Tuscany: travel, accommodation & activities for your holiday in Italy

Tuscany – The famous region in the north of Italy with great weather, good food and beautiful nature is ideal for a holiday. Camping is the most popular way to vacation there, whether in a camper, tent or bungalow. Of course you can also rent a suitable holiday home or book a hotel. The journey is a bit long, but uncomplicated by car and plane. It is bursting with activities, so that no day will be boring and at the same time you have the feeling to take a real piece of Italian history with you, when you have seen the numerous landmarks of the country in one region. We’ve put together the most important information and a few real insider tips to make planning your holiday in Tuscany as easy as possible.

Camping in Tuscany: facilities & arrival

The region of Tuscany covers an area of 22,985 km² in the north of Italy directly on the Mediterranean Sea. It is especially known for cities like the capital Florence or Pisa. Due to the climatically favorable location, Tuscany is a popular destination for campers. With dog, child and family you can have a great holiday here. Whether glamping on a luxury campsite or preferring a hotel with a pool, in Tuscany there is a holiday for everyone. From the south of the region, larger cities such as Rome can be reached within two hours for a great day trip, by train or car it’s easy. The whole region is located directly on the Mediterranean Sea and has some small islands, which also belong to the region and are easy to reach by boat. So a beach holiday is also a possibility if Tuscany is an interesting destination.

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Arrival: by train, plane or car

Whether by train, plane or car, Tuscany is easy to reach via most routes. Similar to a trip to Lake Garda, the journey is relatively easy. By car, it takes a few hours. By plane about one. The routes are easy to get from the internet, but also easy to manage with a navigation device. The entry with a camper or a caravan trailer are also possible, but it should be noted urgently that you have to expect tolls on the highway. As Tuscany is a region in Italy, there are numerous airports available for air travel, so you can choose the one closest to your destination. However, the most popular airports are those in Pisa and the capital Florence, as they are the most famous cities and have the largest airports.

Campsites: by the sea, with pool or glamping

If you want to travel to Italy in Tuscany by car or even by motorhome, you can simply stay at one of the many campsites in a dreamlike setting. In the middle of Tuscany there are many campsites in different locations and with different activities. Whether directly by the sea, including a pool or in the middle of a luxurious complex. Here you can spend a relaxing and exciting holiday with the whole family. Try something new, grab your camper or a tent and plan your next holiday.

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Route: How long does it take?

The route to Tuscany by car takes on average twelve hours and is about 1,100 kilometers. Of course, it depends on where you start and where exactly you want to spend your holiday in Tuscany. The route options are divided into two different ones. On the one hand there is the possibility to drive through Switzerland and on the other hand you can also choose the way through Austria. On both ways, you have to reckon with a motorway toll, a Maut, which has to be paid in Austria and Switzerland. Alternatively, you can fly into Tuscany and choose the airport closest to your desired holiday destination. The two biggest most popular are the airport in the capital Florence or in Pisa.

Climate & Weather: Average and water temperature

The climate in Tuscany is quite warm and dry. In summer, between June and September, it gets up to 31 degrees, the perfect time for a beach holiday on the Mediterranean. It hardly rains and the sun shines about ten hours a day. However, those who are not interested in a pure bathing holiday in the summer holidays can also wonderfully spend their Easter holidays in Tuscany. Between April and May, it is a nice 20 degrees and it still remains mostly dry and with seven to ten hours of sunshine a day, there are also beautiful evenings.

Water temperature: pleasant bathing fun

Since many holidaymakers opt for a sea holiday in Tuscany, such as in the coastal city is of course also the water temperature of the sea interesting. Most of the time you can expect pleasant degrees in the water. Of course, the first shock must be overcome even at these temperatures, but actually nothing should stand in the way of bathing fun.

Accommodation: camping, hotel or fixed accommodation

Tuscany, like many regions and cities in Italy, is known for its campsites. Whether you are traveling by car or motorhome, in Tuscany there are numerous campsites where there is also something for you. There are differences in location, type and price, but everyone who is looking will find what they are looking for. If you are sure that you would prefer a more permanent accommodation, you can also look for an apartment, a holiday home for rent or a hotel. The great thing about the region is that the locations suit each individual search request. Whether a little more rural in the east of the region, or yet directly on the sea in the west. Everyone will find their perfect place in Tuscany.

