Michael Kors Jumpsuits

Many women stand in front of their wardrobe in the morning and don’t know which garments they can best combine so that they can go through the day perfectly styled. The quickest and most practical solution that many then reach for is the jumpsuit.

Michael Kors – A Jumpsuit for every Occasion

Michael Kors sells several different jumpsuits, which fit to different occasions. Therefore you always have enough leeway to adapt to the seasons and to vary between the colours. We have chosen different jumpsuits from Michael Kors for you, which will give you a great outfit in your wardrobe.

MK Polyester Overall light blue #Summertime

The perfect jumpsuit for the summer. If you are standing in front of your wardrobe on a warm summer’s day, your selection should usually meet two criteria. It’s got to be airy, but still chic. This trouser suit meets these criteria perfectly. The shoulders are free of fabric and the lower part of the trouser suit is designed in a three-quarter cut. You can enjoy your summer day without annoying sweat stains. In addition, this suit still looks super good. The waist is optimally emphasized by a thin belt and the smooth, flowing fabric makes the jumpsuit look particularly high-quality and noble. If you want to prepare for summer, you can find this trouser suit on Amazon: MK Ladies Polyester Overall light blue

MK Polyester Overall black #Firstdate

The first date is coming? You don’t want it to look too permissive, but not unattractive either? The black jumpsuit by Michael Kors is the ideal solution for you. With a transparent fabric in the décolleté and arm area you only show skin to a small extent. The black – transparent fabric also looks very elegant and feminine. The straight lower part of the jumpsuit and the trumpet sleeves on the arms give your look the perfect blend of seriousness and romance. Dear women be careful, this suit is available on Amazon to buy under: MK Ladies Overall black

MK Jumpsuit Leo Belt black/beige #Partytime

This jumpsuit with Leo pattern is perfect for festive occasions. Whether it’s your mother-in-law’s birthday, your best friend’s baby shower party, or just a weekend party, this suit always fits. Combined with discreet gold jewellery, high shoes and a clutch, many looks will focus on you. You can find this jumpsuit here: MK Leo Belt Jumpsuit in black, beige

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MK Jumpsuit blue #Marinestyle

Dark blue and beautifully cut. This jumpsuit by Michael Kors is ideal for everyday use, or the office. The colour is not too bright and also the cut is rather discreet. The waist is accentuated by a belt and the round cut in the upper area surrounds the neck in a beautiful way. This jumpsuit with white accessories, such as a white bag, white shoes, or a white bracelet looks particularly good. You can find the jumpsuit here: MK Jumpsuit blue

MK Polyester Overall black #Officestyle

This black jumpsuit by Michael Kors is the first one that catches your eye because of its specially cut sleeves. It has a slightly deeper neckline and a waist held together by a bow. It is ideal as an office outfit, or for any other festive occasion. The bow at the back gives the jumpsuit something romantic and playful. With golden accessories you can enhance this jumpsuit optimally. If you miss such a jumpsuit in your wardrobe, you can order it here on Amazon: MK Overall in black with bow