Kenzo Videos: Fashion show, sweaters, perfumes & co.

Kenzo Videos- Kenzo brand stands for diversity like no other brand. No matter if it is about the choice of fabrics, patterns, colors or models. Designer and founder of the brand Kenzo Takada liked to be inspired by foreign cultures and used many different patterns and colors for a collection. Looking at Kenzo’s collections, you just automatically get in a good mood! In this article you will find an overview of the women’s and men’s collection, learn more about the designer of the brand and watch the latest and most popular commercials with Orin Hardy, Kim Tae Ri and Co.

Fashion shows: Summer & winter for women & men

Kenzo Takada’s joie de vivre and love of the unusual was often reflected in the choice of venues for his fashion shows. For example, Takada once even held a show in the infamous “Studio 54” nightclub. However, the fashion designer stopped designing long before his death. Kenzo Takada died after he was infected with the corona virus.

He told Vogue magazine that his work has always been about freedom and harmony, and that he wants to be remembered as a designer who crossed boundaries. Meanwhile, Felipe Oliveira Baptista is responsible for designing the collections. Check out the different collections of the men’s and women’s line of the house in the videos below.

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Germany - Spain - USA

Summer: fashion show in Paris

Some of the models wear large hats with protective nets that cover their faces, which is strongly reminiscent of the clothing of a beekeeper. No wonder – the collection is based on the film “Contagion than Honeyland”, a documentary about the extinction of bees. Despite all this, the fashion show sparkles with optimism as it takes place in a beautiful garden. The collection is colorful and bright, like flowers pollinated by bees. Nothing else would be expected from Kenzo.

Winter: Collection fashion film

This is not a fashion show in the classical sense, but a small film. The models dance, run and jump around in a round room. The white floor and black walls are in stark contrast to the colorful clothes. This collection is the first collection created after the death of Kenzo Takada.

Dismayed by this terrible event, Felipe Oliveira Baptista looked at garments from past collections and photographed them in motion. The pieces were taken apart and patched back together, worn backwards and more. He wanted to use colors and patterns for the collection that reflected the values that Kenzo Takada held dear: freedom, joy, diversity, love of nature, and harmoniously uniting opposites. The result is definitely something to be proud of.

Sportswear: Kenzo Sport inspires all

The line “Kenzo Sports” was launched only in 2020 and, as the name suggests, specializes in high-quality sportswear. When designing sportswear, Felipe Oliveira Baptista focuses on a combination of elegance and comfort. He also pays attention to functionality and making sure that the pieces have something gender-neutral about them, so that they can be easily worn by either gender. The logo of Kenzo Sports is the brand name in the shape of a big X.

Summer Kenzo Sports: fashion film

The latest Kenzo Sport collection was also presented in the form of a short film. The models demonstrate their acrobatic talent by performing various gymnastic exercises and also show how stylish you can look while doing sports. It makes you feel motivated to start your own workout.

Collaborations: H&M, Vans and WWF

Kenzo has already collaborated with many well-known brands. These include the fashion house “H&M”, the skater brand “Vans”, and the animal welfare organization “WWF”. For the campaign for the collaboration with “H&M” were photographed, among others, the model Iman and the music Chance The Rapper. Less star-studded, but no less vivid, are the following commercials for the collaborations with “Vans” and “WWF”.

Commercial: Kenzo x Vans

In this commercial, the collection is not presented by models, but by real skaters from Los Angeles. See their stunts on the halfpipe, dressed in Kenzo clothing.

Commercial: Kenzo x WWF

This collaboration serves a good cause, which is very important to the House of Kenzo. Tigers are threatened with extinction, which is why the WWF has made it its goal to help double the number of tigers by 2022. With this collection Kenzo wants to support the company in its project, after all, the tiger is also the logo of the brand. For every piece sold, Kenzo will donate US$10.

Fragrances: Kenzo perfumes as stars of the brand

In 1988, the first perfume “Kenzo” came on the market and since then over 100 different men’s and women’s fragrances belong to the brand. Kenzo is often inspired by nature in the creation of its fragrances. This is also seen in the fragrances “Flower” and “Kenzo Homme”.

Women’s fragrance: Flower

The star of the commercial for the perfume “Flower” is the South Korean actress Kim TaeRi, who is known from the film “Pickpocket”. You can see not only the pretty face of Kim TaeRi, but also a red poppy whose blossom is about to open. The actress’ lips are made up in a similar red as that of the flower. Just as the poppy opens its blossoms, the actress opens her briefly closed eyes again before casting a slightly sad look at the camera. This is to symbolize both strength and fragility. This is exactly what the perfume should express!

Men: Kenzo Homme

Entrepreneur Orin Hardy, who has lived in Bali since a young age, has launched a very special project: “Bamboo U”. Orin Hardy wants to show designers, architects, and engineers how they can use bamboo to turn their creative ideas into reality. What makes bamboo so special? Bamboo is a very rapidly renewable resource and must be harvested continuously. This makes bamboo a sustainable and environmentally friendly substitute for wood. Since Kenzo supports the project, this commercial shows Orin Hardy at work. “Kenzo for a beautiful world,” it says at the beginning of the video. Bottle is made in the shape of a bamboo style and the fragrance itself is inspired by the scent of the sea and bamboo.

Documentation: Kenzo Takada

For those who want to know more about Kenzo Takada, his philosophy, and his career, here is another documentary. It was created by the “Fashion Industry Broadcast” in honor of the recently deceased designer. The documentary is filled with interesting details from Takada’s personal and professional life. The viewer learns how the Japanese-born designer managed to turn his small Parisian boutique called “Jungle Jap” into the world-renowned multimillion-dollar company “Kenzo”.