Camping with the whole family: dog & child

Camping is the most popular way to spend your holiday in Tuscany. The possibilities are endless and you have extremely flexible options to organize your holiday. The campsites have toilets and showers and in many cases a pool. The location can of course be chosen freely and also the accommodation possibilities know no limits. You can bring your own tent, a permanent pitch from the campsite, or your own motorhome – everything is possible. Stays with children or dogs are also on most places no problem, children’s entertainment is of course also mostly offered.

Hotel: directly at the sea, with pool & family hotel

When it comes to hotels, Tuscany has a lot to offer. There are hotels of all price ranges throughout the region. Directly by the sea or rather a little further east away from the sea and more rural. Most of the hotels have their own pool, no matter if the holiday should take place at the sea or rather in the city, the bathing fun should not be missing. Also family hotels with children’s entertainment, or near a dog beach are represented throughout the region, so that you can easily make great holidays with the whole family.

Permanent accommodation: holiday home, holiday apartment & bungalow with pool

Who would like to experience the flexibility of a camping holiday without camping is certainly interested in a fixed accommodation. Whether this should be a holiday home, a holiday apartment or a bungalow is of course up to each holidaymaker. In these facilities, vacationing with a child is in most cases somewhat difficult with dogs, as many apartment owners do not allow pets in their residences and it also looks with the children’s entertainment often somewhat difficult, but these are welcomed. However, most of the housing complexes, be it bungalow parks or apartment units, have their own pool. In private houses, the pool, if available, is more private than anywhere else, as it is only available to the residents of the house. Holiday homes are also ideal for a flexible family holiday as you don’t have to worry about complaints or anything like that.

The most beautiful places: Florence and Pisa

Tuscany covers a large area and has some interesting places that are worth a day trip. The history behind the region has allowed great cities to emerge over the centuries, which still spread their flair today and are known throughout the world for their landmarks and ancient buildings. In Florence there is the old market place “Palazzio Vecchio” and the Galleria dell’Accademia where the David statue of the famous artist Michelangelo can be admired. In Pisa stands another landmark of Italy, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which encourages many tourists to take funny photos. But the region has much more interesting landscapes, culinary and cultural experiences to offer and that is why it is such a popular destination.

Florence: capital of the region Tuscany

Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region and has about 380,000 inhabitants. The city has a very impressive history and therefore also much to offer. There are many museums and cultural attractions that are definitely worth a visit. For one, the Florence Cathedral with its impressive dome is a popular destination in the city. But if you prefer to enjoy some art in one place, you should not miss the Galleria dell’Accademia. It is one of the most famous art museums in the world thanks to its special exhibit, the David statue by Michelangelo. But also many other works of art of the Italian history find their home there. But Florence has not only culture up its sleeve, but also incredibly interesting and beautiful house landscapes, as you would expect from a big Italian city. Great old buildings decorate through and through the old streets of the city and are filled with small shops and restaurants on the lower floors. For authentic and simple Italian cuisine is also definitely present and good to enjoy in Florence, as in the rest of Tuscany.

Pisa: student city in the middle of a dreamlike scenery

Pisa is more than the Piazza dei Miracoli on which the world famous “leaning tower of Pisa”, also called the “Torre Pendente”, stands. The less noticed but equally impressive Santa Maria Assunta, the cathedral of Pisa, is the building that belongs to the leaning bell tower and impresses thousands of tourists every year, especially from the inside with great mosaics. Also in the student city the historical construction of the old houses impresses and the many small restaurants in the whole city give also Pisa the wonderful Tuscan flair which one should not miss in his vacation at all. Especially the Il Ristoro della Pe’ is praised again and again and is a great dinner in the city of the leaning tower not to miss.

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Activities: Springs, coasts & co.

