Learn to photograph XXL: Basics, which camera, portrait, landscape & Co. for beginners

Learning to photograph takes time. Most of them start with portraits, then photograph not only at home, but more and more outside and discover more and more motives in the studio as well as outside. But how do you photograph landscapes perfectly? What do you have to pay attention to when you photograph animals in the wild or moving people in the city? In our free guide for photographers you will find all the important and first tips you need to know as a beginner in photography. As soon as you start with your first professional photos, bring enough patience to learn the individual techniques step by step, only practice makes perfect! To help you get off to a good start and make fast progress, I have collected all the important, basic photography techniques and as a small bonus, the best videos explaining the individual techniques.

Basics for photographers: From hobby to profession

Photography is an exciting hobby and a diverse profession. Especially as a beginner you are initially overwhelmed with the topics. There are different kinds of photography, for example nature and portrait photography. One does not only pay attention to the fact that the photographed person is beautiful, at this moment many more points play a role. Starting with the camera angle, light & shadow, location, up to extra equipment and accessories that make it easier for the photographer to take a perfect photo.

To avoid beginner’s mistakes, it is important to practice. What you learn in theory should be applied in practice to get a feeling for photography. Furthermore, your camera is also an important point. Do you take pictures with Polaroid cameras, your mobile phone, a reflex camera? These are all rules that should be followed.

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We at FIV Magazine have summarized the most important topics of photography for you. Here you will find the important tips & tricks for photography. We show you the different areas of photography. We give you an insight into the world of photographer technology and extra accessories.

Photography is a craft and like any other craft, the best way to learn is to take pictures as often as possible. But if you are really at the beginning, it can’t hurt to buy a book about photography and read it with your camera in your hand. Such books are available in a more technical orientation and in a more image-creative orientation. For a start, it’s probably better to read a more technical book so that you can familiarize yourself with the basic terms like aperture, exposure time, ISO and so on.

Photography types with digital, SLR and mobile phone camera

You like taking pictures? Can’t find a specific area to classify yourself? Are you overwhelmed with the camera settings, accessories and the like? We have summarized the most important tips and tricks in the world of photography for you. Whether digital, SLR or mobile phone camera, these articles will show you how important it is to know your instrument. Furthermore, the locations and places of the shooting play an incredibly important role. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, these articles will give you content about the theory of photography. Afterwards it is your task to apply them in practice.

Photography, whether with a professional camera or a mobile phone, is more difficult or easier to realize, depending on the location. Closed rooms, nature shots, moving pictures, day and night shots, portraits or landscape photography – here it is very important to know the camera well. Here you can find various articles with important areas of photography!

Portrait photography – you often get to know this photographic genre at school. Here it is all about putting people in the foreground. It is considered the supreme discipline among photographers. Here the location does not play an important role. Rather it is about the expressive motif, the people. Since it is about capturing excerpts of these faces. Light and shadow, the background and special features of the model influence the quality of a portrait shot.

People: singles, couples & families

Family shooting – Family photos are among our most precious memories. Even after years, the photos are always retrieved and passed on to future generations. Family photos are not only great fun, they also document the chronicle of a family. But it is not always easy to combine grandfather and the youngest grandchild in one picture.

Children photography – childhood memories for grandma, aunt and the rest of the family. For this purpose there are photographers who will put your child in the limelight and organize a nice photo shoot. The most beautiful children’s photos are successful if the children don’t notice anything about the photographing. As soon as a lens “catches” them, the photos become rather stiff, polite instead of natural. It’s better to have a suitable camera ready at all times if possible and to take a few more random photos.

Outfit: Clothing & Accessories

In order to pay attention to everything during the shooting, you should pay attention to the outfits in addition to the equipment, location and model. The model should be able to move and pose well in her clothes. Furthermore, the look must also correspond to the shooting theme. Here stylists can be a very good help.

Fitness: muscle & body

Fitness photography – not only the athlete has to prove performance during the shooting, but also the photographer has to take the right picture at the right moment. For a fitness photo shoot to succeed perfectly, precise preparation is very important. According to experience, it makes sense to think about the right nutrition 2 to 3 months before the appointment, as well as the strengthening of the important muscles and the precise reduction of body fat. Afterwards the models can concentrate fully on their training again.

Sport: fitness, dance & leisure

Sports photography – in sports photography the choice of lens is crucial. For cameras, compromises are possible and there are many features that are optimal but not a must. A good lens for sports photography has significantly fewer criteria, but these must be fulfilled for good pictures. Especially field and indoor sports have different requirements. There are 1000 different variations of lenses. Each camera can be fitted with a different lens and differs in the subject area you want to photograph. Not every lens fits every camera. Here you can also get advice from your customer’s trusted advisor.

