Ralph Lauren Home: soft bathrobes, fluffy blankets, glasses, lamps & more homeware

Ralph Lauren Home – Sweaters, hats and coats: everyone knows Ralph Lauren fashion! But what about Ralph Lauren’s interior range? Do you know the designs of the homeware like cushions, dishes or towels? No? Then it’s about time you did! In the Ralph Lauren Home range you will find numerous items, categorised by room. Whether you’re decorating your kitchen, your bathroom or your bedroom, you’ll find inspiration here. In addition, you’ll also find perfect gifts for collectors, decor lovers or interior design enthusiasts! Editor’s tip: Also check out our guide to interior styles, where you’ll find info, tips and trends on all things interior design: Interior Styles XXL.

Interior dreams by Ralph Lauren: lamps, rugs & co.

Like the other luxury brands a la Dior and Armani, the luxury brand Ralph Lauren is in no way inferior to the other brands when it comes to interior design! For years, the fashion house has also sold design objects and homeware to numerous customers around the world.

Different design lines such as Ralph Lauren Home, Polo Ralph Lauren Home or Lauren Home invite you into the world of interior designs and the very personal design of your own 4 walls. Bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, study – let your home shine in the designs of Ralph Lauren!

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Are you interested in more interior ideas and luxury brand furnishings? Then take a look at our Pinterest page! On Pinterest we present you the most luxurious and stylish furnishings and decorative accessories of the interior world. Blankets, glasses, soft bathrobes. Check out our Ralph Lauren Home pinboard directly!

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Modern Icons Collection: Exclusive, innovative design by Ralph Lauren

Watch this video, discover the innovative, sophisticated design of the house of Ralph Lauren and find ideas for your own home or the next new decoration of your own four walls:

Bathroom: Spa feeling with towels, bathrobes & co.

Ralph Lauren designs transform your ordinary bathroom into a spa paradise! Turn your daily grooming and hygiene into an enjoyable ritual. Whether you’re showering, bathing or applying make-up, feel like you’re in your own personal oasis. Towels and soft bathrobes ensure optimal comfort after a relaxing bath.

Towels: Bath & Sauna towels in various shades of grey

So you don’t step on the cold tiles as soon as you step out of the bath, Ralph Lauren has this soft bath rug for you. The tufted cotton absorbs water perfectly and is rounded off by the double band edge at both ends.

Everyone needs towels, so why not get them in style? Ralph Lauren towels will give you a luxurious spa feel.

Various designs are available for you to choose from:

  • Wash cloth (15,00€)
  • Towel (30,00€)
  • Sauna towel (40,00€)
  • Bath towel (70,00€)

You can buy these in colours like soft khaki, loft grey or stone grey. There may be waiting lists due to high demand. Therefore, our tip is to buy quickly so that you soon have your dream bathroom equipment at home!

Towel set: bath and wash towels in Greenwich Black

You’ve just moved in and need a complete towel set? Perfect, then this towel set with two bath towels, two hand towels and two washcloths. The complete set is available in a noble black.

Bathrobes: Soft, cuddly relaxation with monogram

To keep your home cool after a bath or shower, be sure to pick up a Ralph Lauren bathrobe! These soft, cuddly bathrobes feature a shawl collar and an embroidered RL monogram.

This unisex bathrobe convinces both him and her with its cosy, moisture-absorbing cotton. Midnight, charcoal or white – for 185€ this absolute bathing must-have is yours!

Bedroom: Ralph Lauren pillows and blankets

Ralph Lauren doesn’t just belong on your body, but also in your bedroom! Pillows, bedding and small highlights for your nightstand – Ralph Lauren offers you the complete equipment for your new feel-good room. Soft pillows and bedding in royal blue, grey or white will make you dream and ensure an optimal sleeping experience.

Warm, cosy blankets from Ralph Lauren: Never freeze again!

In the cold season we all like to snuggle up in a warm blanket, whether it’s a thick duvet or a thin bedspread. A special highlight among the Ralph Laurens blankets is the lambskin blanket: While the long hair on the front provides a rustic look, the back, consisting of mottled wool, provides warmth for your body.

