Philippsteuer interview: Vegetables are the new meat

Philippsteuer interview – Philipp is a food content creator and Spiegel bestselling author who provides his 220,000+ followers on YouTube and Instagram with vegan recipes and vegan food tests. In addition to social media, he runs a food blog and has written a book, “I Never Wanted to Be Vegan,” in which he shares tips and experiences of giving up meat. He has one goal: to inspire people to eat less meat or to give up meat altogether in order to avoid animal suffering and protect the environment.

Philipp’s passion: Vegan cooking

In this interview, Philipp talks to us about his passion for cooking and everything that goes with it. From a full fridge to an untidy kitchen. He tells us about his way to become a vegan. Through a harmless animal documentary he became aware that animals should not suffer for his food. Accordingly, he changed his way of life and documented this in his own book. If you also want to live vegan and don’t know how, check out his book! Learn more about Philipp here.

Full refrigerator and clean kitchen?

FIV: Hello dear Philipp, I’m glad that it worked out with the interview today. You are a successful food content creator and share tips with your community to become vegan step by step. Therefore, we would start directly with a question about your passion and that is that there are all kinds of different behaviors in people when it comes to cooking, baking and shopping. How does it look like for you? As a food content creator, is your fridge always full or empty?

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Philipp: In fact, always very full, because I love shopping, take a lot of time, like to try things out and of course also have to make sure that everything is available for recipe shoots and the like.

Many zucchinis through spontaneous shopping

FIV: Since you have to have everything at home for recipe shoots and have to plan this somewhere, we are interested in whether you buy spontaneously or do you prefer to store?

Philipp: I like to go shopping spontaneously, which at the same time leads to the fact that the stock grows. My wife reminds me from time to time that “there are enough zucchinis” and then there are lots of dishes with zucchini over the next few days. We have built up a reassuring buffer of perishable foods such as flour, sugar and the like in the pantry.

FIV: Of course, you are in your kitchen for the most part for your content. Do people find your kitchen chaotic or clean and tidy?

Philipp: In the video, of course, always tidy, outside the filmable area mostly chaotically combined with camera & technical equipment. But every morning I clean up again, after all. Mostly.

Photo: Jana Stening

“Everything nicely mashed together”

FIV: Now we would be interested to know if your dishes always look so perfect or does something go wrong sometimes?

Philipp: I definitely put more effort into styling when filming. In private, everything is thrown onto a plate and the best thing is to mix it all up. It looks nothing like Instagram, but it tastes good!

Signature food: yeast flakes

FIV: You know, everyone has their quirks or crazy things they do in the kitchen. Do you have any quirks that are particularly evident in cooking or baking?

Philipp: Due to ADHD, I sometimes forget essential things, such as putting quinoa in the quinoa pan. Otherwise, I have to put yeast flakes in everything, that’s my signature food, because they make everything cheesier.

Philipp’s way into veganism

FIV: On your social media channels you also run a vegan food blog, so we would like to know from you how long you have been living vegan, where it comes from and how long you have been interested in cooking, maybe it was already a topic in your childhood?

Philipp: My main platforms are definitely Instagram and YouTube, where you can find all my recipes and food tests. I became vegan a good 5 years ago and before that I was vegetarian for a while. An actually totally harmless TV documentary gave the impetus because it mentioned that pigs feel fear on the last way to the butcher. The sentence stuck and since then I didn’t want another living being to feel fear because of my food. Regarding cooking: I moved to Cologne right after graduating high school at 17 and was then on my own. I then realized that it gives me great pleasure to recreate my mother’s recipes or to experiment on my own. And so I became my own cook, and I still am within my family.

Knowledge sharing blog: Vegan is easy

FIV: Besides social media, what motivated you to start a blog as well?

Philipp: I love to share my knowledge and at that time I had no idea at all what works how vegan. Spoiler: It’s much easier than I thought. You just have to know how. And it’s exactly this “how” that I try to answer every day with my content.

FIV: Blogs are for the most part very personal, but they are also public and accessible to everyone. How private is your blog?

Philipp: My content all has a private personal touch, on Instagram you can also see how I live and a bit of everyday life with my wife, who is also a content creator.

Book: “I never wanted to be vegan”.

FIV: Besides everything you do, you’ve also written and published a book. For those who don’t know your book yet, what is it about?

Philipp: My book is called “I never wanted to be vegan” and I write about why vegetables became my meat anyway. I’m very proud of it, because it was mega accepted and also became a Spiegel bestseller directly in the first month. Basically it is a simple guide for all people who want to eat less or no more animals, based on the experiences of me, who consumed very, very much and very gladly meat and Co. Peppered with a lot of humor and without a raised forefinger.

FIV: How did it come about that you wanted to write a book? Was there or is there a particular goal that you wanted to achieve with your book?

Philipp: I studied journalism and love writing very much. After all these years, I noticed that there are numerous questions from the community that are very similar. In addition, I noticed that there is not yet such a kind of book with humor and my own experience report and exactly that would have helped me a lot at the time to get started myself. In my “5 Phases of Veganization” model, I also show how the veganization process normally goes, including challenges and solutions. My goal is very clear: I want to encourage more people to eat less and / or no animals, because it is no longer necessary in 2022 and not only saves a lot of suffering, but can also have a positive impact on the climate and the environment.

Photo: Jana Stening

Philipp behind the camera

FIV: You and your wife show a part of your life on social media. Are there limits to what belongs on the Internet and what doesn’t?

Philipp: I belong on the Internet with what I do for myself and fabricate, that gives me joy. We keep our child out of the Internet 99.9% of the time, as well as neighbors, immediate surroundings and all people who don’t want to be seen.

FIV: Last but not least, we’d be interested to know, if you could rewind time, what would you change about your life (and maybe your channel)?

Philipp: It may sound stupid, but I’m here today precisely because I’ve had this experience in the past. And looking backwards too much leads to neck pain, so: Full speed ahead!

FIV: We thank you for your time and the great interview and wish you all the best on your way!

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