If you’re still looking for activities for your holiday in Tuscany, now is the time to pay close attention. Whether it’s something relaxing or you’re looking for a great day out full of energy, we have the perfect activity for you. In Italy, besides great landscapes and historical artifacts, there are of course national parks and other natural occurrences, such as thermal baths, which are particularly interesting for many tourists for interesting day trips.

Thermal springs: hot bubble bath

The thermal springs are located in several parts of southern Tuscany and are a natural spectacle. Here you can relax for free and really unwind, as you should on holiday. The thermal springs are hot water occurrences that resemble a bubbling bathtub. The water flows through the tubs into each other and remains constant at up to 50 degrees.

Coasts: beautiful landscape at the Mediterranean Sea

Especially the island of Elba is a real insider tip of the nature parks in Tuscany. Hiking, cycling or a cultural walk on the historic island are ideal here. Of course, there are also many natural parks on the mainland that lend themselves to the same program. Hiking trails are everywhere in the hilly landscape of Tuscany and of course the volcano “” to which the thermal springs are owed can be explored on guided tours. A truly active holiday in Tuscany is quite possible.

Insider tips: Round trip, vineyards & Co.

Tuscany has much more to offer than just beautiful cities. There are also other destinations throughout the region that you won’t find in the guidebooks. Whether it is a tour over one day past beautiful landscapes, or a tour over several days. Also in terms of accommodation, the region has a few hidden campsites and hotels that do not immediately appear after the first Google search.

Tuscan Vineyards – Culinary Tour

Tuscany is the most famous wine region in Italy and is therefore perfect for a trip through the Italian vineyards, whether the whole holiday is to be a culinary journey with several stops, or whether they are to be toured in one day in the form of a day trip. Especially along the coasts of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the hills between Florence, Siena, Montalcino and Montepulciano are the largest, most beautiful and most famous vineyards in Tuscany. There you can admire the landscape in a unique way and taste some of the best wines in the world.

Marble quarries around Carrara (Apuan Alps)

In the marble quarrying area of the Apuan Alps you get knowledge in the most beautiful way. In this sporty affair you combine hiking with a great knowledge trip through the mountains of Tuscany where precious marble is mined and prepared for processing around the world. On a beautiful hiking trail you will be guided through the mountains and you will be told interesting things about the area again and again. Of course you will have the information right in front of your nose and therefore you can look directly at what you are learning. These tours are a very special attraction and perfect for those who are looking for a more sporty holiday.

Baia Azzurra Club – Camping Village

Baia Azzurra is a club that offers a wide range of accommodation. The Camping Village has several apartment units, as well as bungalows and of course pitches for holidaymakers with motorhomes. The Village is located directly on the sea near the town of Grossetto, which also has its own airport. For those who, despite the sea, prefer to have their own pool, there are swimming pools on the site, the use of which is of course free for residents of the campsite. Whether you want to go on holiday with a dog or a child, this renowned campsite welcomes everyone. However, not in the fixed accommodation units such as the apartments, but only on the campsite itself and there also not at the pool and also only with a leash.


Especially in summer, Tuscany is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. Thanks to the great weather and the convenient location, the region is perfect for a relaxing beach holiday. The sea stretches along the entire coast and is still easy to reach even from the east of the region to make the benefits of a beach holiday from the entire region useful.

Dog beach

Of course, holidaymakers with dogs do not want to miss the beach feeling, but unfortunately dogs are not allowed on all beaches in Tuscany. Fortunately, here is the solution of the dog beach. A beach especially for holidaymakers with dogs, so that their little four-legged friends can also enjoy the sea. The rules on the beaches are usually very similar and are based on the principle of trust, so they have to make sure that they immediately remove the dog’s dirt as usual. Then nothing stands in the way of bathing fun with their four-legged friend.

Sandy beach

Especially in the south there are rather coarser beaches, so that for a real bathing holiday, where they also want to enjoy the salty water and not only the fine sea air, they should definitely keep in mind when choosing the city in which they want to spend their holidays, that the sandy beaches are more in the north. Of course, you can also get into the water via the stonier beaches, but the whole thing is simply not as comfortable as on the softer sandy beaches.