Money, beliefs and financial patterns: Professional & financial success

Financial patterns and money – Why do you think successful people are successful? Especially those who managed to become a millionaire with 0 Euro equity? Selfmade millionaire is the magic word. Many are looking for it: Happiness, success, freedom. Those who have read the book “Richer than the Geissens” know that success is above all your “purpose”, your ideal and your mindset. This also includes covering money, earning money, as well as the financial patterns that shape you. That means, if you want to become rich, you have to work on yourself first of all!

Money and Beliefs – Podcast episode #21-24

Important: Currently the book is only available in Germany! I speak German and discovered this book or audio book two weeks ago. Even if you wouldn’t understand a word in the podcast, I wanted to introduce some of the methods and strategies to you!

Have you ever heard of the Amazon top seller “Richer than the Geissens” by Alex Fischer? The book by real estate millionaire Alex Fischer impressively shows how to use principles, methods and strategies to create financial freedom for yourself. Financial freedom means more than “just owning money”, through it you can be creative and design. Even better, you can become happy!

“Richer than the Geissens” – already read / heard ?

If you don’t have a mentor who has become a millionaire from scratch, you absolutely have to fall back on the knowledge and strategies of people who have experienced all this and, above all, managed it! Alex Fischer belongs exactly to this people who have made it, Selfmade. Through real estate trading he has already provided for decades and now he passes on his knowledge, not only in the form of the book, even completely free on Spotify and iTunes. So everyone can learn how it works, regardless of income.

I want to take you with me today in a few episodes that will show you how important it is to rethink your own relationship to money. If you are interested in financial patterns, money and beliefs and you want to become successful yourself, start now with the podcast of Alex Fischer on Spotify and iTunes.
People follow financial patterns. Influenced by the environment or determined by themselves. Financial patterns ensure that we do not exceed a certain level. Envy thoughts towards wealthy people or the own relation to money and proverbs like “money stinks”. To tackle this mindset piece by piece for us readers and listeners, Alex Fischer draws in episode 21: Analyze Your Beliefs – Can I have it a comparison to Gordon Gekko, from Wolf Of Wallstreet, a film that changed an entire generation of entrepreneurs in the 80s, including the corporate culture.

Why is having money always so negative? How do you change this (and other) beliefs?

“Greed is good” – A mistake?

Gekko’s central sentence: “Greed is good” (from the film: The Wolf Of Wallstreet). This also changed the view of the people of a broad public to those who make money.

These are the learns from The Wolf Of Wallstreet, what do you think?

  1. way from customer value (value for the customer)
  2. Away from employee Value (value for employees)
  3. to shareholder value (Only the value of the investors counts)

According to Alex Fischer, the reference to money was different before the 80s. The change in corporate culture, away from customer and employee value to shareholder value à la “greed is good” brought money into disrepute.
If you repeat something thousands of times, you develop a habit. If you suddenly decide against it and start a new concept 2 or 3 times, you will quickly realize that the habit usually prevails, according to Alex Fischer in episode 21: Analyze your beliefs.

As with smokers, a thousand times the cigarette was “relaxed”, “tasty”, etc. Suddenly you want to stop smoking. What happens? You decide against it 2, 3, 4 times and then you start smoking again. Simply because you said “I want to smoke” a thousand times.

A lot of people believe that money is bad. Not in that exact wording, but in this context.

It’s no use going one belief against another.

The solution is that “You dissolve old and outdated beliefs by means of awareness”. For this you must 1. recognize what the dogma is and 2. know when and why you did it. Through these two steps you will really become aware of your beliefs. So you understand why you think the way you think. You dissolve old beliefs and replace them with new ones. By becoming conscious, an old, outdated dogma can no longer be used against your new and current dogmas. Release your brakes!

You can find out how to release your mental brakes in the “Richer than the Geissens”-Podcast episode 21: Analyze your dogmas.

You can also find more tips, checklists and videos about Mindset & Co. for free in the member area of Alex Fischer.

Hidden connections and laws

He who believes in chance, has lost. Every action leads to a reaction. Everything has a cause and an effect. “If you have no money, there is a cause. “If you have no relationship, there is a cause. If you are unhappy, it has a cause”, says Alex Fischer.

Here, Alex Fischer learned from one of his mentors that people get angry too often about the symptoms instead of looking behind them to ask themselves the “really right question”. But what is the “right question”? The really right question is: What things do I cause without knowing it?

Just because I cannot recognize a supposed connection does not mean that it does not exist. Nothing is created by chance, why and how does Alex Fischer discuss in episode 22: Everything is cause-effect.

In this episode you learn to recognize and explore laws, even if you cannot see them.

But there are not only your inner factors, external factors also play a role in your success. Therefore a quick look at episode 24 of “Richer than the Geissens”.

Identify problems and forces

In Episode 24: When you swim upstream on the Rhine Alex Fischer once again goes deep into his own mindset. It is about identifying problems and efforts and counter-currents.

With your own mindset you often get in your own way. If everyone has a problem, then it is again quite “Nnormal”. Therefore it is not always so easy to recognize problems. If you as an entrepreneur spend a lot of time with other entrepreneurs and everyone has a problem, you think That’s just the way it is. Alex Fischer concludes two factors for you:

Alex Fischer began to analyze hundreds of companies and describes the general concept of effort through physics, more precisely “every force generates a counterforce”. This culminates in the fact that whenever you exert force, counterforces are present.

Everything has to be built up with effort in the beginning, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. But how do you find these forces and how do you proceed to have even the small counter current? Permanent effort or let it carry you?  Listen here Episode 24: When you swim upstream on the Rhine.

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“Richer than the Geissens”: Book and audio book

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