Fragranze: niche perfume fair Florence! Vlog, 5 fragrances + secret tips

Fragranze Perfume Fair in Florence – One of the hotspots for new fragrances and creations, especially in the field of niche fragrances is Florence. Niche perfumes give your carrier the feeling of being something special, because they are created away from the 0815 creations. I visited the Fragranze perfume fair for you! In the video […]

Capri: celebrity hotspot (Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé) and dolce vita in Italy

Capri vacation: Romantic walks along the rocky coast, enjoy culinary specialties in trendy cafes, or go on extensive shopping tours in Italian luxury boutiques. Capri is one of the absolute celebrity hotspots, along with places like Bora Bora, Lake Como, Malibu or even Mykonos. Heidi Klum, Kylie Jenner and countless other celebrities are drawn to […]

Lake Como: luxury villas and celebrities on the lake (George Clooney and Donnatella Versace) – celebrity hotspot

Lake Como: magnificent villas, a picturesque landscape and idyllic villages around the popular lake in Italy. The beautiful landscape is a real magnet for celebrities from all over the world. Lake Como is one of the absolute celebrity hotspots, along with places like Bora Bora, Capri, Malibu or Mykonos in Greece. The promenades along the […]

Milan Fashion Week SS 2022: Shows, Designers & Highlights

Fashion Week Milan: Summer 2022 – For three years we are finally back live when Milan becomes the hotspot of the fashion world: Welcome Back Milan Fashion Week! The last seasons were either cancelled or on a small scale. Now, 50+ shows from the biggest designers worldwide are waiting again. Plus, there’s an extra special […]

Milan Fashion Week: Dates, Overview & Location

Milan Fashion Week – Four times a year, models like Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber walk the runway in Milan. Four times a year the city attracts the rich and beautiful. One of the biggest fashion fairs in the world is also not to be missed! Milan – one of the most beautiful cities in […]

Venice: holidays, travel, accommodation, favourite places and insider tips at a glance

Venice: the city of love, a masked ball or the image of the doves in St. Mark’s Square? Those who think of Venice often already have a preconceived image in mind. Sure Venice can be romantic and playful , but there is so much more to the Italian city. Did you already know that the […]

Tuscany: travel, accommodation & activities for your holiday in Italy

Tuscany – The famous region in the north of Italy with great weather, good food and beautiful nature is ideal for a holiday. Camping is the most popular way to vacation there, whether in a camper, tent or bungalow. Of course you can also rent a suitable holiday home or book a hotel. The journey […]

Travel, Holiday & Camping XXL: Destinations, tips and recommendations worldwide

Whether it’s a weekend trip in Germany, a short holiday in Europe or a more daring trip internationally – FIV Magazine has collected the best travel tips for you. We inform you about holidays at lakes, at the sea and in big cities. From nature trips to city trips, with the right information you can […]

Holidays in South Tyrol: The history of South Tyrol, the most beautiful destinations & accommodations

Holiday South Tyrol – Breathtaking natural landscapes, emerald green lakes, high peaks and attractions all around. Those who want to climb in the high mountains of South Tyrol can prove themselves on the Heini-Holzer fixed rope route. If the Disney film “Tarzan” is too boring for you, you can try it in real life. Climbing, […]

Holiday Sardinia: The most beautiful destinations, sights, beaches & sea

Holiday in Sardinia – A very popular destination for people of all ages. You don’t have to travel 7,500 km to the Caribbean if you have dream beaches in the middle of Europe with azure blue sea, 500 year old bays, a stirring history and fine-grained white sand. It is not for nothing that Sardinia […]

Travel: Short holidays in Italy, Spain & Co.

The short break may be called a short holiday, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable than other forms of icing. Whether as weekend trips or short trips over holidays, can be just as full of experiences, relaxation and variety, as the annual holiday. No matter where, the weekend trip should lead, whether it […]

Italy holidays: Sea, beach and weather – Travelling with child and dog

Italy is one of the most popular travel destinations.”La dolce vita” attracts about 41,000 tourists from all over the world every year. Italy is not only known for design and fashion, but also for its vast mountainous landscapes, its seemingly endless coastline and sandy beaches, rich in history and a paradise for gourmets. Sights such […]

The largest lake in Italy: Lake Garda – Camping & Holidays

Lake Garda – the great Italian lake lies between the Alps and the Po Valley. The famous Lake Garda convinces with its Italian and Mediterranean flair at mild temperatures.  They say Lake Garda is the first breath of something southern for people coming from the north. At the famous lake you can really live out […]