Lenses for sports photography

Lenses – as mentioned at the beginning, there are different lenses for all cameras that can optimize the image. Especially in sports photography you can adjust the lenses. As long as it is not about golf, chess or snooker, there is rapid movement on the playing field or the race track. If you have the subject in the viewfinder, a sharp image should be the result after the release. A fast autofocus module and correspondingly high ISO values are indispensable. For good pictures, there should be no annoying image noise even at high ISO settings.

Event: wedding, birthday & party

Event Photography – From parties to business company events – you book an event photographer to remember highlights of the shows, guests, location and much more. As an event photographer, you have to master many techniques. Especially the relation of light and shadow plays a big role at these events. On the one hand, a good shot in event photography requires patience. But still the photographer has to be as close as possible to the event, preferably moving himself, to get an eye for the most beautiful poses and scenes of the festival or stage show. After all, technical settings and a feeling for the ambient light also determine whether or not shaky and adequately exposed motifs can be captured at the crucial second of an event shot.

Lifestyle photography – have you ever wondered how some photographers on Instagram get such incredibly beautiful images where everything seems perfect? Light is one of the most important things in photography. In a studio, only artificial light sources are used and almost every light spectrum can be simulated. The situation is completely different when it comes to outdoor photography. Here the natural light source and the events are in the foreground. Of course, artificial light is also used for outdoor photography, but still photography is a very special challenge. If you like to spend time outdoors, then outdoor lifestyle photography is the perfect segment for you.

Outdoor: landscapes & nature photos

Outdoor photography – you spend a lot of time outdoors and have fun photographing your hiking environment, landscapes, or other objects? However, there are a few basic rules before a shot is successful, without which the fun of taking pictures becomes more of an effort. The special challenge is surely to put together a set of photographic equipment that meets your individual requirements for outdoor photography. For example, if you are often on foot, hiking or climbing, you should pay special attention to the weight, size and flexibility of your equipment.

  • The most important accessories are handy and lightweight cameras
  • Photographing with the right photo equipment outdoor

landscape: animal and landscape photography

Landscape photography – deals with the depiction of the animate and inanimate environment of man. With landscape photography you convey the most emotion to the person opposite you. Many plays of colour, vivid nature scenes, aesthetic views of nature – that is what the viewer should see. To achieve this, you need to know your camera and know which setting takes the best shot.

Photographing animals in nature

Animal photography – you have probably seen an animal documentary or animal pictures. These pictures only appear 100% when the image is in focus. With the professionals it might look easy, but everyone who has ever tried to photograph such an unpredictable creature like a cat or dog knows that it is the exact opposite.

Night: star & moon images

Night photography – a challenge for the photographer. The difficulty lies in finding out the optimal exposure time and determining the motives. This includes starry sky photography or fireworks photography, for example. The beginning of the night creates great lighting conditions and very special moods. In order to adjust the presettings and positioning of the camera here, we have summarized the most important tips for you.

  • Theme starry sky or fireworks, night photography

    Photting star images at night

    Star photography – There is no room for spontaneity when photographing the celestial bodies – good planning is required here. There are still a few good places for razor-sharp night photos of distant stars and shining meteorites. If you have found such a place, you should have the right equipment with you and know how to transform the breathtaking events on the nightly screen into impressive pictures.

  • All tips for photographing the Milky Way and Polar Stars

Underwater: divers under water – fish, plants & marine animals

Underwater Photography – In addition to diving courses, a diving equipment, there are also costs for underwater equipment. But most divers are fascinated by the mysterious beauty of the underwater world. Whether you just want to snorkel and take pictures of people in the sea or you want to explore exotic photo paradises as a diver – here are your first steps into the world of underwater photography.

  • Disposable cameras are a cheap alternative

diving in the sea and underwater photos shooting

Instagram: Influencer & Blogger Shooting

Instagram Shooting – Influencers and bloggers have become part of our everyday life. No matter if in the field of lifestyle, fitness, beauty or fashion, influencers show us the world of trends. The pictures they post daily and videos they publish are not necessarily spontaneous. Behind the beautiful photos, is a lot of work and effort. After the location selection and 1000 pictures taken on location, comes the selection and editing of the pictures. Of course, professional programs like Lightroom Catalog and Photoshop are used for this. What is the best way to get the picture across? Which style suits my account? What are the trends of today?

Smartphone: Filter, Settings & Apps

Mobile phone shooting – not only influencers and bloggers use their mobile phones to take perfect pictures. Also the “normal” mobile phone user has a camera on his phone and wants to use it. There are now filters and settings that the phone does all by itself.

  • In an interview with Christoph Engelberth on the subject of Smartphone

Interior design: furniture & decoration

Interior design – a photo shoot for interiors needs to be well planned. With the right camera technology, favourable settings and a light that is as natural as possible, appealing photos can be taken that encourage more interested parties to visit. Also the choice of the viewing angle and the detailed interior design make a room look advantageous and further. Whether it is new apartments, catalogue shootings for furniture stores or lifestyle magazines. Interior photography is a modern and growing topic in photography.

