Taxes Real Estate Books: Tips & Recommendations from Experts

Taxes in the field of real estate and home ownership: For beginners, the tax world is already quite confusing, but to combine the whole thing with the real estate world is a whole new world. We want to make this entry easier for you with the best recommendations and tips from the pros. Our book tips walk you through the whole world of real estate and taxes, offering help for learning the basics, guides for private investors, and savings tips. If you’re interested in the topic of taxes and real estate, you may also find the topic of book tips tax tips and tricks relevant.

Taxes & real estate: from basics to savings tips

Whenever money is involved, taxes inevitably come into play at some point. Of course, this is also the case in the real estate business: countless taxes such as sales tax, trade tax, acquisition tax, property tax or inheritance tax are incurred. It is not easy to keep an overview. Our list of book recommendations should help you answer your open questions and provide you with the necessary knowledge, with which you will soon be a professional in the field of real estate taxes.

Before we come to the book recommendations for real estate taxes, here are 3 tips on the subject: Learn for free on Lukinski, from the tax 1×1, to special real estate taxes such as land transfer tax, property tax & Co. learn for free, as well as video recommendations and for those who want to become a real estate investor, still a look at the topic of tax coaching. Because the more money you earn by renting out houses and condominiums, the more taxes you pay. The more knowledge you build up about renting and taxes, the more equity you have for future investments as a landlord and real estate investor.

Tax 1×1 for real estate (free of charge, external)

If you are looking for tips online, we can also recommend Here you will find everything from getting started in real estate to real estate as an investment through renting to saving taxes with real estate (external). All free of charge.

Tip! Overview Taxes XXL

Taxes are often a vexing topic, especially in Germany. Wage tax, value added tax, real estate transfer tax and much more: it is not easy to keep track of everything. But if you’re not interested in employing a tax consultant, who can be quite expensive, you need to get to grips with the subject of taxes. We want to help you with that! Here you will find an overview of guides as well as book and video tips on the subject of taxes. Whether we introduce you to individual types of German taxes or you watch a video on the subject of tax returns, all your questions about German taxes will be answered here.

  • Book & Video Tips Overview: Taxes

Tax optimization: Experiences from Tax Coaching

If you write about real estate, you have to educate yourself. More concretely, when it is no longer just about personal use, but also about renting. Because, the biggest item on the expense side is taxes. The more you earn, the more taxes you have to pay – the problem is clearly defined, what to do? Learn from experience, from those who have made it. Many say that the Next Level Tax Coaching is the best in Germany. Reason enough to take part yourself. You want to become a real estate investor yourself?

Read more about tax coaching here:

Find a tax consultant: near you

Are you still looking for the right tax advisor in your area? Then take a look at our lists: We have compiled the best-rated tax consultants for you for almost every city in Germany, where you should always receive good advice. You can find more information about tax advisors in your area here.

Fundamentals of the real estate industry

Rating: 4.4 / 5.0 (33 ratings)

This renowned basic textbook provides a clear introduction to the entire life cycle of real estate. It provides students and teachers with the economic, legal and tax knowledge necessary for this rapidly expanding field. It is also ideally suited as a reference work for lecturers as well as for specialists and managers in real estate companies.

  • Extensive changes in building law
  • Construction Contract Reform Act
  • Amendment of the liability for defects under commercial law
  • Regulations from the Act on the Modernisation of the Law on Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Concept of orientation on the life cycle of the property
  • Marketing, financing, portfolio management and project development
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Tax guide for real estate investors

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0 (233 ratings)

Alexander Goldwein’s trademark is to explain complex topics simply. This gives even readers without prior knowledge the chance to understand the interrelationships and to use this knowledge for their own benefit. The book contains numerous practical examples and up-to-date references to case law and letters from the Federal Ministry of Finance. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced readers.

