Men Watches – The Fashion Trend for Men

At the word men’s watches, most men think directly of Rolex, Patek Phillipe or other luxury brands. But there is also a wide selection of cheap men’s watches, from brands such as Diesel, Fossil or Casio. Here we have listed everything you need to know, from Smartwatches to watches for men cheap up to 50€ up to watches in gold and silver.

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Watch brands: Casio, Rolex, Fossil or Diesel?

When choosing a watch there is more to consider than one thinks. The model – automatic or not? Do you value a certain brand such as Diesel, Fossil, Casio or a good Rolex? Of course this is all a question of budget, not every normal earner can afford a Rolex, so you have to pay 10.000€. Each brand has its own designs, and it’s up to you to decide what you want to do with your watch. Sport, business, fashion or no special preference? Read on if you want to know what to consider when buying and the different types!

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The Chronograph, not automatic and yet Modern

A timeless trend among men’s watches is the chronograph, which actually only stands for the time recorder of a watch. Nowadays mainly analogue clocks with a stopwatch function are called that. This makes this watch not only elegant, but also sporty. Considering that this had its origin in 1821, it is hard to believe that it is still considered high fashion today.

What you should look out for when buying

  • make sure that the time of the clock is well readable
  • Mass goods or manufactory chronograph? – The difference is in the accuracy, but the manufactory chronograph is much more expensive
  • Shift wheel or scenery control? – The ratchet wheel is very expensive to manufacture, the splitter control in turn is ideal for cheap watches
  • look at the water resistance of your watch
  • what about additional functions?
  • the processing – do you notice flaws?
  • the robustness
  • the accuracy of the movement is an important aspect

Close on cash? Men’s watches at special price

You have a limited budget and are looking for a cheap men’s watch up to 50€? There are also some possibilities, it is not a Rolex, but even the “cheap” watch market continues to expand. Of course, you can’t expect a 20€ watch to last long, but a cheap, good-looking accessory can now all be found. Be it in the city centre or in an online shop, the market is big and growing constantly!

Which watch type are you?

Now comes the question, the question. With so many watch types, it’s important to know which type suits you? From automatic watches, chronographs, pilot watches, radio controlled watches to pocket watches, diving watches or Swiss watches. Less is often more, but not always. The watch says a lot about you because it is one of the few “male” accessories. While a thick watch cries out for attention, you show more discreet seriousness, which of course leaves a much better impression in management consulting or banking. Men in suits are recommended to wear a flat, classic watch that radiates “understatement”. Silver, gold or black, steel or leather bracelet is not so important. Whether you wear them left or right is also irrelevant. The only important thing is that it “fits” the watch, because a watch belongs under the shirt.

Watch care – you extend the life of your men’s watch

Finally it’s here, your new fashionable gentlemen’s watch. Of course you want to get something from her for as long as possible. Here are a few simple tips for you on how to extend the life of your watch.

Notice the water density #1

  • Water resistant up to 3 bar – hand washing, splashing water
  • Waterproof up to 5 Bar – Bathing, Showering
  • Water resistant up to 10 Bar – Swimming, snorkeling
  • Water resistant up to 20 Bar – Diving

Note that the jump in the water briefly increases the pressure start and you can damage your beautiful, expensive watch.

Beware magnetism in everyday life #2

Magnetism affects the accuracy of your watch, depending on the watch model, you are well protected nowadays. Magnetism comes from your mobile phone, fridge magnets, speakers and many other devices. However, you should avoid leaving your watch right next to your mobile phone overnight.

The safekeeping of your watch #3

Make sure that your watch is not lying unprotected next to you on the bedside cabinet, but in a matching case. There it is safe from shocks and other accidents in the early morning.

Movement for the movement #4

If you don’t wear your watch every day, you should consider getting a watch winder. This small device keeps your watch moving, which prevents the wristwatch from winding up and also keeps the oils in the movement moving, which prevents it from resinifying or running.

In less than 1 minute, this video explains how to clean a metal watch.



