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Podcasts – You just want to relax and listen to an exciting story? Or do you want to educate yourself and learn something new? Whether it’s exciting crime stories, funny comedy, everyday fun or marketing input, podcasts offer it all. We show you the most popular podcasts in Germany and which ones are especially popular at the moment.

Lasse & Lukinski: Marketing – Media – Money

Two marketing super nerds, one studio! One went to college, the other likes to watch breakfast TV. Lass and Lukinski review the media weeks & discuss current events. The two Cologne natives also focus onnew trends in social media marketing, performance ads, SEO and much more. In addition, the listener learns insights from the week and best practices from our agency everyday life with real live hacks.

  • Host: Lasse and Stephan Czaja
  • Topics: Marketing, Performance Ads, SEO, Social Media
  • Publication: Every Sunday
  • Listen topodcast on Spotify

Mixed mince

Felix Lobrecht (comedian and author) and Tommi Schmitt (comedy author & columnist) have been running a very successful podcast for a few years now. Every Wednesday, the two likeable men chat about God and the world. Yes, that’s right, they don’t follow a script and don’t cut anything out. Their format is listed in Germany and beyond the borders among the best podcasts and is also difficult to displace.

Firm & Fluffy

Fest & Fluschig with Jan Böhmermann and Olli Schulz. The award-winning, amazingly fabulous, boundlessly fantastic podcast for her, him and it. Satire journalist and investigative reporter Jan Böhmermann doesn’t mince words and, together with all-rounder Olli Schulz, manages to create an amusing, sometimes serious podcast for everyone.

  • Host: Jan Böhmermann and Olli Schulz
  • Topics: Satire, News
  • Publication: Tuesdays & Saturdays
  • Listen topodcast on Spotify


Why does a woman have her husband shot? How does a detective get a confession? And why do witnesses sometimes lie? What happens when police officers act criminally or expert witnesses try to conceal their errors? And what happens when innocent people get caught up in the mills of criminal justice?

Sabine Rückert from the ZEIT’s editor-in-chief is an expert on crime and how to fight it. She has sat in major criminal trials, written award-winning court reports and investigated unimaginable criminal cases. She deals with forensic medicine and criminal psychiatry as well as credibility assessments and profiling. Rückert knows the world of crime fighting from the police station to the Federal Court. Sabine Rückert talks to Andreas Sentker, head of the ZEIT’s knowledge department, about the cases of her life.

  • Host: Sabine Rückert and Andreas Sentker, ZEIT
  • Topics: Criminal justice, profiling, forensic psychiatry. Criminal Psychiatry
  • Publication: Every second Tuesday
  • Listen topodcast on Spotify
  • Listen to thepodcast on iTunes

Baywatch Berlin

The Beautiful Mind Klaas Heufer-Umlauf tries in this podcast after more than 10 years of unworldly jet set fun to contact the real world. As once in the Christmas story, he is taken by the hand by his friends Thomas Schmitt and Jakob Lundt and slowly brought back into contact with the issues of real life. The pinball machine “Baywatch Berlin”! is amusing, real and shallow entertainment for on the side.

  • Host: Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, Thomas Schmitt and Jakob Lundt
  • Topics: Entertainment, News, Comedy
  • Publication: Every Monday
  • Listen topodcast on Spotify
  • Listen to thepodcast on iTunes


In the True Crime Podcast “Mordlust – Verbrechen und ihre Hintergründe” Paulina and Laura talk about true crime cases from Germany. In each episode, the reporters devote themselves to two cases on a specific topic and discuss criminal and psychological aspects. In doing so, they explore questions such as: What are the difficulties in a circumstantial trial? How do you persuade an innocent man to make a false confession? Murder out of greed, base motives or murderous lust – there is an explanation for most crimes and that is what the two are looking for. In addition, the friends discuss popular true crime formats, accompany court cases and conduct interviews with experts. In “Mordlust” they also laugh sometimes, but this is never meant in a disrespectful way!

Thick & Stupid

Sexy, charming and incredibly intelligent – Sandra and Luca are not all that. They are merely Dick and Doof. Dick und Doof is quite a newcomer. Accordingly, it is impressive how quickly the podcast of the two YouTubers Luca and Sandra has made it into the top lists of Spotify podcasts. Of course, the fact that Luca has over four million subscribers on his main YouTube channel probably helped. Sandra also appears again and again in Luca’s videos and has her own YouTube channel with over 200,000 subscribers.

  • Host: Sandra and Luca
  • Topics: YouTube, Instagram, News
  • Publication: irregular
  • Listen topodcast on Spotify

What now?

“Was Jetzt?” is the news podcast from ZEIT ONLINE. Every Monday to Friday at 6 a.m. and 5 p.m., the reporters of Zeit Magazin stream current topics and inform the world about events and everything that is happening.

Podkinski – The Podcast with Palina Rojinski

Plato once said, “You can get to know a person better in an hour’s play than you can in a year’s conversation.” And that’s why: Welcome to #Podkinski, the Spotify Original Podcast by and with Palina Rojinski, where Palinski meets interesting and prominent people to play and chat. Every two weeks, on Thursdays, there’s a new episode.

