Italy holidays: Sea, beach and weather – Travelling with child and dog

Italy is one of the most popular travel destinations.”La dolce vita” attracts about 41,000 tourists from all over the world every year. Italy is not only known for design and fashion, but also for its vast mountainous landscapes, its seemingly endless coastline and sandy beaches, rich in history and a paradise for gourmets. Sights such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Milan Cathedral, the Colosseum in Rome, these have a great attraction. Italy is more varied than almost any other country, a holiday alone will not be enough! Architecture, painting, literature, film or music, the Italians have always been involved when it comes to art and culture. Names like Leonardo da Vinci, Pavarotti are known everywhere and have left their mark all over the world. Many people immediately think of Italy as Rome, a holiday home in South Tyrol or in Tuscany. But Italy has much more to offer, places and cities to explore and discover. All regions of Italy have one thing in common: the handmade pasta and pizza, the cappuccinos and ice cream nowhere else taste as delicious as in Bella Italia.

Rome: The capital of Italy

The cosmopolitan city of Rome has a world-class record of 3,000 years of art history, architecture and culture. The Vatican City of Rome is famous for two outstanding buildings: the Colosseum and St. Peter’s Basilica. These two monuments are a must and should not be forgotten. The city of eternal beauty steals your heart before you even notice it. In the eternal city there is always love in the air, Rome simply puts everyone in a romantic mood. There is probably no other city that has as many attractions as Rome, if you are looking for artistic and and incredible history, then Rome is definitely the right holiday destination.

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The metropolis of Rome

Those who visit Rome for the first time will surely ask themselves what the highlights should be in any case on the program. The capital is inhabited by 2,8 million inhabitants. With more than 900 churches, there is no other city in the world whose appearance has been so impressively marked by the Catholic faith. You can visit Rome all year round, the Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm to hot summers. The most pleasant time is probably in spring and autumn

  1. Colosseum
  2. Tevi Brunnen
  3. Spanish Steps
  4. Peter’s Cathedral
  5. Peter’s Square
  6. Peter’s Cathedral
  7. Piazza Navona
  8. Pantheon
  9. Forum Romanum
  10. Palatine

Map of Italy:

Florence: The metropolitan city of Florence

A trip to Florence is always worthwhile, a beautiful city that always enchants its visitors. The capital of the Tuscany region, Florence is famous for the numerous art and architecture masterpieces of the Renaissance. The Duomo is one of the most famous sights in Florence. The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, with its size and beauty, has been the symbol of the city for centuries and is the most impressive building in Florence.


The metropolitan city of Florence, is simply a beautiful city that directly casts its spell on everyone. Here everyone finds what he is looking for. From art lovers to history enthusiasts to people who enjoy themselves. The city is full of impressive buildings, lively streets with designer studios, markets and world-famous museums. There is hardly a street that does not have an important monument. Florence has so many places that stand out from the mass of sights. The FIV Magazine has the right Top 10 sights for you.

  1. Cathedral of Flirenz
  2. efficiency
  3. Pallazo Vecchio
  4. Piazza della Signoria
  5. Ponte Vecchio
  6. Palazzo Pitti
  7. Santa Croce
  8. Little Bolivia Garden
  9. Piazza Duomo
  10. Bargello

Venice: The city in the lagoon – Top 10 sights

The city of the lagoon, a unique city known for its canals and churches. The timeless city, contributes to the impression that it has survived the past. Houses, streets, churches and palaces were built on millions of wooden piles driven into the ground. A walk through the alleys of the old town gives the strong impression that Venice lives in a kind of majestic-romantic nostalgia. Not without reason, Venice belongs to the most popular destinations of European tourists and from all over the world for years.

The city in the lagoon

Venice has a rich cultural heritage. The city, which was built on more than 120 former marshy islands, is adorned with numerous palaces and along the banks of the canal an indescribable variety of churches and squares. The port city in the north-east of Italy, is the capital of the Veneto region and is a busy destination for European tourists and tourists from all over the world. Venice is also a port city and is served by many international ships. The city has many sights, as well as numerous art and cultural treasures. The FIV Magazine has selected the “Top 10 Sights” for you.

  1. Canal Grande
  2. Doe’s Palace
  3. Parking lot
  4. Markusdom
  5. Lido di Venezia
  6. Santa Maria della Salute
  7. Campanile di San Marco
  8. Musica A Palazzo
  9. Murano
  10. Burano

Weather Italy: temperature & trend

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Accommodations: Apartments, holiday homes & Camping

The most common accommodation options are holiday apartments and Bed & Breakfast. A private apartment, a beautiful holiday home or a villa is the ideal starting point for your activities, suitable accommodation with or without pool for the whole family is available mainly in rural areas in Tuscany, Elba and Sardinia, in the mountains of South Tyrol, on the beach on the Adriatic Sea or on one of the lakes. Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano are popular destinations for families. Free WLAN is usually part of the equipment. Often it is even allowed to take the dog with you. Even last minute you will find family-friendly holiday apartments and holiday homes in Italy from private.

Holiday houses & holiday apartments

As a couple or with family and friends to enjoy a relaxing holiday? Then you are in good hands in a holiday apartment or holiday home.  A holiday home in Italy is the ideal opportunity to enjoy the diversity of the country. The choice of charming destinations in Italy is huge. From a city apartment, to a historic country house or beach villa or a holiday home in the vineyards. The variety of different holiday apartments and holiday homes in Italy is huge. If you do not want to miss beach experiences in Italy, then holiday homes or holiday apartments by the sea are just the right thing for you. Plan a trip to the Italian Riviera, the Adriatic Sea, on the coast of Tuscany. Along the Mediterranean coast you will find a wide range of holiday homes, from rustic to stylish. For the ultimate in luxury travel, rent a private oasis, with a pool, sauna, jacuzzi, and modern facilities, far away from mass tourism. If you would like to take your dog with you on your trip, rent a domicile in the nature, it is best suited for the time with your dog.

Camping in Italy: Sea

Italy is particularly suitable for a camping holiday. You will fall in love with this country and will want to go there again and again. As versatile as Italy is the camping offer. There’s a huge choice of camping sites, from simple tent pitches to 5-star camping paradise. Besides pitches, most campsites now also offer mobile homes and bungalows, where you can stay overnight on the campsite even without a camper van. Especially popular is camping at the sea in Italy. The Adriatic coast and the Riviera of Flowers in Sardinia and Sicily are ideal for a beach holiday. Visit the beautiful Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore and Lake Iseo, which can be explored with any type of boat. Meanwhile, enjoy the view of the peaks of the Apennines. Good weather and great landscapes make Italy one of the most popular destinations for a camping holiday.

Italy: questions & answers

Where does the term Italy come from?

Originally only Calabria was called Italy. Only later the name was extended to the whole peninsula. However, the naming depends entirely on the people.

What is known for Italy?

Italy is known for a variety of traditional dishes, such as pasta, which are spread all over the world.

What’s the name of siesta in Italy?

The siesta is the traditional Spanish nap.

What are the neighbouring countries of Italy?

Italy’s neighbouring countries are France, Switzerland, San Marino, Austria and Slovenia
In Italy, people usually tip 5 to 10% of the amount. However, if a place setting is included, the tip is slightly less.