Sarina Nowak – From the unhappy average model to the successful Curvy Model

There are so many beautiful women in this world. But only a few fit into the dimensions of the perfect catwalk model. For a girl to be perfect for modeling, she should ideally be between 15 and 18 years old and her body proportions should be close to 84(chest)/60(waist)/89(hip). However, it is not always the case that every girl has had it put into her cradle to be slim. Girls who are more likely to have problems maintaining such a weight feel pressured by such benchmarks and thus get anorexic or bulimic.

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Sarina Nowak – From GNTM to the Globally Sought-after Curvy Model

After her participation in GNTM, Sarina Nowak had no more desire to starve for the given values. Why should it adapt to the fashion world when the fashion world can also adapt to it? Since a few years there is the category Curvy Model, or Plus-Size-Model, which refers to models that have a dress size larger than 38. Most women are between 18 and 40 years old and have good proportions. Sarina Nowak has discovered this industry for herself. She is now a very successful Curvy model. What’s the best part? She can eat what she wants and feels comfortable in her skin.

Sarina as a Role Model for other Girls

Through the establishment of Curvy Models in the fashion industry, many girls who do not correspond to classic model sizes learn to find themselves beautiful and to be satisfied with themselves. As you can see immediately from Sarina’s pictures, she is very proud of her body and likes to present it. But not only her body is beautiful, also her face is unique and beautiful. She has bright blue eyes and a beautiful mouth. She also has thick, prominent eyebrows and a beauty mark on her lip.

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Sarina’s Past

Sarina was born on 03 December 1993. When she was a young girl, she suffered from an eating disorder and weighed only 45 kg. She paid constant attention to the number of calories in her meals and sometimes even skipped them altogether. The young woman has always described herself as rather shy and introverted. She needs a little time to get out of herself. At the age of 15 Sarina applied for the casting show GNTM and reached sixth place at the end. After Sarina, in her search for new model jobs, was repeatedly told that she had to lose weight in order to have a chance at jobs, she started the change. She introduced agencies to her idea of trying out as a Curvy Model and she got encouragement. Today she works for model agencies in Hamburg, London and Cape Town.  Through her instagram presence even the Kardashians became aware of the 24 year old. On Instagram we learn that she modelled for the jeans label “Good American” founded by Khloé Kardashian. A great dream has come true for Sarina. She got a job for the famous Sports Illustrated. Their dream is to have a normal family life with children in a beautiful place at some point. In addition to modeling, Sarina is also enthusiastic about standard dancing. Who knows, maybe we’ll see Sarina at Let’s Dance someday?

Sarina’s New Lifestyle

Just because Sarina now has a little more kilos on her ribs doesn’t mean that she can let herself go and do whatever she wants. In order for her body to remain suitable for modelling, she must pay attention to a balanced and healthy diet and also regular sport must not be missing. At the moment the young model lives in Los Angeles. Sarina has discovered boxing as a sport and regularly does boxing training. She has also written a book called “Curvy: My way to more happiness and self-confidence”. With this book Sarina wants to motivate other girls to love themselves as they are and to encourage them to go self-confidently through the world. In this book, Sarina honestly reports on her life story and the problems she faced in the fashion world. Sarina’s book – Curvy: My way to more happiness and self-confidence.

Sarina is one of the girls who, although they did not win GNTM, was one of the most successful. A premature GNTM-out is therefore not decisive for the future of girls as models. Sarina proved it to us. The strong, young woman has achieved what millions of girls dream of. Sarina Instagram.


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