Jewellery & Accessories

jewellery photography – whether necklaces, rings or bracelets, jewellery is part of every outfit and is the highlight of every look, which no woman should be without. The image that should appeal to the customer must therefore be very well selected. Therefore, as much shine as possible must be seen when taking a photo, preferably with sparkling details. Apart from the optimal preparation of a photo shooting for jewellery, the right technique and lighting as well as love for detail in the optically most favourable presentation also count.

Black & White

Black and white photography – colours make variety, this also applies to effect in photography. However, for some photo artists the most desired effect is to do without colours. Only black and white “draw” the character of the model in the photograph, making a silhouette stand out sharply or almost merging soft contours with a shadowy background.

  • Uncolored gray scales, including the extreme values of black and white, are fixed on the image memory
  • More about the art of black and white photography

Light & shadow

Light and shadow – basically light, shadow, colours and contrasts can be technically reworked. However, the three-dimensional photographic effect is only created in the photographer’s sense of the word if he or she tries to set the optimum of the available light in an artistically advantageous relationship to the shadow already during the shooting.

Book tips: Fashion, Beauty, Fashion & Nutrition

But how do I photograph correctly? What are the tricks? How do I expose correctly and how do I adjust my camera according to the environment? How do I work with apertures and how do I retouch my pictures naturally? These and more questions are answered in the best possible way in the following books. A photo workshop is not absolutely necessary, you can simply teach yourself photography with the help of these books. We have compiled the top 10 book recommendations for learning photography. We also have more book recommendations for Fashion & Beauty, Fashion Photography, Models & Style Icons and for Health, Nutrition & Fitness.

Fashion photography is a branch of photography that focuses on clothing presented by models. Often such photographs are used for advertising purposes, but some are taken for purely aesthetic reasons. Fashion photographye fascinates fashion enthusiasts as much as aesthetics lovers. The eye is spoiled with beautiful fashion, special settings and extraordinary & beautiful models. Fashion photography has established itself as an art form in its own right.

Tips for photographers: avoid beginner’s mistakes

Beginners often make many mistakes. They lack the experience of practice, theory and practice. In order to avoid these mistakes, one should allow help and take up tips from experts, experienced and train with this information. Especially the field of photography is broadly diversified and often underestimated. There are many techniques and settings that vary from camera to camera and always differ from the photographic genre.

photographic eye

Photographic eye – training the eye for a successful motif is very important, because it can turn a hobby photographer into an ambitious expert. However, it also requires a certain talent to recognize an intuitive vein, a good motif and to know how to best realize it.

Pictures without Photoshop

Photoshop – in order to feel good in our skin, the media offer us distorted examples of physical perfection. Not only since Photoshop and the digitalisation on TV have we been comparing ourselves to the scale that makes us believe parallel worlds of perfectly symmetrical body proportions. We see ourselves in the mirror with that same distorted look. Our own truth appears full of blemishes, since the optical example of the Schiller worlds shows how flawless can be. But how natural are these photographs then? How can we make our flaws into a characteristic and show our really beautiful side – our natural way?

Technical basics – Video Tutorials free of charge

Of course, the topic of learning to take photographs is very diverse. Best: learning by doing! Various professional photographers, show on Youtube, how to best practice photographing practice. Tips for beginners, advanced and professionals – there is something for everyone. To take good photos, you should know the camera well or even better: inside and out. Since there are many different cameras, it is sufficient to know the technical basics and to get familiar with them step by step.

Photography – beginner’s mistake

Photography is a hobby where you should practice a lot. In theory and practice there are topics that beginners are not familiar with and therefore mostly ignored. Since one learns from mistakes, it is sometimes helpful to look at and understand other mistakes. Peter will show you daily beginner mistakes while photographing:

Learning to take pictures with video

Here you will be explained, leading lines, portraits, black and white photography are some of the topics. But also printing and hanging in a frame are important parts of the passion photography. In less than 12 minutes Hyun will explain important tips.

Learn to photograph XXL – Accessories and technique

After reading the article and practicing on your own camera, you should read more about accessories and technology. In this section, we’ll look at camera settings and terms that you may not have heard as a beginner.

Photography is more than just a camera. If you want to take good pictures, you need the right accessories. As a photographer you have to think of many extras. You need a good lens and you need to capture all the subjects the way you want them. In the studio, you need equipment such as tripods to set up your camera, flashes, and knowledge of backlighting and how it affects your photos when you’re shooting outdoors. As there are many different cameras of different brands (like Sony, Canon, Nikon, etc.) you sometimes need individual knowledge, for example about lenses. In order to give you a good overview and to know all the basics you need to be a good photographer, you can find our free checklist for photographers here: Everything about accessories and technology.