How the dream works – Become a model

Paris, London, New York – commercials, catwalk jobs, showrooms, shootings. As diverse as the fashion metropolises are, as different are the requirements for the profession of a model.
Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Adriana Lima are one of the best paid models worldwide. But in no other industry is fantasy and reality linked as in the fashion scene.

Tip! Interview with model agency owner Stephan Czaja (CM Models): Become a model

Become a model

Exciting personalities, as well as the cooperation with stylists and photographers, journeys through many cities of the world, that’s what many young girls wish for.
But to get that far at all, you have to be prepared for a long way. You have to meet the requirements and still have that certain something.
Models learn at a young age to deal with unpleasant working hours and to be far away from family and friends.
In order to be professional and prepared, it is important to have experienced test shootings and to be able to present a professional portfolio.
Gestures and facial expressions, posing and behaviour at castings, cannot be taught at home in front of the mirror.

Prerequisites for female and male models

As a general rule, not every model fits directly into every area. Over time you learn to cover different areas and to put your own strengths to the fore.
Potential candidates should have as good a command of English as possible, as it is an advantage to be able to communicate independently. To hold your own in this business, you should have a certain stamina, whether you’re a boy or a girl. Every well-known model does sports and eats healthy to stay in shape and keep fit.

I’m pretty enough?

No model has to be flawless, quite the contrary. There are an incredible number of models who are attractive to agencies because of their gaps in their teeth, large moles or scars on their faces. Also tattoo models are more and more in demand. Body size and measurements, as well as age depend on the employer. Often the job display shows how these should be. At many model jobs there are samples for the models and at best it should fit the model directly.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Model by H&M, Zara, Otto & Co

Usually production companies or model agencies work together with H&M, ZARA &Co and take care of your sedcard and applications.
The Hamburg-based company OTTO works with 20 agencies worldwide and Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Heidi Klum and many other professional models have already appeared before Otto Linse. At Zara, you can personally look at the lookbooks, designers, stylists and photographers and even remember the names of these people.
An application for H&M can be done via an online portal by entering your personal data and adding some photos. In general, the Internet explains very well how you can apply for a company or agency.

In order to find a serious model agency, you should inform yourself well beforehand. Agencies pay in advance, create sedcards and photos and build you up strategically as a model.

Become a male model: What do I have to consider?

More and more men models are appearing in public. As with the female models, the size, dimensions and charisma must be right. A certain acting talent would be an advantage. The designers want their collections to be presented by models by giving the outfit that certain something. Currently, many model agencies want men with distinctive facial features, a beautiful profile, long legs and sporty bodies. So – if you feel addressed, apply today!

…. It’s a shame guys, but you can’t apply for Germanys next Topmodel. Did you know that every year over ten thousand girls apply for Heidi Klum’s Modelcasting Show? Many have the dream of becoming models and try it out on the springboard TV casting show. Not only Heidi Klum is looking for young models, but also Angelina Kirsch is every year, together with her jury, Germany-wide on the way to find the next Super Curvymodel. The application for TV casting shows is of course different than in a classic model agency.

GNTM & Curvy Supermodel: TV Casting Shows as Breakthrough

Why do most young girls love GNTM? Especially because by participating you can collect many followers on Instagram. Whether you win in the end or not, the participation has already paid off, as most of them can work very well as influencers afterwards. So easy you do it! These casting shows come up with creative ideas every year. At GNTM you can fill out a registration form online and deposit your documents at a specified location on a certain date. For example, in 2017 the applicants should post a video about Instagram with the hashtag #ichbinGNTM2017 by explaining why they of all people are Germanys next top model. You don’t have the measurements like the models at GNTM? Meanwhile more and more curved models are booked. For example Ashley Graham, she is a world famous pluse size model and even ran with Viktoria Secret. In Germany there is now also the casting format Curvy Supermodels. For young women who are not very slim and wear clothes of size 40 or larger, this is an incredible opportunity to become a model. To participate in Curvy Supermodel you apply via an online portal and will be called if there is a promise.

