Pretty Little Liars Star Shay Mitchell: Los Angeles, Villa & Boyfriend

How does the Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell live? The Canadian, who works as a model and actress, lives with her boyfriend and daughter in Los Angeles. Shay has been living for exactly four years in her villa, which has often been left unfinished over the years. The actress was never completely happy with her property until Chad Wood, Shay’s best friend, helped her decorate her house with selected decorations. Here you can find all the information about the actress’ and her family’s home!

Shay Mitchell’s house in Los Angeles

The 33-year-old actress decided four years ago to settle down in a glamorous 1920s house on the West Side of Los Angeles. The property is known for its Mediterranean style, which is characterized by round entrances, colored tiles and open spaces. Shays goal was to design the house exactly to her taste: cozy and unique. But not only she, but also partner Matte Babel and daughter Atlas share the Spanish-inspired villa. The actress worked with numerous interior designers to make her dream house come true. But none of them could convince Shay as much as her friend and stylist Chad Wood, who arranged suitable pieces of furniture for her. He knew Shay’s taste and knew that she had a soft spot for old pieces of furniture. The 30-year-old has a special eye for decoration and visited various vintage stores to make the Canadian’s villa perfect. Her love of traveling, as well as a lot of already existing furniture should be included in the design of the house.

“Once I walked inside, I fell in love.”

revealed Shay Mitchell Architectural Digest.

Chad Wood: Friend, Architect & Stylist

But Chad Wood is not only known as a stylist. He is also famous for his talent as an interior designer, which he demonstrated at Shay Mitchell’s house. For the actress Chad is also her best friend, stylist, florist, painter and even as a cook he helps the brunette. He selected numerous decorative items and furniture for her. Among them are an old tree stump that serves as a side table, round wooden lamps and a dark green velvet sofa. The designer made almost all his finds in the LA Pop Up Home Store. This is a vintage boutique for home furnishings, from golden candlesticks to giant wooden cabinets.

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Here you can see the location of Shays house:

Characteristics of the house

The property of Pretty Little Liars is limited to a large entrance area, a kitchen, a dining area, two living rooms, a room for her own small bar, her bedroom as well as her daughter’s, several bathrooms and a cozy outdoor area including a swimming pool. Another highlight of the house: the numerous small balconies that line the inside of the property. All these rooms have a Moroccan or Spanish flair, which Shay likes very much. It makes your entire home feel cosy and at home. The character of the house abounds with uniqueness, which the Canadian is more than proud of. Until the birth of her daughter, the house was often rearranged and redesigned: The then dark red wooden floor was bleached and the fireplace painted white. Now, new decorative items often trundle in, but the basic finishing touches to the house are done! Perfect timing, right?

Interested in Shay Mitchell’s house? Then check out her house tour here:

House Tour: A tour of Shay’s estate

In the entrance area the huge chandelier immediately catches the eye. It has a total of 450 kilos of crystals and is enthroned in the middle of the room. High green plants line the area and the high ceiling, as well as the vaulted entrances give the entrance area the finishing touch. Turquoise tiles on the stairs underline the Moroccan flair of the house. White painted walls and golden doorknobs complete the design of hab. The chandelier was probably owned by Shay for quite a while, but he never knew how to hang it up correctly. Now it found its place here. On we go to the living room of the actress, of which she owns two!

The living room

Shays living rooms have one thing in common: they are both unique. While one is more in darker colors, the other shines in light tones. Sexy and cosy: Shay Mitchell proves that this is possible. Grey painted walls, high bookshelves and a dark green velvet sofa are the heart of this room. Once again characteristic are the round entrances and high ceilings, which also give this room a Mediterranean style. The books in the individual shelves, sorted by color, give the living room a certain order, although at the same time it looks a bit messy. Many cozy living accessories can be found in Shays rooms, including colorful decorative cushions, numerous candleholders and small plants. Meanwhile, her other living space is characterized by a fresh, bright appearance including golden details. Several vintage pieces have found their place in this room, like a giant marble table or a lamp that Shay got from Morocco.

The kitchen

Shay Mitchell’s kitchen radiates a sense of security: tiled walls, dark brown wooden furniture and many lamps fill the room. A cooking island and a huge refrigerator are essential for the 33-year-old. Everything was refined with golden details and once again many small plants.

“I remember that the agent sent me a link, and I realized the kitchen was the same that I had saved from years before”,

she said. After her agent showed her some photos of her current house back then, Shay realized that it had the dream kitchen that she had hung on her bulletin board a while ago. This was a sign for the brunette to choose this house. Although she repaired some parts of the kitchen equipment, it did not lose the character it had at the beginning. This room also has many windows, which make the kitchen seem much bigger.

The bedroom

Shays and Partners Mattes bedroom is different from the other rooms. Here the two decided to keep it rather simple. So they did without a lot of decoration, so that the individual objects of the room are better shown to advantage, like the huge box spring bed. A golden mirror attracts attention, as does the side bed of the small alto, which is a must for the family. Once again, a few plants should not be missing to give the room more harmony. Light beige painted walls and a large carpet in front of the bed complete the design.

The room of the common daughter resembles Shays and Mattes bedroom. The walls painted in old pink make the room look very cosy. The actress is more than enthusiastic about the reading corner on the balcony and the picture wall above Atlas’ bed. Photos of her and Mattes vacations together should make the room look more personal.

The outdoor area

Palm trees, big trees and a green meadow invite you to spend a lot of time in Shays garden. Also the colorful tiles on the pool and walls definitely attract attention.

“I don’t really utilize my outdoor space as much as I would like to”,

Shay admitted. But after investing in an outdoor pizza oven she hopes to spend more time there soon. Because why not? An outdoor pool lined with a fountain and several comfortable sunbeds on the lawn definitely invite you to relax!

The actress definitely has a unique taste! Shay is not only happy with her house, but also with her family.