Holidays in Merano: sights, activities and highlights in the South Tyrolean Alps

Holiday in Merano: You want to visit the South Tyrolean Alps and have a holiday with warm temperatures at the same time? Then you should definitely take a look at the beautiful city of Merano. Merano is located in a dreamlike setting in the middle of a valley and surrounded by mountain peaks. If you want to spend your holiday here, you can experience a lot and visit a lot. Here you can find out everything you need to know about activities, sights and the climate in Merano. Rent a hotel room, a holiday apartment or try camping! In any case, you will have a wonderful and unforgettable holiday in Italy.

Merano: facts about the city & how to get there

The city of Merano is a popular spa town in the north of Italy and in the South Tyrolean Alps. The town measures in about 40,000 inhabitants on an area of 26.34 km². Merano is located in a beautiful setting in the middle of a valley and is surrounded by mountain peaks. If you want to spend your holidays here, you can either come by car, by train or by plane. Merano itself offers a small train station and around South Tyrol you can fly to several airports.

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Facts and figures: Where is Merano?

Merano is a city in the north of Italy in the middle of the South Tyrolean Alps, lies at an altitude of 325 meters and has about 40,000 inhabitants. The popular spa town is located near the border with Austria and can be reached in about half an hour. Merano lies in a valley surrounded by mountain peaks and south of the Texelgruppe Nature Park. The Sarntal Alps are also not far away and are located in a north-easterly direction. The next bigger city is Bolzano with a little more than 100.000 inhabitants. This is located southeast of Merano and you need about half an hour by car to reach it.

Arrival: Car, train or plane?

Merano is easy to reach and you have the option to travel by car, train or plane. If you plan to come by car, you can simply take the A22 motorway to reach your destination. Be aware, however, that there is a toll on Italian motorways. You can also reach the popular spa town quickly by train. Merano itself has a small train station. The next bigger one is in Bolzano. Also by plane the journey is not difficult. Around South Tyrol there are several airports, which you can fly to. From there you can simply look for the right train connection.

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Where is it most beautiful? Merano, Dorf Tirol & Partschins

Around the town of Merano there are numerous beautiful places and various sights. For example, there is Merano itself. Here you will find a beautiful view as well as numerous green spaces and botanical gardens. A highlight is definitely the castle Trauttmansdorff including a beautiful castle garden with exotic plants. Another beautiful place is the village Tirol, where you can admire various hiking trails and a large cultural offer. In addition, there are more hiking trails in the village of Partschins and an impressive waterfall in the middle of the Alps.

Merano: popular health resort on the river Passer

Merano is a very popular spa town on the Passer river. Here you will find a particularly distinctive flora in the many parks and the famous botanical gardens. Especially the latter and the many watercourses make the city a popular destination in the green. The surroundings and landscape also speak for themselves in Merano. The city in the valley between the many snow-covered mountain peaks offers an impressive view in alpine-Mediterranean style. A visit to Trauttmansdorff Castle, including the breathtaking castle gardens with exotic plants, is particularly suitable as an excursion destination. For a suitable cultural offer, there are various seasonal events from spring to winter, such as the WineFestival, a music week or a Christmas festival.

Dorf Tirol: hiking trails, museums & cultural treasures

The village of Tyrol is located above the city of Merano and is especially known for many different hiking trails and viewpoints. Around the village there are numerous marked hiking trails in various levels of difficulty and altitude. On the total of 70 kilometres of hiking trails there should be something for everyone. Hike amidst beautiful mountain scenery while observing the distinctive flora and fauna in the village of Tyrol. Also for the suitable cultural offer is provided here. There are numerous museums, cultural treasures as well as castles, churches and the famous Castle Tyrol, which are worth a trip in any case.

Parcines: Waterfall in beautiful landscape

The village of Parcines is located about six kilometres from Merano, at the entrance to the Texelgruppe Nature Park. Here you will also find an impressive landscape amidst the mountain peaks. There are many different hiking trails and possibilities to spend your day and you can enjoy the beautiful view on Waal and panoramic trails. One of the highlights in Parcines is in any case the famous waterfall with a drop of 97 meters in the middle of the Alps. You can also admire it on some hiking or cycling tours.

Activities & excursions in Merano

In Merano there are numerous excursion destinations and sights, which are worth a visit in any case. Here we present two specific destinations and a few other activities in the popular spa town. Firstly, there is Trauttmansdorff Castle, where Empress Sissi once spent her holidays. This castle was renovated in the early 2000s and now serves as a tourist destination. Right next to the castle are the beautiful botanical style castle gardens. Here you can admire an extensive and impressive flora with the most exotic plants on a total of 12 hectares and 100 meters of altitude. Besides these two excursion destinations, however, there is much more to do in Merano. There are numerous hiking trails or the possibility to rent a bike. Should the weather not play along, you can go to the local thermal baths.

Trauttmansdorff Castle: former holiday residence of Empress Sissi

Trauttmansdorff Castle is located in the east of Merano and is particularly well known as the former holiday residence of the famous Empress Sissi. The building was acquired in 1846 by the eponymous Emperor Joseph von Trauttmansdorff, rebuilt in neo-Gothic style and was considered Sissi’s holiday residence from 1870. When the castle was badly damaged after the two world wars, it fell into disrepair and only came back after renovation in 2002-2003. Since then, Trauttmansdorff Castle has become a popular tourist destination in memory of Sissi and is known throughout Europe.

