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Modeling & Become a Model: The perfect model agency is the dream of thousands of young girls and boys in Hamburg, Munich and Berlin. With every new casting show and fashion week there are many who dare to try to become a model. Lutz Marquardt is a male model and model coach! In agencies he shows the young talents how they can develop their skills. With trainings in facial expressions, gestures but also in short impulse lectures. His coachings are well attended, because they clearly convey to new talents what they need to prepare for a successful modeling career. New episodes always: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 5 pm on Youtube: Modelguru!

Many models, after their first big auditions with professionals, often feel like they’re not getting anywhere. Why is that? Suddenly you see how strong and how numerous the competition is. Lutz Marquardt helps young models live on his coaching sessions to develop their personality! New impulses for gosees, castings, shows and shootings. He finds out where your strengths, competencies and hidden potentials lie. At the same time we recognize in the coaching, which weaknesses and blockades you have. Together we now present the first, free Youtube tutorials for New Faces! Every week there will be new videos, tips and insiders.

Photoshootings – Behaviour on set and posing tips | Model Guru #9

Tip! Book your model coaching with our FIV model guru Lutz Marquardt now. Become a model, model agencies, personality, catwalk and photo shoots. You can find more tips and videos on Youtube: Model Guru. Read more about Model Coach here.

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You’ve made it – your first professional photo shoot! But what now? How do I pose best and how do I diversify my facial expressions? Who will be on set? Do I listen to the photographer or the client? What are the do’s and what are the absolute don’ts? Model Guru Lutz gives you a look behind the scenes!

Portfolio to Model Agency | Model Guru #8

Where does the name Sedcard actually come from? Can I also become a model at 170cm? What about grey hair, plus size and beards? Questions upon questions! Answers are given by our model guru in the new episode. If you still have questions about “Modeling & Becoming a Model”, ask me your question below in the comments!

Fashion Show & Showroom | Model Guru #7

What is the difference between showrooms and fashion shows? For those of you who haven’t experienced it yet, here’s the new MODEL GURU episode on the topic of fashion shows! If you still have questions about “Modeling & Becoming a Model”, ask me your question below in the comments!

Gosee & Castings for Jobs | Model Guru #6

What do you have to look out for on gosees and castings in model agencies and with clients? After all these years I have seen and experienced a lot. Here are a few of the most important basics for you!

Model Agency and Mother Agency | Model Guru #5

Model agencies help you build your career as a model bit by bit. There are many differences, from the individual booker to the large agency and mother agencies, there is a lot for you to consider at the beginning. But what exactly? That we clarify today in episode #5.

Beauty Ops? Never! | Model Guru #4

Plastic surgery is a no-no for models. As we have already seen in episode #3 “Polaroids”, it comes down to naturalness. Natural beauty is the most radiant. Therefore, our special on the subject of cosmetic surgery.

Polaroids for Models | Model Guru #3

Anyone can Photoshop! On Polaroids, on the other hand, you look absolutely natural. Without styling, without make-up. Today we ask the question, what’s the easiest way to make your own Polaroids? If you still have questions about “Modeling & Becoming a Model”, ask me your question below in the comments!

Test Shoots with Photographers | Model Guru #2

With test shoots you build up your model portfolio! In the second episode we give you tips for your first test shoots or editorials.

Modelbook and Headshots | Model Guru #1

Your modelbook is your business card. At gosees, castings and visits to your agency, you will have your book with you. We talk about the perfect portfolio for models in the first MODEL GURU episode. If you have any questions about modeling & becoming a model, ask me your question below in the comments!

Model Coaching with Lutz Marquardt

Personality, confidence, catwalk… all super important if you want to become a model. What a Model Coaching Live in the agency looks like, you can see here: