Gucci Décor: Wallpaper, furniture and decoration in the 70s revival

Gucci Décor – The flair of Roman villas and the kitsch of the seventies are combined in the interior line of the renowned fashion label Gucci in unique interior design. This creates a whole new aesthetic, which characterizes the creations of Gucci Décor. Unusual candles and wing chairs with the Gucci monogram: Things you didn’t know you needed are on offer here. Gucci’s emphasis here is on richness: lots of colours, bright fabrics, combinations of materials and colours that will take your breath away. Gucci Décor creates furniture, wallpaper and accessories such as cushions or blankets in a unique and wild style that exudes its very own charm. Editor’s tip: Also check out our guide to interior styles, where you’ll find info, tips and trends on all things interior design: Interior Styles XXL.

Gucci Décor: furniture, decoration and wallpapers in maximalism

Before we get into the interior of Gucci, a little warning is in order: If you’re looking for understated interior design, you’ve come to the wrong place. The designs are characterized by

  • Colorful embroidery
  • Bright colors
  • Unusual shapes
  • Contrasting pattern combinations

Thus, however, the decor falls perfectly into the living trend maximalism. Alessandro Michele aims to bring joie de vivre into every room. For him, that means color and pattern. Not everything fits together perfectly, but in the overall picture it makes sense. And even in the maximalist home, the interior decoration by Gucci is still an eye-catcher.

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Interior design: breaking rules and crossing borders

Almost anything is allowed here. Thus, bulging, disorderly bookshelves can be an essential part of the room decoration.

There is no such thing as too much. Bright colors and unusual shapes characterize this interior design trend. The furniture and decoration should show that people live here. People live, work and relax. With home office possibilities, all this happens in one place. A clinically clean, empty environment is not necessarily desired. For this reason, maximalism can be found in more and more houses and apartments, because it allows personal collections to be displayed quite shamelessly.

“You can never have too much of a good thing”

However, a cluttered space can quickly become cluttered and overwhelming, so there are a few guides you can follow to get the most out of the trend:

  • Avoid using more than 3-4 colors for one room
  • Playing with sizes e.g. large decoration also finds space on smaller surfaces
  • No fabric, no pattern should be like the surrounding ones

Video: Dita Von Teese’s maximalist home

The burlesque star is a fan of all things antique. This passion for collecting must of course find a place in her house and so it is filled with whimsical light installations, stuffed animals and a lot of antique furniture, which were specially refurbished for the performer.

Wallpaper: White walls were yesterday

If you’re looking for straightforward, minimalist interior design, you’re in the wrong place at Gucci, because the label has been inspired by different art styles. Among other things, this includes the grotesque. The prints of the wallpapers are paradoxical and distorted. Unnaturalness is here program. But exactly this makes them so unique. Boredom is a foreign word in the interior design of Gucci.

Grotesque prints & caricatures as a motto

The grotesque is a caricature of reality. The Grotesque wallpaper by Gucci features a distorted lion face and flowers of different sizes and colors. The distorted lion is the original grotesque element. It looks monstrous and unnatural. The print is not the only grotesque thing here, but also what people associate with this wallpaper. It is special and does not appeal to everyone, Applied to the wall, it can make a room look restless. In the right environment, however, the wallpaper brings life to the room. It stands out and seems almost noble. Combined with the right accessories, the wallpaper offers the chance to create a bizarre, but stylish atmosphere.

A new interpretation of a classic: Toile de Jouy

Toile-de-Jouy is the name of a fabric that originated in Jouy-en-Josas in France and was especially popular in the seventies. It was used in clothing collections and on sofas, armchairs and curtains. Gucci is now bringing the print to the wall, but with an extra touch of Rome. The finely detailed scene chosen for this wallpaper is reminiscent of paintings inspired by Roman mythology or ecclesiastical images, suggesting both antiquity and the Vatican in the design. However, neither the Vatican nor antiquity are actually depicted here, as Gucci wants to offer something new. The label also offers the Toile-de-Jouy-inspired print in a slightly more muted herbarium style.

Marmor / Marble: My home, a palace

For this wall art Gucci has not only brought the popular marble pattern on a wallpaper, but the image of marble wall coverings as they are found in villas and palaces of ancient Rome, but also in Versaille. The Gucci lettering has also found its place. Specifically, the wallcovering was inspired by the Musei Capitolini in Rome, which was the location of the label’s 2020 Cruise show.

Overview of the collection: Video

The items bring the Italian Dolce Vita of the seventies to your home. Wild colors and patterns exude pure joie de vivre and help to overcome the dreary everyday life. Gucci Décor has to be understood with a little irony on the one hand and best enjoyed with context on the other. Otherwise, the flashy designs can quickly become off-putting. We will try to provide the necessary background in the following.

Blankets and cushions in contrasting fabrics

The throws and seat cushions in the Décor collection do not appeal to all tastes. This is true of much of what can be found among the porcelain and wallpaper at Gucci. What is undeniable, however, is the kitschy charm that the items bring with them.

Embroidered cushions: Long live kitsch!

Grandma has embroidered cushions again in a frenzy. This thought comes to mind when you look at the wild creations that the label offers on its website. After all, she has to do something to come down again. And if the cushions then also go for 850€ over the counter, all the better. The crazy thing is, the unusual motifs are really adorable.