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jewellery photography-jewellery-photography-rings-camera-lens-equipment

Jewellery Photographers – Jewellery is an accessory that customers prefer to choose in the most beautiful radiance. That’s why you have to see as much shine as possible when taking pictures, preferably with sparkling details. In addition to the optimal preparation of a photo shoot for jewelry, the right technique and lighting as well as attention to detail are important for the most visually appealing presentation.

Which camera is best suited for jewellery photos?

In principle, amateur photographers can also take spectacular jewellery photos with an average equipped digital camera. The only prerequisites for good success with photo technology are manual adjustment options for

  • the image resolution (the higher the better),
  • the exposure
  • the contrast

Another advantage is an image stabilizer, which makes the detail shots particularly brilliant. All further preparations depend on the photographer’s skill.

  • optimal background,
  • good detail illumination
  • a light-friendly object environment

are planned before the camera even takes the first picture. With a little practice and gradually the trained eye of a photographer succeeds in taking photos as if directly from the jewelry store. If you like, you can even prepare a photo presentation based on the showcases of jewellery shops.

the perfect camera mode

Not the average digital camera or the better SLR camera provides the perfect picture. The camera mode is also important. Beginners initially find it difficult to understand the abbreviations or use of these modules. Benjamin will explain the advantages of these modules in a few minutes. With these basics you can become a professional in the field of jewellery photography.

Dimmed light or better clear room lighting?

White, hard light is ideal for jewellery photos, which shines rather diffusely on the jewellery. Flash would cause reflections and sharp shadows, making the shot worse. LED lights, LED strips or energy-saving lamps are suitable as light sources. Fluorescent tubes can also be positioned above the jewellery (or directly below the tube). A trick against sources of interference such as reflections or cast shadows is a homemade light shaft.

A white ball, preferably made of plexiglass, is suitable for this purpose. If it still has an opening the size of a lens, it can be attached to the camera and thus act as a light shaft to optically isolate the piece of jewellery. However, this alone does not prevent unwanted shadows from interfering with photography. Therefore, it should be tried out beforehand in different camera positions in which position shadows fall least over or in front of the piece. Even slight shadows must be avoided for optimum illumination.

Professional use of light

To get a better insight into the world of light, you should watch the video. There are many differences to work with cameras,  which are explained step by step in this clip. For a little professional jewellery photography, the A&O.

The optimal background for a successful jewellery presentation

Jewellery should sparkle, so that it looks even nobler. If the material of a piece of jewellery is rather smooth, for example the leather on a leather strap, a discreetly dyed silk cloth, which can be arranged with a few soft folds, is suitable as a background. But the focus always remains on the photo object, the jewellery. The details must be worked out, i.e. leather must be softly illuminated, gemstones sparkle or silver chains must be set to their optimum shine.

Close-ups in front of an otherwise neutrally arranged background enlarge the jewellery and show even the finest engravings or the special features of a stone setting. Instead of a dark background, bright environments are preferable. If this is not possible, a desk lamp can help. The jewellery is presented in this bright spot in such a way that the darker areas around the shooting area are not shown to advantage on the photograph.

Try it – Sakis explains how it works

Jewellery photography for catalogues, brochures, flyers or websites. You need someone who knows about this? In a few minutes Tony explains to you how to learn good and cheap jewellery photography. With simple tricks he shows you how to present jewellery.

Conclusion: With simple tricks, pictures succeed as from the jeweler shop

In order to present jewellery optimally for a photograph, different rules apply than, for example, in portrait photography. While contrasts and shadows create exciting visual effects there, both would only disturb the details of a piece of jewellery. The best way to take jewellery photos is to isolate the photo object from other shadow and light effects and to use as much natural daylight as possible as diffuse illumination.

DIY accessories – It does not always have to be off the peg

Accessories are just as important as our outfit itself. Only with the right accessories do most of the garments come into their own and many of us are looking for something very individual. Of course, the manufacturers of jewelery and accessories come up with a lot and there are great things to buy, but if you really want something really special, you should make your own accessories yourself! The result is guaranteed unique items. Who did not braid or put bracelets in his childhood? The self-woven friendship bracelet was something very special among best friends. We want to give you some ideas to become creative fashion designers yourself. DIY accessories are a great way to recycle fabric scraps, beads or old and broken pieces of jewelry, and for a little money and with a few tools, any accessory can be designed. You do not have to be a professional for that. If you want more DIY ideas just drop in here and at the end of the work you will find the Top 14 DIY Jewelry & Accessories Videos!

