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GNTM Season 16 (2021): Winner, Contestants – Alex Mariah Peter, Soulin Omar & Romina Palm

GNTM Season 16- GNTM: This season remains in memory. Unlike all the other seasons, season 16 took place mostly in Berlin because of travel restrictions due to the Covid -19 pandemic. So all the long distance travel was omitted, as well as the move into a mansion in Los Angeles. But there were more changes. […]

GNTM Season 15 (2020): Winner, Contestants – Jacqueline Wruck, Sarah Posch & Lijana Kaggwa

GNTM Season 15 – GNTM: The casting show Germany’s next Topmodel, broadcast on ProSieben, has been on the air since 2006. The show, hosted by Heidi Klum, has several thousand applicants each year, from which 30 contestants are selected to compete for the title of “Germany’s next Topmodel.” In the end, however, only one girl […]

GNTM season 13 (2018): winner, contestants – Toni Dreher-Adenuga, Abigail Odoom & Gerda Lewis

GNTM Season 13- GNTM: A TV format that never gets old and above all never gets boring. Unlike in previous seasons, the winner Toni Dreher appeared for the first time on the cover of Haper’s Bazaar magazine and not on the cover of Cosmopolitan. 50 candidates fought for the title of Germany’s Next Top Model […]

GNTM Season 3 (2008): Winner, Contestants – Jennifer Hof, Sarah Knappik & Gina Lisa Lohfink

GNTM Season 3 – GNTM: The popular casting show Germany’s Next Topmodel has been broadcast since 2006. Around 18217 women applied for the highly coveted spot on GNTM. Once again, only a fraction of the applicants were taken. Only 19 were allowed to fight for victory. In this season, which was broadcast in 17 episodes, […]

GNTM season 2 (2007): Winner, contestants – Barbara Meier, Hana Nitsche & Fiona Erdmann

GNTM Season 2 – After the success of the first season of GNTM, the second season of the model casting show with judges Heid Klum, Peyman Amin, Bruce Darnell and Boris Entrup was broadcast in 2007. In 12 episodes, the candidates had to prove themselves in castings, walks and shootings. At the end of the […]

GNTM Season 4 (2009): Winner, Contestants – Sara Nuru, Mandy Bork & Marie Nasemann

GNTM Season 4 – GNTM: The casting show Germany’s Next Topmodel, which has been broadcast on Pro7 since 2006, is one of the most popular German series in the reality TV format. From over 18,000 candidates, 50 girls were selected. After a big photo shoot, in which the newcomer models had to prove themselves for […]

GNTM season 14 (2019): winner, contestants – Simone Kawalski, Vanessa Stanati & Catharina Maranca

GNTM Season 14 – GNTM: The 14th season remains true to its show concept. Elaborate shootings, difficult catwalk shows and big advertising campaigns. Under the hashtag #ichbinGNTM2019, anyone could apply with a photo or video. More than 10,000 applications were received and reviewed by Heidi Klum. Every year, 12 women compete for the title of […]

GNTM Season 1 (2006): Winner, Contestants – Lena Gercke, Janina Ortmann & Lena Meier

GNTM season 1 – 2006 started probably the most famous model casting show on German television: Germany’s Next Topmodel. Since then, Heidi Klum has been looking for Germany’s best up-and-coming model every year. In the first season, the jury consisted of Armin Morbach, Peyman Amin and Bruce Darnell and Heidi Klum. Out of over 11000 […]

GNTM Season 8 (2013): Winner, Contestants – Lovelyn Enebechi, Anna Maria Damm & Luise Will

GNTM Season 8 – Over 15500 women presented themselves in 23 cities, hoping to become Germany’s Next Topmodel. Of these, only 25 were selected in total. In 2013, it is once again curtain up for another season of GNTM by Heidi Klum. Photographer Enrique Badulescu took over the jury post of Thomas Rath, who was […]

GNTM Season 7 (2012): Winner, Contestants – Luisa Hartema, Kasia Lenhardt & Sara Kulka

GNTM Season 7 – In the 7th season of GNTM, supermodel Heidi Klum is once again on the lookout for Germany’s most beautiful model. In this season, as in the season before, there were only open castings in 21 cities and a total of 13 states. Due to the high demand for applicants, two castings […]

GNTM Season 5 (2010): Winner, Contestants – Alisar Ailabouni, Louisa Mazzurana & Leyla Mert

GNTM Season 5 – Of more than 21000 applicants, 17 candidates remained after the fourth episode and went on a world tour. In the 5th season of GNTM Alisar Ailabouni won. In a breathtaking final, she was crowned the winner. The jury consisted of top model Heidi Klum, photographer Kristian Schuller and marketing director Qualid […]

GNTM Season 6 (2011): Winner, Contestants – Jana Beller, Rebecca Mir & Joana Damek

GNTM season 6 – In the 6th season of GNTM it went for the candidates in the USA. With creative director Thomas Hayo and designer Thomas Rath, Heidi Klum once again chose new co-jurors. Catwalk coach was again Jorge Gonzalez. This year there were only open castings in 21 different cities in Germany, written applications […]

GNTM Season 12 (2017): Winner, Contestants – Céline Bethmann, Soraya Eckes & Neele Bronst

GNTM Season 12 – In the 12th season of GNTM, the jurors Michael Michalsky and Thomas Hayo selected applicants at a casting. They decided which of them they would include in their team. If both jurors wanted to include an applicant, she was allowed to choose a juror. The resulting teams consisted of 25 (Hayo) […]

GNTM season 9 (2014): Winner, contestants – Stefanie Giesinger, Nathalie Volk & Betty Taube

GNTM Season 9 – In the 9th season of GNTM, the models could apply online and at castings in ten German cities. This year, the jury had something very special in mind – the models who convinced the jury at the casting got a pair of pink high heels as a symbol for advancing to […]

GNTM season 10 (2015): winner, contestants – Vanessa Fuchs, Anuthida Ploypetch & Katharina Wandrowsky

GNTM Season 10 – In the 10th season of GNTM, world star Heidi Klum is once again on the search for Germany’s most beautiful model. Besides Heidi Klum, the jury members were once again Thomas Hayo and Wolfgang Joop. Among the many applicants, the jury chose 17 models. Vanessa Fuchs was chosen as the winner, […]

GNTM Season 11 (2016): Winner, Contestants – Kim Hnizdo, Elena Carrière & Fata Hasanovic

GNTM Season 11 – In the 11th season of GNTM, the candidates ran in an “Express Yourself” walk in front of the judges Heidi Klum, Thomas Hayo and the newly added Michael Michalsky in a self-selected outfit that should highlight their personality. The final took place in the Colisseu Balear bullring in Mallorca. Kim Hnizdo […]