Buy Painite: Value & Price, Origin & Occurrence – Investment Gemstone

Buy Painite – Painite is probably the rarest gemstone in the world, with only 5 finds in over 50 years. This gemstone is worth 13 times as much as a diamond, however it is almost impossible to get hold of a cut and faceted gemstone. If a purchase does occur, it is a great investment, as the value of painite is constantly increasing due to its rarity. With its dark red color, it is reminiscent of a sapphire or garnet, but is far more valuable and fancy.

Painite: Rarest gemstone in the world

Until 2001, only three painite crystals were known. Since then, further discoveries have yielded many more specimens of this deep red gemstone, but faceted material remains very rare. The color of painite varies between orange-red, red, red-black, red-purple, green-brown, red-brown to red-black.

Origin, occurrence & localities

The mineral Painite is named after the British geologist and mineralogist Arthur Charles Davy Pain, who discovered the mineral Painite in 1956 near Ohngaing in Myanmar. Myanmar remains the only source of painites. In addition to Ongaing, the type locality, Kyauk-Pyat-Thet in Mogok and Namyazeik in Kachin State have produced gem quality material.

Buy Painite: Value & Price

Since the rarest stone in the world is virtually priceless, the likelihood of finding Painite on the market is slim. And should you find it, Painite costs $50,000 – $60,000 per carat. Comparatively, you have to say that a diamond costs $3,500 – $4,500 per carat. Thus, a painite is worth about 13 times as much as a diamond.

Painite as a gemstone

Although Painites have a hardness of 8, great brilliance, and attractive red colors, they present some challenges for gem cutters. Even gem quality rough stones tend to be heavily enclosed and fractured. As a result, facet cutters tend to cut these gemstones small and flat, which can affect their brilliance.