Interview x Carolina Mejias: From Spain To New York City

Interview with Carolina Mejias – The spanish model working now in New York City is today in FIV Magazine. A model and a singer, how can she combine her two passion? Carolina responds and leaves us some advice and experience from her career.

Carolina Mejias

Carolina Mejías, a young woman who now lives in New York but started her career in Spain at a very young age. How does one become a model in Spain? What is it like to move to the United States as a model? Carolina is also a singer and tells how she combines everything she does.

The Start Of A Modelling Carrer: Carolina Mejias

FIV: About your modelling work. How did you get started in modelling? Did you start in Spain or in the United States?

CAROLINA: It all started in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where I’m from, since I was a child my dream was to be an actress, model, singer or dancer, everything related to the world of entertainment and show business. I have an anecdote where I was about 5 years old and I went shopping with my mother to a clothes shop, and for a moment she lost me and when they found me I was inside a fitting room alone trying on all the clothes.

FIV: It has always been clear to you then. Do you start modelling by yourself?

CAROLINA:  No, one of the strongest agencies in the Canary Islands at that time, 11 years ago, started to represent me. After a few months with them, an agency in Madrid started to represent me and that’s when the adventure and travelling began.

Carolina’s Dream: Modelling In New York City

FIV: You decided to move to New York, why? 

CAROLINA: Yes, I moved to New York about 6 years ago. For some reason it was one of my dreams to come here, to live here. I was very impressed when I saw the movies and they showed New York City. I remember saying to myself someday I’m going to be there, and my agency at that time in Spain told me that it was a very competitive place and they didn’t know if it would be a good idea.

FIV: But dreams are dreams, and you decided to go on with it, didn’t you?

CAROLINA: That kind of gave me more strength and desire to do it, so I bought a plane ticket with part of my savings and I would travel to NYC in about 2 weeks after the day I had talked to my agency, I came for 5 days without knowing anyone, I made appointments with agencies, and I found one that wanted to represent me, after 4 months I was back living here. A dream come true.

How She Got It: She Didn’t Give Up

FIV: Was it easy for you, as a Spanish model, to make a name for yourself in New York fashion?

CAROLINA: From the first minute I moved to the city it opened its arms and welcomed me, I worked well from the first moment, I started doing castings non-stop, photos, fashion shows for big brands in fashion week, but it is true that there were several up and downs, because of the cultural issue, being so far away and that it is a city that is a constant non-stop and you can get saturated if you don’t know how to balance it, but you learn from everything in life, and you grow with this kind of experiences. I am still here today in this wonderful city and I love it as much as the first day I visited it. It is unique and magical.

New York: The City Of Modelling

FIV: What is the difference between modelling in Spain and modelling in New York?

CAROLINA: Well, yes there are some differences, here there is a lot more competition but at the same time there is so much more possibilities, they are looking for models for everything and now with the new movement of curve Models it has expanded even more.

FIV: It’s sound like there you could be yourself.

CAROLINA: Right. Here they also like you to bring your own style, your authenticity, who you really are, and break the rules of what a model should look like. Also be as professional as you can in terms of going to a casting, going to your agency and being updated with them, being punctual and communicating with your agents.

“La Española” From Giorgio Armani

FIV: Throughout your career you will have experienced great moments. What is the most special moment you’ve had in modelling?

CAROLINA: There are several moments, but if I have to choose one, although I could make a long list, I choose to have met Giorgio Armani and worked for him several times and that he called me Carolina “La Española” every time he saw me. He is a great inspiration for me.

FIV: You are an special model. What stands out about you as a model?

CAROLINA: Well, I would say my eyes, I always get a comment about them and how deep and expressive they are.

Preassure: It Has To Makes You Stronger

FIV: We all nkow about psychological damage that the industry gives to some models. Have that social pressures of modelling affected you throughout your life?  

CAROLINA: Yes, in a certain way it affects you, especially when you start from a young age, it has taught me how to be strong and to be close to my family, after all they are the ones who help you to keep your feet on the ground and not get lost.

FIV: How do you manage to deal with that?

CAROLINA: As you grow up and become more informed, you realise that you also have to have your own values and not listen to everything they tell you, sometimes what is good for someone is not good for you, or in their interest, so it’s good to stay connected to who you are and never forget where you come from. I really like to meditate daily, it helps in all aspects, exercising also helps, writing and spending time with the people I love.

Modelling and Music: Two-In-One

FIV: Your work as a model allows you to work in the music industry too. How can modelling and singing be combined?

CAROLINA: I try to find the time to do everything I like to do and even more to make my dreams come true. I can combine fashion and music well, there are times when fashion goes a bit slower so I can dedicate it to music, or if I’m at a casting or a photoshoot then inspiration can come to me to write the lyrics of a song, you never know where it can come from, so I also take advantage of those moments to get inspired.

FIV: A woman who fights for what she wants, I love it!

CAROLINA:  Of course. If I have a free moment in the day, I take advantage of it and use part of it to rehearse or warm up my vocal chords, and when it’s high season in fashion, I focus more on fashion. It’s all about balance and creating a schedule where there is time for both and enjoying what I do.

Don’t Change Your Essence: Carolina’s Advice

FIV: To end, can you give any advice for young models/artists who are just starting their professional career?

CAROLINA: Let them be themselves, let them not change their essence, that is what will take you far, let them bring out their authenticity and enjoy it. And let them try to have the best time possible, even though there will be harder moments, let them always remember why they started and take things easier, because in the end we are here to enjoy every moment in life, whether in what you aspire to and your passions, or in day to day life.

FIV: Thank you so much Carolina, I’m sure this time with you will help to young models to increased their career in New York. I’t’s been a pleasure for me and for FIV Magazine!