Speaker Agency: Trends, Experiences, VIPs & Become a Speaker! Interview

Speaker Agency – Learning is something that never stops. We start with our parents, in kindergarten, come to school, do training or study, attend workshops, training and further education, learn languages, arts. Out of personal passion or to earn more money. Many companies invest a little more and book real experts for their company and […]

Property developers in Frankfurt: Real estate, investments & Co.

Property developers in Frankfurt: In the search for the right property developer, you will come across a wide variety of companies with different offers. In the following summary you will find a list of the best property developers in and around Frankfurt including rating, location and contact. All are professional companies with different advantages, from […]

Taxes USA: Buying real estate – Taxes, property tax etc. for house, apartment & land

USA – What taxes do you have to pay when you buy a house in the USA? Below you will find a list of all the types of taxes you have to pay, how much they are, where you can read more about them and what they are used for. Everything you need to know […]

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Real Estate Investment Book Recommendations: Basics, Investment & Tax Tips

Real estate investment – Buying a property and using it as an investment can be a very efficient investment. But what should you actually keep in mind? And what mistakes should you avoid at all costs? We’ve put together a list of books to help you answer these very questions and prevent potential problems. Investments, […]

Taxes & Capital Gains Book Tips: Final withholding tax, capital gains tax & Co.

Taxes & Capital Gains – If you are interested in the topic of taxes related to capital gains and would like to read an informative and helpful book on the subject, then you have come to the right place. The higher your tax burden, the more important the topic of avoiding taxes becomes for you. […]

Taxes & capital gains video tips: Capital gains tax, tax return & Co.

Capital gains – Some people may have heard the term before. However, there may also be people who can not yet do so much with the term. What it is exactly and what it has to do with taxes, you will learn here. Capital gains tax, tax return, dividends and interest in relation to taxes […]

Taxes Real Estate Books: Tips & Recommendations from Experts

Taxes in the field of real estate and home ownership: For beginners, the tax world is already quite confusing, but to combine the whole thing with the real estate world is a whole new world. We want to make this entry easier for you with the best recommendations and tips from the pros. Our book […]

Real Estate Rentals Video Tips: Experience, landlords, utilities, taxes…. Know-How

Renting out property – Are you looking to buy property or already have an apartment or house to rent out? Renting out property can be an extremely good way to generate passive income, no matter what type of property it is, whether it’s an apartment, granny flat, semi-detached or detached house. However, it all comes […]

Passive Income Video Tips: Opportunities, Ways, Real Estate & Co.

Passive income – A term you should know if you are involved in real estate rentals etc. But not only in the real estate world you can generate passive income, but also in other areas. How this works in real estate, what kind of passive income you can plan for here, but also what other […]

Passive Income Book Tips: Investing, Strategies, Buy & Rent Real Estate

Passive income – For whom doesn’t that sound tempting: earning money “without doing anything for it”. But of course it is not quite that easy. If you want to generate passive income and thus build up a fortune, you have to proceed strategically and consider many factors. Real estate, for example, can often be a […]

Make money with real estate video tips: Investing, passive income, equity & co.

Earn money with real estate – this is a plan that many people have. What one or the other hopes for: to receive additional money in old age. Thus, one gets not only the pension, but also, for example, rental income. The idea behind this is that someone buys a property – whether, for example, […]

Real Estate Investment Videos: Getting started, financing and tips from the pros

Real estate is considered a safe and profitable investment. But what is the best way to invest in houses or apartments? Whatever drives you to make a lot of money: Buying an apartment as an investment is the best idea you will ever make. If you want to invest successfully in real estate, you need […]

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Buying Real Estate Video Tips: Mistakes, process, taxes and investment

Buying real estate – Buying real estate is not like shopping in a mall. Before you buy a house or an apartment, many aspects must be clarified in advance, you should know, for example, what type of property is right for you, for example, whether apartment, granny annexe, semi-detached house or detached house. Many mistakes […]

Money, beliefs and financial patterns: Professional & financial success

Financial patterns and money – Why do you think successful people are successful? Especially those who managed to become a millionaire with 0 Euro equity? Selfmade millionaire is the magic word. Many are looking for it: Happiness, success, freedom. Those who have read the book “Richer than the Geissens” know that success is above all […]

Investment bonds: government bonds, rating and yields

What is a government bond? How safe are government bonds? Government bonds are used to finance government spending, so you lend money to the government when you buy bonds. Individual government bonds are rated by rating agencies. These use certain, generally valid letter codes. As the best grade, the agencies assign a “AAA” (the so-called […]

Investment savings book: set up, inheritance and interest

Savings book – The savings book, almost every second German owns a savings book, currently there are almost 223 billion euros that are stored in Germany on savings books. The savings book offers, especially for young people a good start by the mental obligation to put money back regularly. The big disadvantage is that interest […]