The largest lake in Italy: Lake Garda – Camping & Holidays

Lake Garda – the great Italian lake lies between the Alps and the Po Valley. The famous Lake Garda convinces with its Italian and Mediterranean flair at mild temperatures.  They say Lake Garda is the first breath of something southern for people coming from the north. At the famous lake you can really live out “dolce vita” and be enchanted by the beautiful and historical regions around Lake Garda. Nature fans, sports fans, culture and history fans will find Lake Garda the ideal holiday resort.

Low priced accommodation

Beautiful and spacious holiday apartments are currently in fashion. Be it a small holiday apartment or a holiday home with a large pool. At the beautiful Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy, there is also a wide range of holiday apartments. On Lake Garda you can rent houses, villas, bungalows or apartments. Holiday apartments are usually considerably cheaper than conventional hotels. It is all the more worthwhile if you want to take a holiday over a longer period of time – you can rent a holiday apartment for several weeks or even months for an affordable price, which makes the heart of bargain hunters beat faster.

Holiday Apartments on Lake Garda: convenient for families

By renting a holiday apartment you save a lot of money thanks to the equipment, because a holiday apartment is fully equipped and has your own kitchen, which has many advantages. You can prepare meals at a reasonable price, which saves you a visit to a restaurant, which would be anything but cheap, especially for a large family. You are also relatively flexible, as you don’t have to stick to certain buffet times, as in hotels. Furthermore, most holiday apartments have a living room: many parents can finish the evening after they have put the children to bed with a glass of wine, unlike in a hotel. Which is an advantage for animal lovers: in many holiday apartments you can take pets with you, so you do not have to worry about an animal sitter. Holiday flats are for people who like to be flexible and want to arrange the day as they like it.

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  • cheap
  • flexible
  • bookable for a longer period
  • good for pet owners

Hotels on the famous Lake Garda

On the beautiful Lake Garda there are plenty of hotels – luxury hotels, wellness hotels or a family hotel. In great family hotels you can expect a lot of adventure and fun. Luxury hotels offer first class food, rooms or even a high quality service. In a wellness hotel you can relax with massages or in the sauna, and forget the everyday life completely. No matter what kind of hotel: the high comfort is the biggest advantage of hotels. If you book full board, you do not have to worry about breakfast, lunch or dinner. One enjoys the service of the hotel kitchen. One can enjoy its quietness and relax. Especially working people enjoy the luxury of not having to cook or to take care of the dishes. The cleaning is also not necessary : the hotel staff will change the bed, change the towels or take care of the toiletries. Due to the flexibility of a hotel’s service, you have more time for yourself, the family, and you can simply enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

  • Comfort
  • Relaxation
  • there is a suitable hotel for everyone
  • good service


Nature & Adventure : Camping

Lake Garda inspires every camper, because the dreamlike Lake Garda enchants with Mediterranean flair and very pleasant climate. Everybody finds his favourite activity, whether discovering the charming Mediterranean places, hiking or water sports. Camping is individual and self-determined, you can be flexible and arrange your everyday life as you like. You can decide yourself when you want to eat, and enjoy the “dolce vita” with a cosy meal. Furthermore, it is especially inexpensive for families, and therefore families with a small budget can discover and experience the Italian Lake Garda.

Map Lake Garda:

Activities on Lake Garda: from surfing to hiking

The reliable Lake Garda winds at the northern tip of the lake are especially exciting for passionate water sports enthusiasts. Surfers and sailors come from all over Europe to live out their passion for Lake Garda. The water sports enthusiasts mostly camp on the northern part of Lake Garda, as there are jetties for sailing boats at the campsites, water sports equipment can be rented, or courses can be given. For campers who prefer to relax on the beach there is also a beautiful beach in Malcesine called Val di Sogno. Lake Garda is also a great place for hiking and enjoying the Italian landscape.

  • reliable wind for water sports enthusiasts
  • lovely beaches
  • Hiking trails

Weather Lake Garda: Temperature and trend

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The best camping regions on Lake Garda

The largest lake in Italy, Lake Garda lies between the Alps and the Po Valley. Lake Garda convinces with its Italian flair and its beautiful places. Many prefer to camp on Lake Garda, which is why we have selected the best regions for you.

  • Torbole, a historical village which was formerly called Turbel, convinces many European water sports enthusiasts with its steady wind. In Torbole motor boats are forbidden, which is also an advantage for water sportsmen. Over the years Torbole has become the centre of sailing and wind sports.
  • Lazise has beautiful old town streets. The promenade in Lazise also convinces many tourists and locals. Which is a highlight for families: Near Lazise there are the free parks like Gardaland or Canevaworld, where the children can enjoy themselves freely. But there is also a lot to do for adults.
  • In Malcesine on Lake Garda impresses with its medieval old town. The mighty Skaliger Castle and the cable car in Malcesine invite you to go hiking.
  • In Baia delle Sirene of the picturesque “Mermaid’s Fault” near Garda you can swim especially well, which is why it is very popular with families.
  • Sirmione has been a popular health resort since Roman times because of the sulphurous Boiola healing spring.
  • Toscolano-Maderno stands for culture and nature because of the beautiful historical buildings, churches and hiking trails on Monte Pizzocolo.