Nina Laureen in the interview: Influencer with a sense of family – happy relationship, travel, charity & Co.

Nina Laureen – 3 years ago the influencer was already our guest for an interview. In our follow-up interview we talk about the past years, personal highlights and the most beautiful places to travel. But not only faraway places like Bali or Japan are important to the Influencer, but also her own home and the closest confidants like her longtime boyfriend, family or best friends. Look forward to the news from Nina’s life and read the interview of the Influencer here!

Relationship, Travel, Home – News from Nina’s life

FIV: Hey Nina! We are happy to welcome you for a follow up interview! Travel and faraway countries are your world and we would love to dive into that world with you in this interview. But first, let’s start with a little review. Three years have passed since the last interview with our magazine. Give us a little insight: What was your personal highlight of these last 3 years?

Nina: Thank you so much for asking me again for the interview! I’m totally looking forward to the report, it was super, super nice last time. My highlights of the last few years…I can’t really generalize that much. There were a lot of great moments. Everything has somehow remained the same, I’m still together with my boyfriend, which makes me very happy and that for almost 9 years now. That is already a huge highlight for me, to be able to say that after the 3 years now again or still say. Among other things, I was able to travel a lot with him in 2019 and I also traveled quite a lot on my own, which was an absolute highlight, including the trip to Tokyo. I totally fell in love with that city! That was actually already one of the highlights of 2019. But overall, it’s a big highlight that I get to travel so much. I don’t think I’ve ever traveled so much in my life. From Dubai to Tokyo to Bali so really just criss-crossing back and forth across the world. That was my absolute highlight and I think I will never forget this year.

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Germany - Spain - USA

Then 2020 there was actually also a highlight, of which actually no one knows what, then I can drop it times at the point. I bought a property here in Oberembt with Dean, which is a huge highlight for me because it means that we will settle down together even if we don’t get married or have children, that is of course a nice big step for me that I feel absolutely ready for and yes that happened in 2020, in return we couldn’t travel much. And because we couldn’t travel, that’s kind of the counterpart where I would have thought I kind of still need time for that, but kind of after traveling so much in 2019, it was nice to be here for a change. Our hands were kind of tied and bang there has been an opportunity and since we of course directly grabbed. That was with the biggest highlight in the last 3 years.

A fresh start with a new course of study – “Best decision ever”.

FIV: A few years ago you changed your direction, finished your architecture studies and started to study management in the field of marketing and digital media. Are you still satisfied with your choice of study and how far are you with your studies?

Nina: That’s right, I dropped out of my architecture studies, which was the best decision I ever made! The second study, where I’m actually in the last semester now, I’ve pulled through and I’m having an incredible amount of fun! The subject matter I’m dealing with there is one on one with what I’m doing now with Instagram as well. It’s kind of totally interesting to see what it’s like behind the scenes. So not just doing Instagram, but also how it all works and why it works that way and that’s helping me a lot.

I think I will definitely stay in the industry. I’m curious to see what will happen at some point. As of now, I don’t even know what I’m going to do afterwards. I enjoyed it so much, I will probably do a master’s degree. Let’s see what time brings.

Secret of happiness: time with family and friends

FIV: Whether you’re traveling or at home, it doesn’t matter if it’s an absolute dream location or your own private bedroom. When you get up in the morning, what makes you happy?

Nina: Actually, I think you can guess after the last interview that I know that I just have such a great family. That I have the best friends. That I know that they’re there. I don’t know, I’m happy when I know: Tonight it’s going to my parents or it’s going to friends.

I look forward to shopping with my grandpa alone. If you follow me on Instagram a little longer, you know we make our shopping trip every week. I’m thankful to still be able to do everything with him. Since he almost went blind, it’s even more beautiful to see how grateful a person can be. Yes, that is actually the most beautiful thing for me. When I wake up in the morning to know that I have my loved ones around me. No matter if they are my friends or my family. That’s just amazing!

Majorca dreams and charity plans in Africa

FIV: As we know, your heart is set on Mallorca, you even wanted to emigrate there at some point. What is the current status? Do you still want to spend the next few years in Germany?

Nina: The plans to emigrate to Mallorca just stay! I think that’s a dream we’ll fulfill someday when we’re older. We have a little bucket list, Dean and me. We have already said to ourselves that if we achieve everything we want to achieve in Germany, then comes the house in Mallorca or a small Finka or if it’s just a caravan somewhere in the wilderness of Mallorca. Then that would be cool that we can always go there.

But as already said in the first question: We have now bought a beautiful piece of land here, which is really dreamlike and there is now the priority first to build on it, to create our own home. We are super lucky with the property, because it is directly in the village where we live now. It’s right next to Dean’s parents, Dean’s aunt and a lot of friends live here. You actually know the whole village from us and it’s just so perfect. It’s like a storybook for me from us because I know even if I stay here for the next 30 years: I have everyone around me as long as my parents still move here and my grandpa but I will still manage that.

FIV: The last time you spoke to us you expressed the wish to travel to South Africa and start a charity campaign there. Have you pursued this idea in the meantime and is it still on your to-do list?

Nina: That was always a big wish of mine and it still remains! It’s not finished yet either. In fact, this year I would have had a great opportunity to travel to Uganda and support a great organization there. Corona threw a huge spanner in the works and unfortunately it couldn’t be done, but I hope something like that will come up in 2021 or 2022, I’m definitely open to anything!

Bali, Mauritius, Japan & Co. – Future destinations

FIV: You’ve already ticked off Tokyo, Bali and New York on your travel list. Which countries and cities would you like to visit soon?

Nina: I think I could talk about it for three hours now, because the list is almost endless, because for me travelling is simply the most beautiful thing in the world. So I love being here, I also need my homepoint, but it’s also nice to immerse myself in different cultures. That’s why I could talk for 100 years about the next destinations where I absolutely want to go. But on top of my priority list is definitely to explore Japan a bit more! I’ve only been to Tokyo so far and there are so many incredibly cool places! For example, there are places like Okinawa: It looks like the Caribbean, parts of Okinawa or Nagano, you can just ski and look at snow piles.

There are so many corners of Japan I’m dying to see and that’s definitely one of my next travel goals to pursue. And otherwise yes Bali is also back on top of my bucket list. I don’t know, I just miss that. That was just such a beautiful experience.

Then we had planned for this year actually also Mauritius. We have booked everything…yes unfortunately has not taken place. There I would also like to go again in any case. So, these are the three destinations: I would like to do in 2021, if it should finally go times.

FIV: Thank you very much for the interview, it was a pleasure to learn more about you.
FIV Magazine wishes you all the best for your future and continued success.