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Bows – A great ornament for hair accessories, shoes, belts and many more

Sanding is very easy to do. Sanding can be used as a hair accessory or decorating other accessories, from hair clips, bracelets, belts to ballerinas. For sanding you can use different materials, especially fabric scraps and remnants of other crafts.

Take two pieces of the fabric you want to use, one thick and one thin. The thicker strip is now folded on both sides and glued together with the hot glue gun. This creates a kind of loop. Once the glue has dried, you can squeeze the loop in the middle, the typical loop optics come to light. With the help of a bit more glue from the gun, the small strip of cloth is wrapped around the middle to close the loop, supernatant is cut off. The actual loop is done with it. We can now attach these with the help of the hot glue gun (a very important tool for the fashion designer at home), on a hair clip or on shoes. With loops, you can also decorate handbags and belts, various fabrics and ribbons invite you to try out the creative.

Echten Diamantenschmuck selber zusammenstellen

Many are astonished now. How should a layman make diamond jewelery? This is relatively simple: On 77 Diamonds you can configure your diamond jewelry yourself. The website is programmed so that everyone can customize rings, necklaces, earrings and so on – with real diamonds. So you can also design engagement and wedding rings, which have just the right size, width and diameter. In addition, you can choose between different models (whether classic, vintage or modern) and determine the style of the cut (brilliant, princess, emerald, oval, drops and many more). The result is high-quality, individually created diamond jewelery.

DIY bracelets are not just for little girls

Even big girls enjoy crafting bracelets, and they get really pretty with the right technology and materials. Bracelets are also good as gifts. A great idea is the crafting of bracelets for bachelorette parties, to make this special day for all involved even more memorable. For this you need letter pearls, artificial pearls, Swarovski crystals, elastic nylon cord, satin ribbon (best white or cream colored) and a pearl needle for threading.

First, you have to think about what should be on the bracelet. For example, the name of the bride and the year, or the initials “JGA” and the year, or directly the names of the bride and groom or their initials. And then it starts: The nylon string is threaded through the needle and beads, letters and rhinestones in the desired order reared. The best way to keep the bracelet in color in delicate white, beige or pink tones to optically tune to the wedding. Once the wound bracelet has reached a length of about 18 cm, knot the nylon string together several times and cover the knot with a pearl. Finally, the bracelet is decorated with a satin bow between two beads.

There are no limits to creativity; on the internet, you can be inspired by countless suggestions for making bracelets on specific occasions or simply as fashion jewelery.

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Anyone can make earrings himself – pendant in boho look

A very simple way to design earrings yourself is the design of pendants. Here, with a bit of creativity, you can resort to unusual materials, such as hairpins. For earrings in boho look we need 19 hairpins, a piece of cardboard, nail polish in different colors, a brush, jewelery wire, a pencil, pliers and 2 earhooks. First of all, the hairpins are pushed in two parts next to each other on the cardboard. Now a pattern is painted with the pencil, for example three arrows. This pattern is painted with nail polish, then allowed to dry the hairpins. The rest is a breeze: The finished painted hairpins are also pulled a piece of jewelry wire, which is bent into a triangle. This comes to the stud earrings and we have made great fancy earrings in boho look itself.

Top 14 DIY! Jewellery & Accessoires on Youtube

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Statement jewelry! Always popular and made easy.

DIY: Emoji Accessories: Unicorns and Smilies

Makoccino shows really colorful DIY – just as emojis are.

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Upgrade jewelery box! The box for everything

HappyandfitDIY has a lot of great videos here. Among other things for the most important accessory, the jewelry box itself!

Spice up school supplies! For all students ♥

Typisch Susi has collected a couple of organizers in the video!

Schmuck aus Büchern – DIY von The Loony Life

Ein langes Video zum Thema Bücher als Accessoire – das geht?

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Simple & cheap DIY accessories

Katy ends with her simple tutorial for four accessories. Just do it yourself!


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