Elena Kilb Interview: About her modeling career, current projects and GNTM

Elena Kilb Interview – The young model has been successful as a model for over 5 years. In addition, Elena participated in a beauty contest at the age of 18. She subsequently won the Miss Southern Germany election and then participated in the 11th season of Germany’s Next Topmodel. In this interview Elena explains how to become successful as a model, her next travel destination and what projects are coming up.

Elena Kilb: GNTM, Model & Training at the Bank

In addition to her successful participation and subsequent victory as Miss Southern Germany, Elena has experienced a lot more. Elena participated in the casting show Germany’s next Topmodel after her victory as Miss Southern Germany. She participated in the 11th season and reached the 6th place. As a model, Elene has shot many cool campaigns, including for the sports brand Fila. Despite her job as a model, Elena has started an apprenticeship at the bank, which she has successfully pursued since last year.

Elena’s exciting life as a model

FIV: Hello Elena, how nice that it worked out with the interview today. Not only are you a model and active on social media, but you also work at the bank. How do you manage to reconcile all that?

Elena: Thank you very much, I am happy about your interest in an interview with me. I just like to be always on the go. For about a year I’m not really active in modeling and social media, of course that has a lot to do with Corona.

Currently Elena is involved in many projects

But I have other projects on the run, in which I rather behind and not in front of the camera mitwirke. I can not reveal too much right now, but I’m looking forward to take my followers soon again. In addition, I have a great boss in the bank, so the two things can be combined super.

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Participation in GNTM again?

FIV: You owe your fame to GNTM, among other things. You came seventh in GNTM in 2016, would you take part in GNTM again today and which experiences from your GNTM time do you still remember fondly?

Elena: I would immediately take part in GNTM again! It was a very exciting, cool and intense time. There is no particular experience that I think back to. All the memories and the time with the girls was indescribable, we were like a family, I miss that time very much.

Elena reveals how to become a successful model

FIV: You have been working as a model for several years now and have been able to stand in front of the camera for various brands and designers. What has been your best experience as a model so far?

Elena: Through GNTM I had the opportunity to participate in so many cool jobs and events. But I still love the catwalk jobs the most. The thrill before you go out and then stand outside and don’t want to leave the catwalk. Recently I walked again for Astrid Söll, I love Dirndl itself already, but she puts with her style again a notch on it.

Become successful in the fashion business

FIV: What do you think is more important to be successful in the modeling business: Luck or discipline?

Elena: With something like the model business, it goes hand in hand. You need a lot of discipline but also a bit of luck to become successful.

Because of her job, the model travels a lot

Elena travels a lot as a model for her photo shoots and has already traveled to many places in the world and experienced a lot there. We asked Elena what her next vacation destination is.

Elena’s next destination is….

FIV: As a model you have to travel a lot, of course, but you also love to travel in your private life. On Instagram you share pictures of your wonderful trips, like your trips to Croatia and St.Anton. Would you say traveling is a great passion of yours and is there a place you would definitely like to travel to?

Elena: Traveling has also been a bit short lately due to Corona, but I hope to hit the ground running again starting next year. A few of my friends have emigrated to Costa Rica and that is definitely my next travel destination.

This is what we can look forward to in the future

FIV: Finally, a short look into the future, we are curious what you have planned in the near future: Do you have big plans like a move or something similar or is there something special coming up? Give us a little teaser of what your fans and followers can look forward to in the near future!

Elena: As mentioned above, I’m working with a super team on a new project. Hopefully I can report about it soon and also be active on Instagram again. In my private life, I also hope to take the next step soon, which could turn my life around quite a bit. I have a great man by my side and we are working hard on it.

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