The Big Green Egg: Luxury ceramic grill for baking, smoking and cooking

The Big Green Egg Grill – Reliable quality and patented ceramics for gourmets and lovers: This is what the seven “evergreens” promise. Anyone who has ever seen one of the Eggs will probably have wondered what it is at all. Yes, the green ceramic eggs differ in appearance from other grill manufacturers. But the Big Green Egg is not just a grill, it is the original Kamado grill and convinces with its strong performance. However, the Kamados are not just for grilling, but also for baking, smoking, simmering and slow cooking, making them much more than a simple grill. The Big Green Egg and grill alternatives compared! Find your perfect grill for home & garden here in the overview: buy grill.

The Big Green Egg Family

The Big Green Egg is an all-rounder of the premium class. The design is simple, egg-shaped, made of ceramic and in dark green, so that it can be ideally integrated into the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony. Visually, the seven models differ only in size. With a purchase, the manufacturer promises a lifetime warranty.

Find out here about the special features of the seven ultimate all-rounders:

Mini: The faithful companion

The Big Green Egg Mini is with just 17 kilograms the smallest and lightest model of the Egg family. No matter where the mobile use is to take place, the Mini Egg is the perfect companion for any excursion or spontaneous trip, as it can be easily placed on any flat surface without any additional tools. Despite the size, two to four people can be served with the Mini Egg without any problems.

  • 25cm diameter
  • Cooking surface: 507 cm²
  • Price: 599€

MiniMax: The practical table model

Small size, but still a lot of power – that’s the promise of the practical table model MiniMax. Combined with the portable Nest and the EGG side rails, you can grill comfortably from anywhere. Despite its small size, the MiniMax is equipped with a comparatively large cooking surface, which offers space for plenty of delicacies for four to six people.

  • 33 cm diameter
  • Cooking surface: 855 cm²
  • Price: 999€

Small: Small size, perfect performance

The Big Green Egg Small is the best friend for all city dwellers with balcony or terrace who do not want to do without a premium grill despite little space. The Egg is small, but at least as efficient as its siblings. The grate of the model is slightly lower than the MiniMax, but is also suitable for four to six people due to the same cooking surface.

  • 33cm diameter
  • Cooking surface: 855 cm²
  • Price: 892€


Medium: Pleasure for friends and family

The Medium Egg is a compact version that is still ideal for feeding six to eight people. So if you don’t have much space on your terrace, balcony or just a small city garden, this model is ideal as it is medium in size but the features are anything but medium.

  • 40 cm diameter
  • Cooking surface: 1,140 cm²
  • Price: 1339€

Large: An all-rounder in every situation

The Big Green Egg Large is the bestseller among the eggs, because it has the ideal size for almost every occasion. Whether alone or in company, you can always rely on the Egg. Since it is the most popular model, there are also the most accessories to get the maximum grilling experience out of your Egg.

  • 46cm diameter
  • Cooking surface: 1688 cm²
  • Price:1598€

XLarge: No more lack of space

Do you like to entertain a lot of friends on a regular basis or maybe you work as a caterer? Then the Big Green Egg XL is perfect for you, as its cooking surface can comfortably cook numerous large pieces of meat or even several pizzas at the same time.

  • 61 cm diameter
  • Cooking surface: 2,919 cm²
  • Price: 2560€

2XL: Perfect for extra large groups

The Big Green Egg 2XL is the largest member of the Egg family. Despite its impressive size, this Egg can also be easily moved thanks to the integrated sliding aid. Anyone who regularly throws parties, has to provide for a large family or simply likes to have a large cooking surface, is well positioned with the 2XL Egg.

  • 73 cm diameter
  • Cooking surface: 4.185 cm²
  • Price: 3950€

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