  • Plaid wool cushion with fawn or butterfly
  • Velvet cushion with tiger or cat embroidery
  • Tweed cushion with tiger embroidery

Paired with fringe and high quality fabrics, the designs make you feel truly nostalgic. A very personal favorite is the cushion with teddy bear tapestry embroidery. Who isn’t happy to have this little guy waiting for you on the couch after a hard day. These pillows definitely score on the charm front. Plus, they all have a reverse side with a more neutral pattern. So if the feline predator’s eyes are relentlessly demanding a staring contest after a long day, there’s always the option of simply flipping the pillow over.

Jacquard cushion: also suitable for royal visit

Inspired by the cushions once used by English nobles in church, the brand offers jacquard cushions with the GG Monogram. Gucci’s signature bees and stars are also in the mix. If you’re looking for something more muted for room decor than the previous cushions, you’re probably better off with this version.

Blankets and throws for cosy couch evenings

Compared to many of the other designs, the blankets and throws by Gucci bring calmness into the room. Made of high-quality wool and in a practical reversible design, there are six different variations in the range. It’s all too easy to imagine swinging these blankets around your shoulders in winter and sitting by the crackling fire with a cup of tea in your hand. Do you still need an armchair to sit in or a cup to drink from? No problem, Gucci has a selection that’s sure to please.

  • Brown/beige with bees and stars
  • Brown checkered with GG logo in reversible design
  • Red check with red GG stripes in reversible design
  • Green-brown check with GG stripes in dark blue

Furniture: Maximalism at its peak

No two pieces should be the same. So that you don’t have the embarrassment of having uniform chairs, Gucci has made seating in the most striking colors and different combinations part of the collection. Besides chairs, there is a lot more furniture in the assortment that will help you upgrade your home:

  • Chairs
  • Stool
  • Side tables
  • Screens

Armchairs & furniture: whimsical patterns and Art Nouveau in a new guise

Art Nouveau or Art Nouveau refers to a stylistic epoch that emerged around the beginning of the 20th century. A special feature of the movement is the use of natural forms. These were then abstracted for furniture, jewelry and art and brought into a new form. Although the Gucci armchairs are not entirely inspired by Art Nouveau, the backs of the shell armchairs seem to pay homage to the period. The objects are made to order and hand embroidered.

The wing chairs are an absolute eye-catcher. In vintage look they are in no way inferior to their predecessors. Even fringes under the seat are included. The upholstery can be described in one word: Wicked. From octopus to pineapple, the fabric patterns are so unusual that you would never have thought to see something like this. At least not in real life, because the seat cushions look more like something out of a fever dream. The absolute highlight here is the green, blue and pink octopus jacquard armchair. If a whole armchair made of wild fabrics isn’t enough, you can also buy a contrasting stool to make the ensemble perfect.

  • Cost: handmade seating € 2,700 – 6,000

Side tables: Gucci can also be practical

If you don’t have much storage space but don’t want to sacrifice style, you should take a look at the side tables by Gucci. These tables made of metal do not only look good, but are also foldable and offer the possibility to build them up as a storage surface and to store them easily again. The tables are available from 1.250 €.

Room dividers: A look into the archives

While the side tables provide a remedy for small rooms, the room dividers are rather made for the opposite problem. If a room is too big, the Spanish walls can be used for flexible room partitioning. But here too Gucci has gone for fancy fabrics and without further ado has taken a look into the archives. What the people in charge pulled out is a continuous bee motif from the seventies.

The screens are only made to order. Who decides to call such a unique piece soon his own must be prepared on the one hand for a certain waiting time and on the other hand expect to pay a proud price of 22,000 €. For this you get a quality product made of solid beech wood covered with finest jacquard fabric. If this is too much for you, you can choose a slightly cheaper version for 12.000€ with a metal frame. The lower price is not only due to the omission of the beech wood, but also comes from the fact that this version is quite a bit smaller.

Porcelain: Villeroy & Boch Who?

Porcelain at Gucci is not only teacups and pots. The brand also has jewellery caskets and candles made of the fine material on offer. Here, too, no muted patterns are to be expected. The small design objects stand out from the crowd, just like the large furniture.

Herbarium Porcelain: Flowering Ceramics

The pattern of the Herbarium porcelain may already be familiar to lovers of Gucci. Not only in the rest of the Home Decor collection the Toile-de-Jouy pattern appears again and again. Probably the most sold product, which was provided with the floral pattern, is the label of the Bloom perfume. If you look closely, you can see that the fabric structure, which is preserved in the Toile-de-Jouy printing technique, can also be found in the porcelain print.

  • Costs: from 160 – 520€ for single pieces of the porcelain collection

Candles as exclusivity: Baby you light up my world

Does Harry Styles advertise for Gucci Décor? No. But we still couldn’t resist paying a little homage to the singer. Because he is not only the face of the brand, but also stands with his music a bit for the reinterpretation of 70s rock. And the seventies are also a guiding idea in the label’s interior design. Moreover, the candles not only help to create atmospheric light, but also spread a pleasant scent in the room. Depending on the model, this can be quite different, so some are floral and others fruity. Everyone gets their money’s worth here.

  • Cost: depending on the size, the candles cost € 250 – 390.

Jewellery trays: Not only for jewellery

Small plates and open jars are officially advertised on the website as jewelry storage and they certainly do great for that. Keys and other valuables also find their place in the plates. But at first glance, with the 70s in mind, you have a different association: Back then, nothing went without a glow stick, fag, butt or whatever else you call the things. Smoking was simply en vogue. Of course Gucci got wind of this and points out in the small print that the porcelain piece also serves as an ashtray.

  • Costs: from 150€ you can buy these jewellery trays