandrowksy. Vanessa Fuchs is one of the chosen few who were allowed to put on the crown at Germany’s next Topmodel. She competed in the 10th season and became the GNTM winner of 2015. At that time, she was just 18 years old and fought her way through to the final, where she left the three remaining competitors behind. A lot has happened since then. But the most important thing is that her dream of a career in the fashion industry has come true.

Candidates of the season: list

Here you can find a list of the contestants from season 10 and which place they made:

  • Vanessa Fuchs – place 1
  • Anuthida Ploypetch – 2nd place
  • Ajsa Selimovic – 3rd place
  • Katharina Wandrowsky – 4th place
  • Darya Strelnikova – place 5
  • Lisa Bärmann – place 6
  • Jülide “Jüli” Ürküt – 6th place
  • Chiara “Kiki” Hölzl – Place 8
  • Sara Faste – place 9
  • Laura Dünninger – place 9
  • Varisa Čaluk – rank 11
  • Sandy Provázek – rank 11
  • Érica Santos Silva – Rank 13
  • Neele Busse – place 14
  • Irene Pichler – 14th place
  • Daniela Wolking – place 16
  • Lena Stockhausen – place 16
  • Jovana Bulic – rank 16
  • Adriane Sutsch – place 19
  • Ariana Xhatova – rank 20
  • Laura Weidner – place 20
  • Annabel Paasch – place 22
  • Sarah Kocar – place 22

Jury members: Thomas Hayo & Wolfgang Joop

In the jury of the 10th season Heidi Klum got support from designer Wolfgang Joop and the art director Thomas Hayo.

  • Heidi Klum
  • Thomas Hayo
  • Wolfgang Joop

Heidi Klum: Supermodel

Heidi Klum – Whether on ProSieben at Germany’s Next Topmodel, in the jury at DSDS or even in the American show America’s Got Talent; Heidi can be seen everywhere. Heidi was known on the catwalk and has walked for Victoria Secret, Versace and many other fashion shows around the world. Read more about the host of GNTM here:

GNTM: Germany’s Next Top Model

Every year, Heidi Klum searches for Germany’s top model with guest judges selected by her. Twelve young women compete for the title and a modeling contract. In the process, they have to pass several tests and land contracts.

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