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Social Media Trends – How social media is affecting our lives in the pandemic based on download numbers. SocialMediaOne also reports on TikTok trends. Whether it’s songs, dances, recipes – you can find everything you need to know about them and how to copy the trends here. On the website Hootsuite you get a super guide to Facebook ads for the coming year. Brandwatch introduces you to the 20 most popular Instagram accounts and which influencers you should definitely know!

Social Media News: Trends 2021!

Social media is more important than ever, as the ongoing pandemic has shown us. TikTok and Instagram are influencing our daily lives like never before. Everyone stays at home and has time on their hands, so the internet is just too flooded with new videos and posts. Whether it’s dances, recipes, songs or video clips, trends of all kinds are spreading incredibly fast and eventually disappearing just as quickly as they appeared. The website Bolg2 exclusively reports on the latest social media trends, future topics and tips. Read more about it here in our news section.

Social Media: User numbers in comparison

There are 4.4 billion active social media users in the world between now and then – hard to believe, but that’s more than half of the entire population! The Corona pandemic has made a huge mark on the industry and social media has gained tremendous importance. In just one year, from October 2019 to October 2020, the number of social media users increased by 453 million users. An average person spends almost two hours a day on social media – this was unimaginable just a few years ago. The most popular platform among young people today is TikTok, a network based solely on videos. Find out how many downloads TikTok has in the meantime and who the three biggest TikTok stars are here.

TikTok: User numbers in comparison – Germany vs. USA

Here you can see the number of downloads of TikTok via the Google Play Store in Germany from January 2017 to August 2021 (in 1,000).

  • Aug 2021: 721,070 downloads (-6.5%)
  • Aug 2020: 771,190 downloads
  • Aug 2019: 291,910 downloads
  • Aug 2018: 1,252.45 downloads

Statistik: Anzahl der Downloads von TikTok über den Google Play Store in Deutschland von Januar 2017 bis August 2021 (in 1.000) | Statista

In contrast, in comparison, the number of downloads of TikTok via the Apple App Store worldwide from January 2017 to September 2021 (in millions).

  • Aug 2021: 15,330,000 downloads
  • Aug 2020: 9,230,000 downloads
  • Aug 2019: 6,040,000 downloads
  • Aug 2018: 4,570,000 downloads

Statistik: Anzahl der Downloads von TikTok über den Apple App Store weltweit von Januar 2017 bis September 2021 (in Millionen) | Statista

Regions of the world: who uses social media?

Here you can see the share of active social network users by region worldwide in the respective population in 2021. Here are the top 5 users. At the top is Western and Northern Europe, followed directly by the Americas and Asia. The last to go is Africa.

  1. Western Europe: 79%
  2. Northern Europe: 79%
  3. North America: 74%

Statistik: Anteil der aktiven Social-Network-Nutzer nach Regionen weltweit an der jeweiligen Bevölkerung im Jahr 2021 | Statista

Most Popular TikTok Channels

Here you can see the ranking of the most popular TikTok accounts by number of followers worldwide in September 2021 (in millions).

  1. Charli D’Amelio
  2. Khabane Lame
  3. Addison Rae
  4. Bella Poarch
  5. Zach King
  6. Will Smith
  7. TikTok
  8. Dixi D’Amelio
  9. Spencer Polanco Knight
  10. Loren Gray

Statistik: Ranking der beliebtesten TikTok-Accounts nach Anzahl der Follower weltweit im September 2021 (in Millionen) | Statista

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