Top ten fashion magazines – From Fashion to lifestyle and much more!

Fashion Magazines are the number one source for the newest trends and the best if you are searching for the fashion of nowadays. We looked for the top ten fashion magazines and down below you can check out which of the magazines you already know. Maybe you will be suprised which made it under the top ten of the fashion magazines. From Lifestyle, Food or the well known “Fashion Bible” you have something for everyone!

  1. Elle
  2. Harper’s Bazaar
  3. Vogue
  4. Marie Claire
  5. Glamour
  6. Allure
  7. Instyle
  8. Cosmopolitian
  9. Essence
  10. Redbook

Fashion Magazine Top List – Always Up-to-Date and in trend

This is our top ten fashion magazines list. In this infographic you can see from celebrities and stars to topics of the magazines, which magazines we chose for the top list.

Fashion, Lifestyle or Stars? This is in the top ten magazines!

Elle – best known in fashion

Elle is one of the biggest and world’s best known when it comes to fashion magazines. They provide their readers with the best trends and show the newest runway and fashion world goods.

The It Magazine Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar is the IT-magazine when it comes to all of the world of what to buy and who to look out for when it comes to fashion.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Vogue aka the Fashion Bible

Vogue is when it comes to the world of fashion the fashion bible. It is probably the most well known fashion magazine of the world and covers from art, to interviews with admirable celebrities and fotoshooting or the fashion of the Fashion Weeks everything that you can name.

Variety of Marie Claire

The Magazine Marie Clare has a variety of interviews, tips and fashion know how that is always on the newest trend.

Glamour for young and trendy women

Glamour is a magazine that targets young women and writes from beauty to fashion and lifestyle everything the trendy young women needs to know.

Great Mag: Allure

From the 270 winning beauty products, onto interviews with inspiring stars, models or actors, Allure is a great magazine for women that know what they want.

Instyle – What to read to be “In Style”

Like the other magazines InStyle covers the newest fashion trends but the focus is more on the readers. What are the Beauty Musts and what trends do you need to know to be a chic woman? InStyle writes all about those topics.

Cosmopolitian: Sport, Food & Trends

Cosmopolitan is a magazine that writes for women about the newest trends in sport, food and many other topics in lifestyle. From Stars like Jessica Alba to Scarlett Johannson there is a big chance that Cosmopolitian readers find an interview of their favourite celebrity if they are part of the newest trends.

Essence the Beauty and Diversity

The magazine Essence covers from Michelle Obama to Beyonce beautiful strong woman and writes about tipps and tricks of the newest topics or trends.

Lifestyle for women: Redbook

Of all the lifestyle magazines, Redbook is the one to read if you want a mix between fashion, beauty, health and other topics for women of the best age. Interviews with well known Stars and more of the lifestyle world are from Redbook always up to date!