  • Maximum recognition of income-related expenses
  • Realization of tax-free capital gains
  • Tax advantages for listed properties
  • Holiday real estate at home and abroad as an investment property
  • Inheritance and gift tax (tax-optimised transfer to spouse & children)
  • Bonus material: Excel tool for calculating return, financing costs and cash flow
  • The ultimate tax guide for private investments in residential real estate
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Never pay taxes again as a real estate investor

Rating: 3.7 / 5.0 (15 ratings)

How not to pay taxes for your good real estate portfolio, this book explains to you with real practical examples:

  • Theory explained
  • Refurbishment and maintenance of real estate
  • Credit financing for real estate
  • The combination of financing and refurbishment
  • Strategic planning of reorganizations for tax optimization
  • 15% rule for acquisition-related production costs
  • Practical example 1 – The first apartment tax-free
  • Practical example 2 – The existing portfolio tax-free
  • Practical example 3 – Re-borrowing to save tax
  • Practical example 4 – New MFH with a broken flat
  • Final thoughts
  • Includes real-life examples and real numbers from my properties and my tax return.
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Giving away & bequeathing real estate in a tax-optimised manner

Rating: 4.6 / 5.0 (63 ratings)

The basics and structuring options are presented systematically and understandably in this book. The reading requires no prior knowledge and is also suitable for legal laypersons:

  • Presentation of the legal succession with the consequences for the inheritance tax burden
  • Optimal drafting of a will for the transfer of real estate to children and grandchildren
  • Gifts of real estate during lifetime as a means of reducing the tax burden
  • Protection of the donor of real estate through usufruct, right in rem and life annuity
  • Succession by will regulate & save taxes with allowances & gifts of houses & condominiums
  • Annex with sample texts for the implementation of the strategies
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Tax lexicon of the basics

Rating: 4.0 / 5.0 (124 ratings)

In this tax lexicon of basics, difficult technical knowledge is simply brought to the point by Alex Fischer. With the help of good explanations and practical examples, it gives you a (relatively) easy introduction to the complex world of taxes:

  • You want to finally know and understand how the tax system works in real life?
  • When searching for helpful information you come across thousands of technical terms that confuse you?
  • If you look up a technical term (online or encyclopedia) are in the definition again umpteen technical terms that you do not understand?
  • Even if you understand the definition, you don’t know what the point is for you?
  • Things are described with no “hands on” example?
  • For beginners and advanced learners who want to know more about the tax system
  • For people who finally want to have a clear view when it comes to taxes
  • For people who have the goal to optimize their personal finances and tax arrangements
  • Bonus: Workbook
  • Most important technical terms simply explained
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Save taxes for real estate owners

Rating: 4.1 / 5.0 (8 ratings)

This book covers these topics and much more:

  • Construction and purchase of real estate, tax incentives for home ownership
  • Management of owner-occupied and rented real estate, taxation of rentals
  • Sales and taxes on the disposal of real estate
  • Inheritance and inheritance tax
  • With detailed index
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Tax guide for landlords

Rating: 4.2 / 5.0 (29 ratings)

How you can save taxes as a real estate investor with the right tax strategy – Would you like a good overview of the tax regulations and structuring options available to you in the context of a private real estate investment?
This guide provides you with the necessary knowledge – comprehensibly prepared and immediately applicable in practice:

  • Complete tax strategy from A to Z
  • Complete tax guide for long-term real estate investments
  • Income Tax & Value Added Tax
  • Determination of personal income tax rate
  • “small 1×1 of the expenditures with renting and leasing”
  • Numerous examples and suggestions for implementation
  • Buy at Amazon

The tax of the real estate – made easy

Rating: 4.2 / 5.0 (10 ratings)

Real Estate and Taxes? In this book, an experienced tax advisor solves the tax issues from owning a home to managing large properties:

  • Acquisition, construction, modernisation
  • Income, renting, sale, trade
  • Value added tax, trade tax, acquisition tax, property tax, inheritance tax
  • Textbook for house and land ownership
  • Indispensable for all learners in the real estate industry, also a handbook for interested and committed people
  • Plus: 25 overviews and 45 guiding principles
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Tax knowledge 2 go: Crash course

Rating: 4.4 / 5.0 (111 ratings)

In this guide for small businesses and freelancers, you’ll learn how to keep your money with you as a self-employed person and not give it away to taxes:

  • Income statement
  • Value added tax (including small business regulation)
  • Trade tax
  • Income tax
  • Deduct business expenses from tax
  • Understandable, practical and compact
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Master Course Real Estate Investments

Rating: 3.7 / 5.0 (10 reviews)

Rent out real estate successfully and save taxes: In this part of the book series, you will receive an understandable introduction to the tax law that is of practical relevance to landlords. In addition, you will receive a practice-oriented introduction to the basics of tenancy law, including the possibilities for rent increases.

In addition, the book series includes the following other parts:

  • Strategy to get rich with real estate
  • Search, check and buy real estate professionally
  • Financing and calculating real estate correctly
  • Concluding real estate purchase and construction contracts with legal certainty
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