Interview with Carl Tuleus: Modelling Successful in Sweden

Carl Interview – This time we have Carl Tuleus, a young sweden model. He is telling us how he become a model, his jobs and also, he give us some advices for new models.

Carl Tuleus

Sweden model industry is not as famous as others, but it doesn’t mean that successful models do not emerge. Here we can have a great example. Carl Tuleus is a sweden model working for the best brands of the market. Working all around the world, he starts his career in Sweden. This interview will help you to know how is becoming a model in a not popular model country. He moved abroad and came back to continue with his career in Sweden, and now he is explaing how the model industry works for him and what are his favourites experience in modeling. You will love Carl!

The Beginning In Modelling

FIV: Hello Carl, It’s a pleasure for us to have in FIV Magazine young and successful models like you. I think working internationally and having contracts with many agencies is a bit difficult to achieve and takes time. How long have you been modeling?

Lukinski Villas

Germany - Spain - USA

CARL: I’ve been modeling since 2017. When I started university, one of my classmates said “you know what, you look good in anything! I have a friend at an agency called MIKAs…” sadly her friend had quit her job, but luckily I got a meeting anyway. They said they would email me a yes or no. I remember that I, as a joke, said that it was like tinder and two days later they emailed “it was a super like”. They never stopped being that sweet.

FIV: So, you get scouted by a casuality but, have you ever thought about become a model? Was it always your dream job?

CARL: I was scouted when I was 16 on a power walk and tried to get signed around that time, but it didn’t work out. I had at that time been told by a friend that “you need to burn all your bridges to have one road to go”. Horrible advice, you shouldn’t have one dream or one road. Because you end up feeling like a failure, if you never have something working out for you.

FIV: Not easy for you. I supposted you don’t give up.

CARL: I don’t. I moved abroad, Portugal and then Germany and finally moved back to Sweden because I got into the university where I got my bachelor in journalism and ethnology. The first semester was when I met the classmate, and now friend, that knew a booker at MIKAs. In the end that’s how I got into modeling, by pursuing another dream!

Photo: Carl Tuleus

One Dream Job: Jacquemus

FIV: During your long career you have worked for many brands, one of these is Rick Owens, for who you walked. But there are still many others. Do you have any dream job?

CARL: Jacquemus. My best friend Lisa Mård, who’s a nail artist based in Germany, inspires me on a daily basis but she inspired me to start writing manifestations. So I have a list of brands in my iPhone notes. Jacquemus is the top one though.

FIV: Why Jacquemus?

CARL: It’s the way Simon Porte Jacquemus is able to portray masculinity in such a beautiful way. The timeless design and how the clothes are not set to one age group. His grandmother wearing the pink suit? Died. Also I am obsessed with designers such as Simon that are close or vocal about their relationship to their mothers, so of course Riccardo Tisci is a designer that I’m daydreaming of too.

Luck Or Consancy?

FIV: I see you know exacly whats are your objetives and where you want to go.What do you think is more important for achived it, luck or constancy? Why ?

CARL: As an industry, modeling can be very dependent on luck. You can walk past someone and be scouted or casted, it’s not in your hands who the casting agent will pick, in moments you’re left to faith or luck. While as a model you can be consistent in keeping up with the trends, not giving up, working hard and staying relevant if that makes sense.

FIV: Even if you failed?

CARL: That is the most important, you need to fail. That’s when constancy is most important. I said this to my friend who’s an actor, if you’re not giving yourself the 50 non-callbacks you’re not going to get the one call back. So by allowing yourself to get 99 no’s you’re also giving yourself the opportunity to get a yes. In the end I think the most valuable thing for a model is: patience.

The pressure of a casting

FIV: Well, a very important step to get jobs are the castings and I supposted you went to many. Can you explain to us how you prepare for a casting? Do you feel a lot of pressure?

CARL: My agent once told me what the casting agent looked for in the model, which I think makes you feel a little more “in control”. So what you can do is try to prepare yourself as you would do for a date and ask them “what are you looking for?”. Depending on what type of casting. Usually these days you also need to show up and be unique, have your own thing going on, but at the same time show that you’re versatile. Tricky thing.

How to control the pressure

FIV: If you had to give some tips for beginners,as your agent did with you, which would it be? What is, for you, the best way to deal with that preasure ?

CARL: My advice would be to be able to handle anything that comes your way. Not putting value to everything you hear. As you mentioned I walked for Rick Owens, which was one of my first jobs. I remember being in Paris and how one designer/casting guy said, while I was showing them my walk, “maybe you should stop thinking about dick”, because they thought I was walking too feminine. I had been obsessing over runway/walking compilation videos since I saw the clip of Alek Wek throwing off her blonde wig. So I stood there pale and thrown off by the comment.

FIV: Wow, It should be hard for a beginner. What happened after that? Did it sink you or did you come back stronger?

CARL: I Left shortly after, sat on a bench in Paris and watched male models walking on YouTube. My agent called me and told me that they wanted to see me again. I went back. “Yes, there it is, now you got it.” the same guy said, I snapped my finger in the air as a response and he said “well don’t do that”. Now, we have male models like Leon Dame walking for Maison Margiela or Alton Mason walking on their own terms and ways. So be ready for anything and remember that you’ll hear hundreds of things, but you can decide what you’re going to listen to.

Photo: Carl Tuleus

Carl’s advice for new models

FIV: To finished this interview. I think young model who are reading this would love if you can give they any advice to start their career.

CARL: “Reinventing yourself” is my favorite thing to do, don’t be afraid to try different things and change your image.

FIV: Thank you so much Carl for anwer my questions and let us know you and your works.  From the whole team, and specilly me, we wish your modelling career continue that way. Again, thank you.

His Modelling Work

Just a overview of Carl Tuleus modelling career. Photoshoots, covers and runways. Take a look at his amazing works.

Photo: Carl Tuleus

Photo: Carl Tuleus

Photo: Carl Tuleus