Modelling Around Italy: Florence And Milan With Gabriela Martin In Interview

Interview with Gabriela Martin- In this interview with Gabriela you will find out a bit more about how she became a model in Italy, both in Florence and Milan, while studying. Gabriela talks about the importance of her mother during her modelling career and gives you a great piece of advice: “Find your beauty”. The best of this interview with FIV!

Gabriela Martin

Gabriela Martin, from a small town in Spain called Santander to Milan. She has been working as a model since she was eleven years old, when a boy stopped her in the street to ask her for some photos. Since then, she moved to Barcelona and then to Florence and Milan. Gabriela has become a successful model in Milan, where she works non-stop, while studying at the same time!

Gabriela Martin: From Hometown To Milan

FIV: Gabriela, you are working so much this last years. Campaign after campaign. It must be exciting for a young model like you! Do you remenber the start? How was it?

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GABRIELA: Of course I remeber! My career as a professional model started in Barcelona in 2019, it was then when I contacted my mother agency, Fifth Models. Before that, I had done some shootings in my hometown and decided that I could give it a try. So I did it.

FIV: Among many other things, modelling. Why modelling? What inspired you choose this profession?

GABRIELA: I guess I got inspired by the work itself. When I did my first shooting. I was only 11 years old and someone on the street asked me to take some photos, after that I did a few more services.

Modelling World: Energy, Passion And Dedication

FIV: So, do you feel proud to have chosen this profession?

GABRIELA: As I kept growing in my agency in Barcelona, then in Florence and now also in Milan, I realized how beautiful the job is and how much you get to learn about fashion, design, trends, etc. It is an exiting world full of energy, passion and dedication.

Architecture Student And Model In Florence

FIV: Of all locations, why did you choose to come to Italy as a model? Are there more opportunities?

GABRIELA: I actually decided to come to Florence for my studies, I came 2 years ago to this gorgeous city to finish my studies in interior design. But, fashion and design go together, when I arrived in Florence everything just fell into place.

FIV: You arrived as a student and become a model. Wow. Did you expect it?

GABRIELA: Italy is not only well-known for its architecture and art, but also one of the main countries in the fashion industry. Coming here was definitely a great decision because it allowed me to do both.

Florence or Milan: Which One Is The Capital Of Fashion?

FIV: Your first stop was Florence and now Milan. Which city is best for modelling?

GABRIELA: Once I was settle in Florence, in the city, in my studies and in my agency, Casting Firenze; I decided to expand my opportunities and look for an agency in Milan. I started working with Select Management and yes, I have to say that there are a lot of opportunities in Italy. Milan is one of the capitals of fashion, so there is always something going on.

Gabriela’s Mum: Her Biggest Supporter

FIV: Moving abroad is not easy. Do you get support from your family and friends with your model career?

GABRIELA: Yes, I am very lucky. My mom always supported me, it was her who encouraged me to look for an agency and has always been there when I needed it.

FIV: Mums are mums, they are always there!

GABRIELA: The rest of my family and friends have also been a huge pilar in my life and in my decisions, I would have never had the courage to do so many things I did if I didn’t have the support of my family at home and of the friends that became family in Barcelona and Florence.

Balance Between Architecture, Interior Design And Modelling

FIV: Your life has been full of new challenges. Is there something planned in the near future?

GABRIELA: Well, for now, I am happy where I am. I found the balance between architecture, interior design and modeling. Modeling is a career where you can’t really plan what is about to arrive, but I have three amazing agencies that help me and support me with my future. I love changes and new beginnings so I am open to many possibilities.

FIV: You mentioned that your also studing and working in archicture and interrior design! How can you unite the jobs with private life?

GABRIELA: That is something very hard. Working as a model is a time-consuming job. You can easily find me in some train around Italy or in the backstage working on my laptop. But I have to say that online lessons and remote working really made everything way easier. And also, it is also a job where you meet new people everyday, behind a shooting there is so much people working so it is easy to make new friends and get in contact with different people.

Self-Confident And Attitude: How To Get A Job

FIV: If you had to describe yourself as a model, What would you say that is your secret weapon to get a job?

GABRIELA: I try to be as natural as posible. When going to a casting, they don’t only want to see if you are beautiful, how tall your are or if the product fits you. In a casting they want to see you being you, they want to see if you feel comfortable and confident with the product, they want to see if you like what you are wearing and how you wear it, so I guess it is as simple as that. It is a job where you have to be very self-confident and where your attitude is as important as your image

The Best Advice: Find Your Own Beauty

FIV: To end, What can be the advice to give to new young models?

GABRIELA: To find your own beauty. To be strong and not give up. It is an easy and a hard career and it takes a lot of courage to do it. You have to be positive and optimistic about it and enjoy what you are doing. Everybody has something that makes them special, so you just have to be yourself!

FIV: Thank you so much Gabriela! It’s been a pleasure to have you in FIV Magazine.

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