That’s how successful Sarina Nowak is! Curvy Model, Book Author and Sports Illustrated

Plus Size Model Shows Sexy Beach Body – Sarina Nowak is a German Curvy Model and known for her incredible transformation in the last years. Still a shy girl at 16 as a contestant on Germany’s Next Topmodel, she is now a successful and popular curvy girl in America. Her fans love her for her femininity and open way of dealing with own problems and happiness in life. What is Sarina Nowak doing today? Where does Sarina Nowak live? How did she become so successful, even in the USA? Here is our star portrait! Tip. Read also the interview with Sarina Nowak here.

Sarina Nowak – From GNTM in 2009 to the worldwide sought-after Curvy Model 2018

After her participation in GNTM, Sarina Nowak at some point no longer felt like starving for the given values. Why should she adapt to the fashion world, when the fashion world can also adapt to her. For a few years now, there has been a category called Curvy Model, or Plus-Size Model, which refers to models who have a dress size larger than 38. Usually the women are between 18 and 40 years old and have good proportions. Sarina Nowak has discovered this industry for herself. She is now a very successful curvy model. And the very best thing about it? She can eat what she wants and feels comfortable in her skin.

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Sarina as a role model for other girls

Through the establishment of curvy models in the fashion industry, many girls who do not fit classic model measurements learn to find themselves beautiful and to be satisfied with themselves. As you can see in the pictures of Sarina, she is very proud of her body and loves to present it. But not only her body is beautiful, also her face is unique and beautiful. She has bright blue eyes and a beautiful mouth. She also has thick, prominent eyebrows and a beauty mark above her lip.

Sarina before? From a shy girl to a model!

Sarina was born on the 03rd of December in the year 1993. She suffered from an eating disorder as a young girl and weighed only 45 kg. She consistently watched the number of calories in her meals and sometimes even skipped them altogether. The young woman has always described herself as rather shy and introverted. She needs a little time to come out of herself. At the age of 15, Sarina applied for the casting show GNTM and ended up in sixth place.

After Sarina was told again and again that she had to lose weight in order to have a chance at jobs, she started the change. She presented her idea to agencies to try herself as a curvy model and she got approval. Today, she works for modeling agencies in Hamburg, London and Cape Town. Through her Instagram presence even the Kardashians became aware of the 24 year old.

“Sports Illustrated” for Sarina

On Instagram we learn that she modeled for the jeans label “Good American” founded by Khloé Kardashian. It’s a big dream come true for Sarina. She has been able to land a job for the famous“Sports Illustrated“. Her dream is to eventually have a normal family life with children in a beautiful place. Besides modeling, Sarina is also passionate about ballroom dancing. Who knows, maybe we’ll see Sarina on Let’s Dance one day?

Sarina at Sports Illustrated:

Her book: About happiness and self-confidence

Just because Sarina now has a little more kilos on her ribs, that doesn’t mean she can let herself go and do what she wants. In order to keep her body fit for modeling, she has to pay attention to a balanced and healthy diet and also regular sports may not be missing. At the moment the young model lives in Los Angeles.

Sarina has discovered the sport of boxing for herself and does boxing training regularly. She has also written a book called

“Curvy: My Path to Happiness and Confidence.”

With this book Sarina wants to motivate other girls to love themselves as they are and encourage them to go confidently through the world. In this book Sarina tells honestly about her life story and about the problems that arose for her in the fashion world. Sarina’s book – Curvy: My path to more happiness and self-confidence.

Sarina is one of the girls who, although they have not won GNTM, has achieved the most. So a premature GNTM exit is not decisive for the future of the girls as a model. Sarina proved it to us. The strong, young woman has achieved what millions of girls dream of. Sarina Instagram.

Dancing On Ice: Curvy Seduction

“Dancing on Ice” star Sarina Nowak, enchants her fans with dreamlike performances while skating. With one ice dance after another, she convinces the audience and makes it further every round. During a dress rehearsal before her big TV appearance, Sarina collapses and causes a shock moment. Despite nausea and shortness of breath, she pulls herself together and makes it to the semi-finals with David Vincour. And now it’s time to prove herself in the final!

Now in the interview! Sarina about her way

Curvy model, influencer and actress. The blonde beauty has made a name for herself as a model in the USA and is really taking off. On her Instagram account she stands up for body positivity and encourages many young girls and models. Her inspiring and exciting personality is also reflected in our interview with the likeable model and future actress. In the interview she talks about the message she wants to convey, her life in Los Angeles and her job.

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