Michael Kors Sunglasses: Top 5 – Gstaad, Andora, Chelsea & Co.

Women can also get the perfect view in summer with exclusive and elegant sunglasses by Michael. The New York designer impresses with a modern and stylish design for timeless elegance. For a stylish summer appearance an accessory like Michael Kors glasses to a sweet summer dress or a cool jump suit is inevitable. Michael Kors offers a wide range of products in the field of women’s sunglasses, different styles and colours are represented and there is the right pair of sunglasses for every woman. Following is a top 5 of the popular American designer sunglasses. More articles in the blog: Luxury.

Michael Kors Sunglasses: Classics reinterpreted

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Top 5 Michael Kors Sunglasses Models

The MK 2009 Gstaad Sunglasses, Havana Style, Gradient Lenses

The Michael Kors MK 2009 Gstaad impresses with a typical Havana style. The frame is made of a sturdy plastic in horn optics. The glass frames are flowing rounded down and the coloring of the lenses is gradient, this ensures optimal visibility in any lighting conditions. The metal temples with golden elements radiate a modern exquisiteness and complete the overall picture of the stylish sunglasses. The lenses are of very high quality and convince with a high UV protection. A stylish summer companion with high quality. The price of this Michael Kors model is 225 euros.

The MK 2008 Andorra Sunglasses, Butterfly Shape, Gradient Lenses

The Michael Kors MK 2008 Andorra is made of an interesting mix of sturdy materials, such as plastic and metal. An elegant design in the classic butterfly look. The frame of the glasses is made of black plastic, silver metal elements are set off at the temples, which provide a high exclusivity with glittering stones. Great eye-catchers, which are perfectly set off by a simple Michael Kors lettering. The gradient of the gray lenses provides a special look. With these sunglasses the wearer shines full of elegance. The price of the glasses is 240.00 euros.

The Michael Kors MK 5004 Chelsea Sunglasses, Rose Gold Pink, Aviator Style

The Michael Kors MK 5004 Chelsea exudes absolute harmony. The frame comes in a noble rose-gold, matching powder-colored lenses that provide a pure color combination. The design of the MK Chelsea was created with the classic aviator glasses as a model and captivates with the drop-shaped lenses in aviator style and the double bridge, which also shines in the colour of the frame. A timeless and sporty elegance for a brilliant appearance. The MK Chelsea is available from 135.00 euros.

The Michael Kors MK 2006 Taormina Sunglasses, gradient lenses, metal material inserts

The Michaeel Kors MK 2006 Taormina sunglasses are a must-have for the summer. The style characteristic and extraordinary. The classic butterfly design becomes very interesting by the edges and an eye-catcher, whether on the beach or in the city. Sunglasses with an individual character, for strong women with a great sense of style. The lenses are, Michael Kors-typical, gradient and captivate with the black tone. The temples of this model are completely in silver light metal and contribute to the modernity of the glasses. The rest of the frame of the glasses shines in black crystal. The UV protection is optimal given with UV400. The price of the extraordinary sunglasses is 225.00 euros.

The Michael Kors MK 6007 Tahiti Sunglasses Retro Design, Light Brown-Brown

The Michael Kors MK 6007 Tahiti sunglasses in retro design polarize through the large, round lenses. An expressive design with captivating elements. The glasses are uniformly held in a simple retro design. The frame is in a light, shimmering brown tone, which is very harmonious in combination with the slightly darker, gradient brown lenses. Small metal elements enhance the exclusivity of the overall look of the glasses and make them shine in a warm tone. This model from Michael Kors is with a price of 175.00 in the middle upper class of high-quality designer glasses.

Michael Kors exudes timeless style

Michael Kors sunglasses exude a sure sense of style with a modern converted flair of past times and self-confidence. There is a suitable model for every taste, from sporty to elegant to creative – there are no limits to the imagination of the summer.

More articles in the blog: Luxury.