GNTM Season 7 (2012): Winner, Contestants – Luisa Hartema, Kasia Lenhardt & Sara Kulka

GNTM Season 7 – In the 7th season of GNTM, supermodel Heidi Klum is once again on the lookout for Germany’s most beautiful model. In this season, as in the season before, there were only open castings in 21 cities and a total of 13 states. Due to the high demand for applicants, two castings were added in Dortmund and Munich. A total of 51 candidates were selected from the applicants. Luisa Hartema was crowned the winner, with Sarah-Anessa Hitzschke coming in second ahead of Dominique Miller and Kasia Lenhardt. Still waters run deep – Luisa proved that to us once again this season. The shy girl from East Frisia fought her way through and became the beaming winner. In this article you can read more about the winner, the contestants and the jury of the 7th season. Back to the FIV Special GNTM: Germany’s Next Topmodel.

Winner Season 7: Luisa Hartema

This time, four of the women made it to the finals. As well as there were some star appearances, for example from Gossip, Ivy, Quainoo, Maroon5 and Justin Bieber. Luisa has made it, for her GNTM was definitely a career kick, because she gets many model jobs and currently even lives in New York. And she still has a lot of plans: “Once walk for Victoria’s Secret. That’s every girl’s dream”. Through her boyfriend she now found faith and is a member of the ‘Riverside Chruch’.

Candidates of the season: list

Here you can find a list of the contestants from season 7 and which place they made:

  • Luisa Hartema – Place 1
  • Sarah-Anessa Hitzschke – 2nd place
  • Dominique Miller – 3rd place
  • Katarzyna “Kasia” Lenhardt – 4th place
  • Sara Kulka – place 5
  • Evelyn Keck – place 6
  • Diana Ovchinnikov – 7th place
  • Lisa Volz – place 8
  • Inga Bobkow – place 9
  • Laura Scharnagl – place 10
  • Shawny noon – place 11
  • Melek Civantürk – place 12
  • Annabelle Rieß – place 13
  • Jasmin Abraha – 14th place
  • Maxi Böttcher – place 15
  • Natalia Kowalczykowska – place16
  • Michelle Luise Lafleur – 16th place
  • Anelia Moor – place 18
  • Valerie-Charlotte Kirchner von Schröder – place 19
  • Franziska Poehling – place 19
  • Sabine Snobl – place 19
  • Isabell Janku – place 19

Jury members: Thomas Hayo & Thomas Rath

The jury included top model Heidi Klum, creative director Thomas Hayo and designer Thomas Rath.

  • Heidi Klum
  • Thomas Hayo
  • Thomas Rath

Heidi Klum: Supermodel

Heidi Klum – Whether on ProSieben at Germany’s Next Topmodel, in the jury at DSDS or even in the American show America’s Got Talent; Heidi can be seen everywhere. Heidi was known on the catwalk and has walked for Victoria Secret, Versace and many other fashion shows around the world. Read more about the host of GNTM here:

GNTM: Germany’s Next Top Model

Every year, Heidi Klum searches for Germany’s top model with guest judges selected by her. Twelve young women compete for the title and a modeling contract. In the process, they have to pass several tests and land contracts.

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