Saint-Tropez: jet set on the Côte d’Azur (Sylvie Meis, Kris Jenner and Kate Moss) – celebrity hotspot

Saint Tropez: Azure waters and luxury as far as the eye can see. The French Riviera does not bear the name Côte d’Azur without reason. Once an artists’ town, the city with its azure waters now attracts the international stars of the jet set every year. Saint-Tropez is one of the absolute celebrity hotspots, along with places like Bora Bora, Lake Como, Malibu and Mykonos. Accordingly, the countless beach clubs, restaurants and boutiques are also luxurious. Looking for an escape from the boring workday? Then you will learn everything about the popular vacation destination in this article.

Saint-Tropez: jet set, exclusive clubs and pure luxury

If 300 sunny days a year don’t convince you, the international celebrities will attract you to Saint-Tropez. If you want to get closer to superstars, millionaires and models than ever before, then the Côte d’Azur is the place for you. But Saint-Tropez does not only convince with glitter and glamour. The narrow, winding streets and picturesque little houses give the place on the Mediterranean a very special flair. When the sun goes down, you can meet stars like Sylvie Meis, Paris Hilton or Kendall Jenner on the French coast. In this article you will learn more about the special place on the French coast.

Where is Saint-Tropez located?

On the French Riviera lies the celebrity hotspot Saint-Tropez. The coastal city of Cannes, which regularly hosts the famous film festival, is only about an hour away by car. Nice is also located on the Côte d’Azur and can be easily reached by car.

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Magnificent yachts and quaint restaurants with sea views, take a virtual stroll along the promenade before your trip.

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Fancy yachts in the harbor of St.Tropez. If you love “people watching”, swank and pageantry, this is the place for you!

To fall in love! Here is a small, digital excursion through St. Tropez:

Who goes on vacation in Saint-Tropez?

In the summertime, the crème de la crème of the world’s celebrities gather on the Côte d’Azur. Sailing along the French coast on a luxury yacht or descending into one of the numerous beach clubs, the rich and beautiful enjoy the French flair in beautiful Saint-Tropez. Here you can find out who is vacationing in the hotspot of the jet set and how the stars are enjoying themselves.

Kate Moss: Glamorous party and beach life

Kate Moss shows off in summer boho style on the beach in Saint-Tropez. The supermodel and party lover can regularly be found on the French Riviera. In addition to the beautiful beaches, she especially appreciates the vibrant nightlife and the countless VIP clubs on the French coast.

Sylvie Meis: Luxury vacation on the French coast

Dutch presenter Sylvie Meis offers you very private insights into the luxury life of the stars. Relaxing on the beach, a tasty 5-course menu and shopping in the numerous luxury boutiques. Get an exclusive impression of the vacation of the stars and starlets in Saint-Tropez:

Paris Hilton: lunch snack in sandwich store

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton loves Saint-Tropez and did not remain unrecognized during a short trip. In a summery maxi dress and XXL glasses, it’s off to the nearest sandwich store. Culinarily, the IT girl seems to be quite down-to-earth. How does the icon like her sandwich? Find out more here!

This is where Paris Hilton likes to party: The VIP room is famous and infamous in the international club scene, a true celebrity magnet! True to the motto: See and be seen, the global jet set mingles with the normals here. Those who love glamorous parties should not miss this experience.

Kris Jenner: Romantic date night on the French Riviera

Perfect for a nice evening for two! The Kardashian mom Kris Jenner and her lover Corey Gamble take advantage of the special atmosphere for a romantic dinner and a subsequent walk along the busy promenade.

Carmen Geiss: This is how luxurious life is in Saint-Tropez

The Geisses own a vacation residence in beautiful Saint Tropez and regularly take off to the southeast of France. Here, entrepreneur and TV icon Carmen Geiss shows you her unique home on the Côte d’Azur:

Places like Saint-Tropez: More celebrity hotspots?

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