  • Host: Palina Rojinski
  • Topics: Stars, Entertainment, News
  • Publication: Every second Saturday
  • Listen topodcast on Spotify

Daily Quarks – Your daily knowledge podcast

From environment to health, psychology, technology to astronomy: DailyQuarks offers exciting knowledge stories from Monday to Friday. Explained in a compact and understandable way in 20 minutes.

  • Host: Westdeutscher Rundfunk
  • Topics: Knowledge Stories, Health, Psychology, Technology to Astronomy
  • Publication: Daily
  • Listen topodcast on Spotify

Herrengedeck – The Podcast

Ariana Baborie & Laura Larsson live in Berlin. They do something with media. They are women. But: here there is a ban on hippie flower wreaths and pink glitter, they don’t ride to work on a fixie folding bike and drink peppi from a bottle and unicorns are not cute for them, but horses with a congenital genetic defect. Still, one of them is lactose intolerant. Beer, Korn and Realtalk are available in the podcast “Herrengedeck”.

  • Host: Ariana Baborie and Laura Larsson
  • Topics: Realtalk, News
  • Publication: Every Friday
  • Listen topodcast on Spotify

Jokes with Till Reiners

What happens when a stand-up comedian leaves the stage? And more importantly, what happens before that? How is humor actually formed and what is the story behind the punchlines? In “JOKES”, comedian Till Reiners and his colleagues answer precisely these questions every week. They take a close look behind the scenes of the comedy world.

  • Host: Till Reiners
  • Topics: Comedy World, Behind the Scenes
  • Publication: Every Monday
  • Listen topodcast on Spotify

Time jump – Stories from history

For five years, historians Daniel Meßner and Richard Hemmer have been telling each other a story from history week after week. That is Zeitsprung. The special thing about it: one never knows what the other will tell him. The stories are about forgotten events, extraordinary personalities and surprising connections in history from all eras.

  • Host: Daniel Meßner and Richard Hemmer
  • Topics: forgotten events, extraordinary personalities and surprising connections of history from all epochs
  • Publication: Every Wednesday
  • Listen topodcast on Spotify
  • Listen to thepodcast on iTunes

Beethoven – the biography to listen to with Udo Wachtveitl

Udo Wachtveitl, known from the Munich “Tatort”, tells the life of the composer Ludwig van Beethoven. 250 years ago, Europe is in a state of radical upheaval. The French Revolution, with its call for “liberty, equality, fraternity”, is causing the aristocratic rulers to tremble. It was during this time that Beethoven composed his immortal music. The story of a radical individualist as an acoustic narrative in ten episodes. With Cornelius Obonya as Beethoven. Researched and written by Jörg Handstein.

  • Host: Udo Wachtveitl
  • Topics: LIFE of the composer Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Publication: Irregular
  • Listen to thepodcast on iTunes

Steingart’s Morning Briefing

Journalist and author Gabor Steingart informs and evaluates political and economic world events – with acumen and linguistic wit. In addition: interviews and correspondent reports from all over the world.

In the dark – The Rebecca Reusch case

On February 17, 2019, 15-year-old Rebecca Reusch falls asleep on her sister Jessica’s couch. The next morning she does not show up for school. For the investigators, the matter is quickly clear: Rebecca was killed by her brother-in-law Florian. But they can’t prove it. So is the case really as clear-cut as they thought? Has Florian succeeded in committing the perfect crime? Or did the police commit themselves too early and possibly lose the chance to find Rebecca? Miriam Arndts and Lena Niethammer set off in search of clues and researched for over a year for this investigative podcast. In the process, they speak with several witnesses who have never spoken publicly, encounter contradictions and find new leads.

  • Host: Paulina and Laura
  • Topics: Criminal cases from Germany, interviews with experts
  • Publication: XY (Example, Every Sunday, Irregularly, Several times a week, etc.)
  • Listen topodcast on Spotify
  • Listen to thepodcast on iTunes


Thomas Gottschalk has experienced and done just about everything in his career – except a podcast. He is now closing this gap, together with SWR3 presenter Nicola Müntefering. In Podschalk he talks openly about the past and the present and gives personal insights into the life of the great presenter. Between the big stories about “Wetten, dass…”, international stars and celebrities, Malibu and the media world, sometimes it’s just about everyday life. Thomas Gottschalk is as charming, quick-witted and funny as ever.

  • Host: Thomas Gottschalk and Nicola Müntefering
  • Topics: Past, present and personal insights into the life of the great presenter
  • Publication: Every two weeks
  • Listen topodcast on Spotify
  • Listen to thepodcast on iTunes

NDR Dokucast – We tell society

Our promise to our listeners: We tell the story of society. We listen, show the complexity of our society, make grievances tangible and tangible. With strong narrators who report on their research to accompany their documentaries and reports on NDR Fernsehen, Das Erste and funk.

One hour of history

Charlemagne, the Nuremberg Trials, boat people and refugees: What does yesterday have to do with today? Find out how the past and the future are connected in One Hour of History. New episodes every Friday.