Interview With Model And Actor Anej Sosic

Interview with Anej – In this interview we talk to a young but very experienced model who has been in the business for more than 10 years. Anej’s face can be seen on many covers and in several campaigns.

Anej: In Love With The Creative Industry

Anej is not only a model, but also an actor in the film industry. His jobs have taken him around the world and he even lived in Italy for a while. He is very satisfied with the jobs he has achieved so far and, unlike others, has very different dreams and wishes for his future.

Modeling And Acting

FIV: First I want to thank you again for taking the time for the interview. You are not only a model, but also a film actor. Did you start modeling or acting first? When and how did you start it?

ANEJ: Yes, that is correct. I started modeling first, in fact I have been modeling for over 10 years now. I started at 16 by moving to Milan, after I was discovered in a shopping mall in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

FIV: Does one of the two appeal to you more?

ANEJ: So far I don’t have enough acting experiences to really distinguish massive differences between the two. But I most definitely enjoy being ‘’on set’’ and working with great creatives which is why I’m in this industry from the beginning.

photo: Anej Sosic

FIV: Despite not yet having so much acting experience, can you say that you can combine them, modeling and acting, well?

ANEJ: I would hope so (laugh). Modeling has definitely changed my life. I was able to travel all over the world, gain valuable contacts and receive working Visa in USA, which is not the easiest.

FIV: So modelling has already made a lot of things possible for you, but those are both jobs where you need a lot of luck to really make a living. Can you do that?

ANEJ: So far, I was always able to do that therefore let’s hope it continues. There are some times where there isn’t as much work and other times it is extremely busy and I have to travel to 5 countries in a month.

Advices For Getting In

FIV: Can you give people who are also interested in this industry some advice on how to get started?

ANEJ: Don’t! Run! (laugh). I would definitely advise youngsters coming up, to have several things ‘’on the burner’’, meaning never bet everything on one sole thing. Also always be punctual and your own bellwether.

photo: Anej Sosic

Traveling Around The World

FIV: As we can see and you already mentioned, you have also traveled an incredible amount. Was that related to jobs or could you afford it through jobs?

ANEJ: Both. Most of traveling was done as a cause of work. I have always been enamored by travel and my favourite lifestyle will always be globetrotter and sightseer. Usually when I’m free off work I do the opposite and I just stay in and avoid people and places.

FIV: Well, you have to switch off sometimes and everyone needs some time for themselves. What was the most beautiful place you have been to?

ANEJ: Rio De Janeiro during Carnaval season was spectacular. The energy of the city was intoxicating, the vibrant colors everywhere were captivating and alluring..and of course the Ipanema Beach itself is a treasure.
I also love spending my time in Capri, Italy or Lago di Como where I used to shoot a lot while I lived in Italy.

photo: Anej Sosic

Jobs And Dreams

FIV: That sounds amazing, especially living in Italy must be wonderful. What was your biggest and most exciting job so far?

ANEJ: My biggest job was definitely working for Calvin Klein, or Pierre Balmain when I was blonde and just starting out in the world of fashion. I also loved my L’Officiel Cover shoot or a 3 day campagin shoot I did in Singapore.

FIV: That already sounds great. Do you still have a particular dream that you would like to make come true?

ANEJ: I most definitely do, however out of habit I never talk about things that aren’t out yet. In general I want to be happy and successful in whatever I choose to do. And I will always want to have a lot of freedom.

photo: Anej Sosic