Model Application – Become a Model Special #1

GNTM has started! The new season is on everyone’s lips again and has millions of spectators. Many dreams of becoming a model and understandably have many questions! From the first casting to the international supermodel. In our special about modeling Stephan M. Czaja – model agency owner – answers the most important questions about modeling. The first part is about the basics! How exactly do I become a model? do I really need a complete model folder and how do I approach all this?

Tip! Interview with model agency owner Stephan Czaja (CM Models): Become a model

Model Application? From application photos to agency casting

The Most Important Questions: Become a Model

Here I have the most important answers for you, if you want to know how to become a successful model. Also have a look at the other contributions to our series to find out everything about modeling!

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How much do you make as a model?

Large, worldwide campaigns for H&M, Zara and Otto. That’s what most models dream about. Fashion Brands pay the most money for orders that are published indefinitely. That’s often more than a whole month’s salary for just one shooting day! You can also earn a lot of money with catwalk orders for Victoria Secret or Gucci. One level below this would be the classic online shop shootings. These are paid moderately and are relatively strenuous. Among them are the Instagram Shootings. The showroom jobs, where you have to present clothes to customers, are in a similar price category. No photos or video will be taken.

What dimensions must a model have?

90-60-90 are the top measurements you think. That’s not quite true these days. Clearly at the Paris or Milan Fashion Week you should of course pay attention to your measurements. However, there is always the possibility to become successful as a Curvy Model.

How big do you have to be for a model?

Women should have a minimum height of 1.78m and men 1.81m. Is it true? No, not directly. Again, you should be taller on the catwalk. For photo or video shootings, there is no fixed size for modeling.