Botanical Gardens of Merano: highlight with extraordinary flora

The Botanical Gardens of Merano are located on the eastern outskirts of Mera and are also known as the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle. The gardens are considered the highlight and attraction of the spa town and were opened around 2001. Here you can find countless plant species and an extraordinary flora on an area of 12 hectares. In addition, the gardens have a height difference of 100 meters, so that you can admire the surroundings from different levels and you are always offered new perspectives. Visit the beautiful gardens, because if you are already in Merano, it is worth a trip to this sight in any case.

Daytime activities: bike tour, climbing or thermal baths

You have now already got to know two very nice destinations. However, this is not all that you can experience in and around Merano. In the midst of an impressive and beautiful landscape you can spend some wonderful days. For example, you can go hiking in the Alps, go on a bike tour or rent a quad bike and explore the surroundings. For a bit more action you can try the via ferrata and in winter you also have the possibility to go skiing in one of the nearby ski areas. Should the weather not play along, there is also a thermal spa in Merano, to simply let your soul dangle and spend a few relaxing hours.

Accommodation: luxury hotel, holiday apartment & camping

In and around Merano there are numerous possibilities to spend the nights. Rent a holiday home, an apartment, a room in a pension or for a little more luxury a room in a wellness hotel. The offer is large and varied and there should be something for every taste and price range. For more adventure and nature feeling you also have the possibility to stay on a camping site. Find out more about the offer and the accommodation options here.

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Hotel, holiday apartment or chalet: suitable for everyone

Who wants to spend a holiday, first of all needs the right accommodation. In Merano there are numerous options for every requirement and in different price ranges. For example, book a holiday home, a room in an Airbnb, a pension or in a youth hostel. With these accommodation options you can save a lot of money and invest it in different activities during the day. If you prefer a little more comfort, you also have the option of staying in a chalet, a luxury hotel or a wellness hotel. Relax for a few days in the middle of the Alps and forget your everyday life.

Camping in Merano: spending the night in a unique setting

In and around Merano there are several campsites for caravans, tents or even cars with roof tents. In the middle of the Val Passiria you can ideally spend a few nights in nature and admire the beautiful view when you get up. Try something new, get the right camping equipment and go camping with your family or friends in Merano. Besides the lower costs, you will also experience a lot more and make your holiday more adventurous.

Climate: ideal location in the Passeier Valley

Merano has an ideal location, which is why the climate is very pleasant throughout the year. The city is located in the Val Passiria, in a protected position by the Alps. This means that the cold north wind cannot affect the climate in Merano and the warm air from the Mediterranean region allows the temperatures to rise. Due to this fact, one can already expect 15°C in March and even almost 25°C in May. The highest temperatures are in the months from June to August. During this time the thermometer rises to almost 30°C. However, the number of rainy days also increases during these months. On average, you can expect 9 rainy days per month, but you should know that these are mostly small showers that leave as quickly as they came.

Routes to: Venice, Lake Garda & Oberstdorf

Are you currently planning your holiday or did you get a taste for a holiday in Merano in the course of the article? No problem! Here we present you a few routes and the fastest ways to Merano. We also show you how you can extend your holiday by a few days to visit more beautiful places in the area.

Route from Merano to Venice

Venice is a beautiful city in Italy and definitely worth a holiday. So if you are in Merano right now, it would be worth considering to extend your holiday by a few days and go to Venice . The city can be reached in about 3 hours by car and can be easily reached via the A22 and the E45. However, be aware that tolls may apply on Italian motorways.

Route Merano to Lake Garda

Lake Garda is also one of the most famous lakes in Europe and a very popular destination in Italy. So if you don’t fancy a city break in Venice and would rather be by the water, a trip to Lake Garda should be planned in any case. From Merano you only need a little more than 2 hours by car. The best way to get there is to take the A22 and the E45. Possible tolls should also be taken into account for this route.

Route Merano to Oberstdorf

Oberstdorf is a famous place in Germany, which is located in the Bavarian district of Oberallgäu. Here you will find an impressive view and landscape as well as a large ski area. So if you are in Meran in summer or especially in winter and want to go skiing, a side trip to Oberstdorf would be advisable. For the route you should plan about 4 hours driving time. The easiest and fastest route is via the E45. Again, you should be aware that there may be a toll on Italian motorways.

FAQ: What you should know!

You still have some unanswered questions or want to have the most important information at a glance? We have put together a suitable FAQ especially for you, so that you can prepare yourself ideally for your trip.

Where is Merano?

The city of Merano is a popular health resort in the north of Italy and in the South Tyrolean Alps.

How to get there?

You can either travel by car, train or plane. However, be aware that tolls may apply on Italian motorways.

Where is a good place to go hiking?

Two popular places next to Merano are Dorf Tirol and Partschins. Here you can go hiking particularly well, as there are signposted routes at different heights and levels of difficulty.

What activities can you do in Merano?

  • Trauttmansdorff Castle
  • Botanic gardens
  • Hiking
  • Bike
  • Rent a quad bike
  • Climbing
  • Ski
  • Visit thermal bath

Is it possible to camp in Merano?

Yes! In and around Merano there are numerous campsites for caravans, tents or even cars with roof tents. You can spend the night in a beautiful setting and wake up surrounded by nature.

How long does it take to get from Merano to Venice?

By car it takes a little more than three hours.

When are the hottest months in Merano?

The hottest months are from June to August. During this time it can quickly be over 30°C.