The Fair Isle Polo Bear Blanket is a cute eye-catcher: Cuddly and featuring a cute bear, this blanket makes a great gift for yourself or other bear lovers. Ralph Lauren’s legendary mascot is featured on the blanket in two different looks: one with a long coat with toggle fastenings and a tartan ear warmer, and one in college style with a cable knit jumper and penny loafers.

Pillows for a peaceful sleep: check patterns, ornaments and solid colors

Not only does Ralph Lauren have warm blankets to offer, you’ll also find a fantastically soft base for your head here. These cushions prove that even small, self-evident things like cushions can become real eye-catchers in interior design!

Nightwear: High fashion for the night

For the perfect look – even when sleeping and relaxing at home – the nightwear collection by Ralph Lauren provides. Classic crewneck tees or patterned pyjamas, comfortable fashion you can spend the whole day in bed in!

Kitchen: Whether glass or leather accessories

The eye eats with you! That’s why you should feel comfortable in the kitchen, especially when cooking and eating. With these little details, you’ll feel like you’re in an exclusively furnished star kitchen! So that not only your food becomes a feast for the eyes, but your entire dining table becomes a highlight, you should urgently take a look at the designs in the kitchen area!

Glasses & tableware in floral design: art for the kitchen

With Ralph Lauren Home dinnerware, you’ll make an impression on guests with more than just the food! Fine craftsmanship for the dining table. Whether it’s a candlelight dinner or a family meal, artful dinnerware is never out of place. Flowers, stars or a fancy ship design in blue and white, discover which tableware is right for your home!

Glass art awaits you at Ralph Lauren: the various glasses in the Isabel line have hand-cut facets and a slim, elegant silhouette. Wine, water, cocktails – every drink tastes better in these designer glasses!

Coasters, hip flasks, trays: kitchen accessories with fine leather

Or how about the stylish leather collection by Ralph Lauren? Kitchen utensils made of high-quality leather. Whether hip flask or leather coaster, the brown leather flatters the silhouette of these exclusive design objects.

Do you like breakfast in bed? Then a Ralph Lauren tray is just what you need! Hand-stitched in an elegant equestrian style, it’s perfect for a hearty breakfast between your soft Ralph Lauren pillows! Need to accessorize for a night out with friends? Get the right equipment for a cocktail evening at home here! Cocktail shakers, glasses and coolers.

For that extra special evening, Ralph Lauren has a champagne cooler in luxurious champagne gold with single navy accents. In the same design you also get a triple nut bowl and stackable trays.

Bar collection: glasses for the home bartender – wine, cognac, cocktail

Your own little home bar? Ralph Lauren provides you with the right equipment! Glasses in different sizes and variations for the perfect evening at home. The simple, classic designs fit into almost any interior. Be your own bartender and invite your friends to your very own new favorite bar.

Decor: picture frames, candles, lanterns & more

Whether decorative accessories for your home, candles & lanterns or beautiful picture frames for the photos of your loved ones, here you will find decor in the typical design of Ralph Lauren. Whether gift ideas for him and her or the perfect equipment for working in the home office.

Home Office: Everything for optimal working at home

You will also find the must-haves for your home office, so that you can also work optimally in the home office – and with the right feel-good atmosphere! Whether it’s a clock, a pencil cup or a letter rack: the utensils of the Brennan line not only score in terms of looks, but also in terms of functionality.

Gifts & Books: Paradise for collectors, decoration and interior lovers

In the Ralph Lauren decor section, you’ll also find perfect gifts that will take pride of place in your loved one’s home! Collectors and car lovers should take a look at Ralph Lauren! Vintage models of Mercedes Benz or Ferrari are for sale here.

Want to learn more about the world of design? Ralph Lauren’s books and photography books will immerse you in the world of interior or garden design.

Design Service: Exclusive advice from the experts

You want the perfect interior for your apartment or house, but would like to get the advice of an expert? No problem! Ralph Lauren offers you an exclusive design service!

You will be supported by the interior experts both in a complete redesign of your home, as well as in the completion of the furnishing and decoration of individual living spaces. Thanks to the comprehensive support, your own small or large project will be a complete success from start to finish!