Fragranze: niche perfume fair Florence! Vlog, 5 fragrances + secret tips

Fragranze Perfume Fair in Florence – One of the hotspots for new fragrances and creations, especially in the field of niche fragrances is Florence. Niche perfumes give your carrier the feeling of being something special, because they are created away from the 0815 creations. I visited the Fragranze perfume fair for you! In the video I take you to Florence, to the Fragranze, introduce you to 5 niche fragrances and their creator. I also take you to a perfume showroom, one of the most beautiful, this world – Aqua Flor Firenze! Finally, an insider tip, the rose garden. All this in 24 hours Fragranze Florence!

Fragranze: 24 hours in Florence – Vlog

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24 hours Fragranze Florence: Now on YouTube!

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Featured perfumes: 5 ideas for you

These 5 niche perfumes I introduce you with small creator interviews in the vlog!

Fragrance Tip! by FIV


2 insider tips: Aqua Flor Showroom + Rose Garden

Florence can be reached quickly from many countries and cities. Paris, Milan, but also Cologne, from where I started today. Only 1.5 hours flight and you are already in the middle of Italy. Here are the most important insider tips for your vacation in Florence:

  1. Aqua Flor Showroom: Create Perfume
  2. Giardino delle Rose: Rose Garden

Aqua Flor Showroom: Create Perfume

The most important essence: roses. That’s why after the showroom you should definitely stop by the “Giardino delle Rose”, with a unique view over Florence and few visitors.

Here you will find the Aqua Flor showroom:

Giardino delle Rose: Rose Garden

A dreamlike view over Florence and few visitors compared to the rest of the city, the “Giardino delle Rose”.

Here you will find Giardino delle Rose:

360° all-round view:

Niche perfume: what is it?

You probably know perfumes, but very few have heard of “niche perfumes”. They fill gaps (or niches) in the perfume market, so to speak.

Term: niche perfume (France)

The term originally comes from France “Niche”, which translates as “niche” or also “extraordinary” or “unique”. The niche perfumes appeal to discerning and courageous perfume wearers who also want to stand a little apart from the mainstream with the creations.

Ingredients: Pure oils and essences

Niche perfumes in most cases contain pure fragrance oils, sometimes extracts with up to 30-40%, such as Nasomatto and Profumu Roma. Thus, these fragrances have a completely different effect on the skin than normal perfumes. Normal perfumes sometimes contain more synthetic ingredients or a lower concentration of oils.

Flacons: Minimalist design

Another feature, niche fragrances are often bottled in simpler flacons. Since they are produced in smaller quantities, an elaborate design does not pay off. The persuasive power is not in the big appearance, but in the great individuality and the quality of the fragrance and its ingredients.

Niche perfume quickly explained:

  • Niche perfumes fill gaps in the perfume market
  • Word comes from France for something “special”, “exceptional” or even “unique”
  • Buyers are rather demanding
  • Pure oils instead of synthetics
  • Plain Falcons through small editions

What is Florence known for?

Florence is a fascinating city, even for me as a European, everything here looks a bit more European. The history of the city makes it so special.

Art, architecture and fashion

Why was Florence so rich? Especially the Medici family, who were one of the most powerful Italian families between the 15th and 18th centuries. They provided popes and queens. The Medici made their fortune in textiles. So at some point they hired Michelangelo for their house. This is how great masterpieces were created in Florence that you can still see today, like the statue of “David”, which was created between 1501 and 1504.

In Italian, Florence is called “Firenze”. The city has 370,000 inhabitants and 60,000 of them are students. This makes this historic city special, where old culture meets the new world.

6 short facts Florence:

  • In Italy the city is called: Firenze
  • It is the capital of the region of Tuscany
  • Florence has 380,000 inhabitants
  • Of which a whole 60,000 students
  • Strong influences from Medici family
  • Famous artists like Michelangelo

Photos: City and Cathedral