Supermodel: The dream of great success

Let’s take Lena Gercke. She’s not Germanys Next Topmodel winner for nothing. With her open, sporty and communicative nature, she makes customers happy. She doesn’t just look great as a fashion model, she is also a sports model, juror and presenter. Everything is possible in the fashion industry!

TOP 6 – the best models in the world

  • Kendall Jenner ( 22 million US dollars*)
  • Gisele Bündchen ( 17.5 million US dollars*)
  • Gigi Hadid ( 9.5 million US dollars* )
  • Bella Hadid ( youngest newcomer, $6 million* )
  • Ashley Graham ( first Curvy Model with 5,5 Mio US Dollar* )
  • Adriana Lima (Victoria Secret Model with 10.5 million US dollars* )

*annual income

Models of the 90s

  • Claudia Schiffer

    she was discovered in a disco and with the jeans
    Advertising campaign for Guess she got the breakthrough

  • Naomi Campbell

    at the age of 16 one of the first
    colored models as a cover at Vogue

  • Kate Moss

    at the age of 14 she is discovered by the model agency Storm
    and the advertising contract for the underwear label.
    by Calvin Klein her androgynous look becomes the new trend of the fashion world

You want to be a model? Let’s go!

Behind the scenes of the newcomers

Our editorial staff has accompanied the model everyday life of a newcomer Lisa, for one day. She is only 15 and is already working with a renowned model agency to professionally design her portfolio. At a daily meeting with the photographer, she accompanies her mother as her legal guardian. As a minor, you have no choice but to take your parents with you. Like Lisa, many young girls this age are still in school. That doesn’t mean you have to drop out of school to be a model. No – a good time management and a lot of discipline are the a&o. Since the shootings sometimes take place in Milan, New York or Paris, Lisa has to be prepared to spend her holidays abroad and run from casting to casting. We are all over Lisa and her photographer is also incredibly fascinated by her looks, but doesn’t want to force her to do anything.
In the meeting, the photographer often emphasizes the motivation and sociability that Lisa has to maintain in order to be successful in this industry in the long term.
In the time of puberty the build of the body and the appearance of the skin changes in girls. That is why the photographer often wants to make Polaroids of her and check her measurements constantly to make sure that her model measurements are fair to the industry. Besides, he emphasizes that her Instagram profile needs more structure and that she should put in her shooting photos. Many bookers take a look at the internet profiles of the girls before booking in order to get a picture of her again. At the end of the day, our editorial team comes up with an astonishing conclusion: It’s very challenging for girls aged 14 and over to get a place in the fashion industry. Apart from hobbies and school, starting out as a model is not for the faint hearted. We have noticed that with the help of a model agency, the work is made much easier and a lot of support is offered. Especially personal coaching helps young models to get a certain feeling for the world of models.

Modelcoaching & Model Agency

Before you apply to a model agency such as Modelwerk, M4 Models, CM Models or Louisa Models, we suggest you as an editor a special. You finally got all the important information you need to get started in this industry. Now you have to collect step by step information which model agencies meet your expectations in order to fill your Sedcard with professional photographs. Before you apply to a model agency like Modelwerk or Cocainemodels, we suggest you, as editors of a special, a selected expert, who even goes on tour in 2019 as a model coach. Lutz Marquart is a renowned personality coach. For over 25 years he has been on the road as a men’s model and has played in several series. His previous coaching sessions were always well attended and helped girls to prepare perfectly for their model career.
There will be topics like: Behavior on set, portfolio compilation, fashion show, castings and much more offered. The Do’s & Don’ts of this business are getting close to you.

From the model portfolio to test shootings and personality checks, Lutz Marquart trains and supports you best!

Get a ticket now for a coaching day with Lutz Marquart, the personality coach!