Book recommendation: Fashion & Beauty

Fashion & Beauty are the permanent topic of every friendship between women! That’s why we have researched all the new stars on the book market for you. Here is the first selection of great books! For models we have also found good beauty tips online. We also have more book recommendations for fashion photography, models & style icons, learning photography and health, nutrition & fitness.

Lauren Conrad – Style: Looking great from head to toe

Lauren Conrad is known for her radiant looks. She always reaches for the right outfits and also knows a lot about beauty products. She knows how to present herself perfectly and when it is enough make-up. In her bestselling book “Style”, the TV starlet from “The Hills” reveals her top secret styling methods and gives tips for all styling situations. The reader learns step by step how to find her own look and which accessories should not be missing in her wardrobe. She shares her special shopping strategies and tells how to deal with false eyelashes. A recommendable book for all Lauren Conrad fans, for fashion enthusiasts and for every woman who wants to optimize her styling.

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Lauren Conrad -Beauty: My Beauty Secrets

Lauren Conrad is a beauty expert with some self-experience. However, her book “Beuaty” is not only about beauty itself. The beautiful blonde opens her work with an introduction to her life, her habits and her view of beauty. She covers topics such as exercise & diet, skin care, makeup & hair styling. The reader also learns more about style icons of past eras. Conrad provides useful tips for both beginners and experienced in the beauty field. A recommended book for young girls as well as more mature women.

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Boris Entrup – Beauty School: Find Your Style Hardcover – 21 January 2014

Style is the prerequisite for a stunning appearance. But how do I find MY style? How do I manage to bring my positive sides to the fore? How do I use make-up correctly? Make-up artist Boris Entrup provides answers like these and more in his book “Beauty School”. For every type, for every age, for day & night and for every occasion, the make-up professional knows special tricks and clever tricks. He explains the basic techniques, also as a QR code as a video. In addition to the, of course, in the foreground make-up, the body is not disregarded. Whether it’s a short 5 minute styling, to an elaborate red carpet look, all make-ups are explained simply and well. Not just a normal book – rather a beauty must-have!

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Boris Entrup -Beautiful with Boris Entrup: Beauty tips from the star make-up artist

External beauty is objective – true beauty radiates from within: a positive attitude, a positive charisma and contentment with yourself and the world. A sincere smile or a warm good nature can attract your counterpart. However, to accentuate your assets on the outside, a few basic makeup touches are all you need to make your complexion glow naturally and highlight your sparkling eyes with dark, thick lashes. When you feel beautiful, you exude a sexy confidence. With that being said, you should take special care to look natural. For glamorous evening make-up, you can dig a little deeper into the make-up bag, but you should not overdo it and use certain tricks to look very stylish, despite bright lips and dark eye shadow. Star make-up artist Boris Entrup gives exactly such tips in his book “Schön mit Boris Entrup: Beauty-Tipps vom Starvisagisten” and guides the reader step by step. In addition to make-up instructions, hairstyle and beauty tips are not neglected. He shows what it looks like behind the scenes of the fashion world. Simple, clever and breathtakingly beautiful!

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Bobbi Brown – Makeup Manual: For everyone – from beginners to professionals

A dream come true for many women – celebrity makeup artist Bobbi Brown reveals her beauty & makeup secrets! In her book Makeup Manual: For Everyone – From Beginners to Professionals, she shares her 25 years of experience in the beauty business. She gives valuable tips with easy step-by-step instructions and great pictures. From 10-minute make-up to glamorous evening make-up – Bobbi Brown proves that we can bring out the best in ourselves with just a few conscious moves. A big topic: the basics, such as cleansing and caring for the skin or proper nutrition, because many underestimate these basic things. For a great makeup, a great skin is of great advantage! Still, she shows how concealer can make small blemishes or dark circles disappear without any noticeable color differences. Bobbi’s work is just as suitable for makeup beginners as it is for budding makeup artists. A book full of tips, tricks and ideas. Learn the art of make-up – check!

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Guido Maria Kretschmer – Attraction: Style knows no size

Where would women be without Guido? Known for his ironic and equally sympathetic sayings from the show “Shopping-Queen”, Guido Maria Kretschmer is an important man in the lives of many women. He knows how a woman dresses according to her figure and type so that the best of her comes out. With a lot of charm and wit he draws attention to “blunders”, but distributes praise at least as charmingly! The designer writes in a wonderfully honest way about his experiences in the fashion industry or the different figure types and which cut suits whom best. His mission: to animate German women to a healthy portion of self-assessment, self-knowledge & self-love. The lively designer is convinced: “I firmly believe that each of us can be well-dressed and find the look that suits us.” Fashion is fun no matter what your age or figure – you just have to find the right cuts, colours and shapes. Every figure has its problem areas, nobody is really perfect – luckily! Because uniqueness is what makes a person special.

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Rachel Zoé – Living in Style: Inspiration and Advice for Everyday Glamour

Star stylist Rachel Zoé has made it – she works for numerous celebrities and is no longer considered an insider tip in Hollywood. In her book, the pretty creative tells how she made it in the world of glitz and glamour. With helpful tips, she assists the reader of her book “Living in Style: Inspiration and Advice for Everyday Glamour” in the area of styling. Whether a small budget or a big budget, a casual day look or a straight business look, natural or glamorous, Rachel has the solution. Besides fashion, her book is also about accessories for the home or a stylish lifestyle.

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Nicky Hilton – 365 Style: It-Girl and Style Role Model

Nicky Hilton is not only an it-girl, but also a style role model. She convinces with a sporty-elegant style, whether more casual during the day or more glamorous at night: The pretty blonde knows how “woman” what, how and when should wear. In her book “365 Styles” she chats from the style box and gives valuable tips and advice on fashion, style and appearance. She explains which cut suits which type of woman best and how to develop your own style. From the $30 outfit, to the 5 fashion must-haves, to packing the perfect suitcase “like a jet-setter”. Nicky advises with a sympathetic matter-of-factness.

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