Family photoshooting: emotional memories across generations

Family photos are among our most precious memories. Even after years, the recordings are repeatedly retrieved and passed on to subsequent generations. Family photos are not only a lot of fun, they also document the chronicle of a family. But it is not always easy to combine grandfather and the youngest grandchild in one picture. With the following preparation tips, the family photo shoot is also a success.

Make the right preparations

Just take a few quick family photos, it can’t take that long. If you think like that, you make the first mistake. Family photos are not available at the push of a button, they take time – sometimes even a lot of time. But you don’t have to be a professional photographer to get some decent photos. Think about who’s gonna be in the picture first. Then decide where the photo should be taken: at home in the living room or garden or at a family celebration or in front of a historical backdrop, etc. How should the family members be dressed? Is the occasion festive or should different outfits be tried. After the who and where is clarified, we come to the determination of the shooting date. This is often not easy because not all family members are available at the same time. Reliable weather information is very important if the pictures are to be taken outside. Nobody poses voluntarily in the rain. If the available light is not sufficient, it must be supplemented with lamps or a flash unit.

Grandparents, parents, children – all here? – Then it can start

For a classic shooting you should calculate one to two hours. Always use a tripod and connect the camera to your laptop, it is worth trying out a few motifs beforehand. Show the family your best photos, that creates confidence in your abilities. Keep in mind that many people are standing in front of a camera for the first time. Try to create a relaxed atmosphere with sweets for children and soft drinks for adults. Small children in particular cannot stand still for long periods of time, so they can always have their favourite toy with them and do not have to look into the camera. Don’t expect adults to be interested in photos, some people get nervous when a camera is pointed at them. A baby usually starts screaming at the wrong moment.

Cross-generational images say more than 1000 words

From grandpa to aunts to infants, different sexes and generations may have to be depicted at a family photo shoot. If possible, each person should determine the position in the picture for himself, forced poses often seem unnatural. A good photographer always finds possibilities for a creative arrangement of the individual persons. Make sure bigger people don’t cast their shadows on others. If you use a lightning bolt, set up in front of the group. Shoot photos from different angles. Avoid tortured smiles and pay special attention to the children. The best thing for everyone is to look relaxed, even if this is very difficult to achieve. Not everyone has to smile on the photo, but good family photos radiate love and cordiality. Make sure all eyes are open. Set the camera to continuous shooting mode.

By the way: If the family is already together once, also the opportunity for single portraits arises.

Result: Sweets can cause real photo wonders

A family photo shoot is not as easy as some might think. But after a good preparation you can calmly go to your job. Talk to the family members and take away their nervousness. Stay creative, pay attention to surprising moments and press the trigger at the right moment.