Santiago de Chile: parks, Andes and nightlife – hotspot

Santiago de Chile: From hot springs to snowy volcanoes to tropical rainforests – many people are drawn to Chile by its varied climates. But it’s also worth paying a visit to the largest city, Santiago. An experience full of culture and history awaits you here. Varied culinary experiences, green parks and colorful neighborhoods. All this in a perfect location between the impressive Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. In addition, Santiago is an extremely clean, modern and, above all, safe city. Read more about the metropolis in South America here!

Santiago de Chile: Urban Oasis in South America

Santiago is not just an exciting urban jungle. Green parks like the Parque Bicntenario are perfect for countless sporting activities. Go cycling or pedal boating, jogging or just lie relaxed in the grass and let your soul dangle. You want to change your perspective and see Santiago from above. In addition to the Andes and the countless skyscrapers, the hilly landscape offers numerous vantage points that give you a beautiful view of the city.

Where is Santiago de Chile located?

The capital and largest city of Chile is located between coasts and peaks in South America. Among other things, Santiago is characterized by its varied barrios (neighborhoods). Each reflects its own personality and mentality. The metropolis has over 5 million inhabitants and covers an area of about 641 km².

For the journey from Germany you should bring some time. The journey by plane takes about 18 hours. In return, a unique culture awaits you on site.

While it can be very warm and dry in the summertime, it can get really cold in the winter. If you love summer, you should visit the metropolis between October and May. You are already on your way? Then you can find the current weather conditions here:

Discover the streets of the young neighborhood Lastarria already digitally:

Futuristic skyscrapers meet green parks and the beautiful panorama of the Antenna. This is Santiago de Chile!

Big city with mountain panorama

A big city jungle in the middle of nature. Here you can get an idea of the special atmosphere of Santiago.

What is there to discover in the Chilean capital?

Like any big city, Santiago offers countless cultural and culinary experiences. Here you can find out what’s on your plate, where it’s best to party and which neighborhoods are totally trendy.

Culinary: Fish & Seafood

Santiago is a true culinary paradise. Due to its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, fish and seafood are especially popular. During your stay you should also explore the classic Chilean gastronomy. Mussels with parmesan or crab soup are on the menu here. If you prefer to cook yourself, you can find fruits and vegetables, cheese and meat specialties, as well as all the ingredients for preparing Chilean dishes at the loud, colorful weekly market La Vega Mark.

Nightlife: Tango & Techno

Attention dance fanatics! Party until sunrise is the motto here. Each neighborhood is characterized by its own celebration culture and a special audience. The Ñuñoa neighborhood has traditional tango clubs and an active jazz scene. While in Bellavista you can hear the thunderous electronic beats from afar. Restaurants with live music are also located here. Elegant nightclubs can be found in the mainstream Vitacura district. Club Eve is particularly popular with VIPs. So if you like to dance, you will certainly find the right background music here.

Hipster district Lastarria

At the weekend, especially young people meet here to ring in the weekend. Sip a delicious Chardonnay in the wine bar or enjoy the Pisco Sour. In Lastarria there are countless bars, restaurants and clubs to discover. But even in daylight, a trip to the hipster district of the city is worthwhile. Colorful flea markets, design stores and galleries create an exciting, young atmosphere. Musicians and street artists are always present here and offer you a free musical background.