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To build or to buy a house? This question is on the minds of many prospective buyers. Here we show you the advantages and disadvantages of both options and offer interesting tips on financing. Both options have their advantages. A new build has the great advantage that you can determine the layout of the rooms according to your wishes. In an already existing property, you no longer have to deal with the complicated construction phases and can occupy your own home much faster. In addition, you also have to decide on the right type of property, the choice ranges from a solid house to a semi-detached house and a prefabricated house to a low-energy house. Here you will find books that will help you to finance your dream house and show you what you should pay attention to. If you are interested in the topic of building real estate, then perhaps the topic of real estate as an investment is also relevant to you.

Book Recommendations: Building property, guidebook, financing & co

Here you will find books by professionals, all about building real estate. They will help you finance your dream home and show you what you should pay attention to. Buy or build? Both options have their advantages. Most people ask themselves this question. The answer depends of course on personal requirements and financial possibilities. Here you will find tips on the topics: What your own property may cost, how you earn money with equity and everything around the topics of financing.

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The world of real estate is complex and multifaceted. If you want to keep an overview and avoid making mistakes, you should prepare well and clarify as many open questions as possible in good time. No matter whether you want to build, buy and rent out a property or live in it yourself, or even use a property as an investment to generate passive income: The preparation is the A&O. Here you will find articles, as well as book and video tips with successful and helpful books and videos on the subject of real estate – including tips and tricks from professionals and experts.

Earn money with residential real estate: Private real estate investor

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 (914 ratings)

You too can be successful with investments in residential real estate! In this book, the trained lawyer and banker Alexander Goldwein explains understandably and with concrete examples, how you can build a fortune with residential real estate and achieve financial freedom. The reading assumes no previous knowledge and is also suitable for beginners. Bestselling author Goldwein has become a self-made millionaire in just a few years with investments in residential real estate. Several of his guidebooks on real estate are #1 bestsellers on Amazon.

In this book you will learn concretely:

  • Strategies for safe & profitable investment in residential real estate
  • Tracking down lucrative income properties even in tight markets
  • Basics of real estate valuation and purchase price determination
  • Checklists for professional examination & negotiation strategies for the purchase
  • Strategies for optimal financing and leverage of return on equity
  • Calculation of cash flow & return with the Excel calculation tool available as a bonus
  • Tax-optimised management & realisation of capital gains
  • Practice-relevant basics of real estate law (including the particularities of rented condominiums)
  • Practical basics of tenancy law (including regulations on rent increases)
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Immobilien Ratgeber: Investment property

Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0 (58 ratings)

What you will benefit from reading this real estate book:

  • The author explains how to finance investment properties with and without equity capital
  • Learn where to find investment properties in A & B locations
  • The biggest mistakes when buying real estate are revealed to you so you can avoid them from the start
  • You get strategies that make worry-free investing possible
  • You will be shown the best tips for saving taxes with the purchase of real estate and much more!
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Real estate financing: The right strategy

Rating 4.5 out of 5.0 (53 ratings)

For owner-occupiers of a property, it is all about the favourable financing of the property. For capital investors, it’s about the best possible financing conditions for the rented property. With this pocketbook you will find out which financing plan is suitable for you.

The guide answers all the important questions about money for a house or apartment, whether for initial financing, modernization or follow-up financing.

  • Income and equity ratio: how much house can you afford?
  • Interest rate strategies: How long are you tying yourself down for, and which lender has the lowest mortgage rates?
  • Repayment Strategies: As an owner-occupier or landlord, what repayment percentage is best for you to choose?
  • Financial aid: How do you use money from KfW and Wohn-Riester when financing your own home?
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Our owner’s manual

Rating: 4.3 out of 5.0 (28 ratings)

The market leader in house building, construction projects and home financing shows you the safe way to your dream home. Whether renovating, refurbishing or modernizing, here you will find your time and cost plan. “Our Builder’s Handbook” is the reliable companion with checklists, sample invoices and concrete planning aids.

Our building guide shows you how to find and buy the right plot of land, how to work out your financing concept, obtain building permits and select the building services. You will get an overview of the current real estate prices, loan conditions, the usual operating costs and the jurisdiction of real estate agents.

Find out everything about smart homes, modern energy concepts for heating and hot water, intelligent control technology and new developments in the field of healthy building materials. With this guide, you can make the right decisions and meet architects, tradesmen and banks at eye level.

Building! The great practical handbook for builders

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 ( 27 ratings )

Step by step and safely into their own four walls: The large practical handbook “Bauen!” accompanies builders on their way – from the initial considerations through the entire planning and building process to acceptance and moving in. The high level of expertise of the consumer advice centre, the large scope and the very practical orientation make the guidebook the standard work for all builders.

  • Numerous checklists help not to forget anything and to check everything thoroughly
  • Knowing and eliminating all risks – in financing, contract design and all approval procedures
  • Building with ecological building materials, modern building services and innovative energy concepts
  • Avoid building botches in a targeted manner: practical checklists for each trade help with quality control With all the important new regulations on construction contract law 2017.
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Cost and contract traps in construction

Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0 ( 11 Reviews )

Find and eliminate cost and contract traps! Almost everyone who wants to build has a queasy feeling about costs. You have heard too much about cost increases on construction sites. And rarely in life do you enter into such far-reaching contracts as you do when building. Both together hold high risks: Cost and contract traps can provide for quite substantial difficulties or even endanger the entire building project. This guidebook is aimed at all builders who are buying a prefabricated house, building a turnkey solid house or planning with an architect. Over 160 check sheets help to specifically eliminate expensive cost and contract traps when building

  • Land purchase check sheets: from development options to legal encumbrances and restrictions – what you need to know and should check.
  • Check sheets architect: from the scope of services of the architect to the planning of the house – what you should regulate.
  • General contractor and prefabricated house provider check sheets: from building specifications to construction costs – what you need to agree and check.
  • Practice shows that many plans, building specifications and contracts are incomplete, inaccurate and very risky for consumers. The guidebook helps to recognize these major and cost-intensive risks and to take targeted countermeasures.
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Financing my property

Rating: 4.6 out of 5.0 ( 10 Reviews)

If you want to avoid risks and pitfalls when making the biggest investment in your life, you should be fully informed. Competent, concrete and easy to understand, this guide supports builders and future real estate owners
with your individual financing and guides you step by step to the right construction financing.

  • Personal financial planning: determine needs, financial resilience and total costs
  • Financing options: Bank loan, building society contract and other forms of financing.
  • Subsidies: take advantage of low-interest state subsidy loans and “Wohn-Riester” housing subsidies
  • Land charge and mortgage: How are real estate loans secured?
  • What should be considered during the repayment phase?
  • Practical aids: Calculation examples, checklists and a glossary on real estate financing.
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Purchase and construction of a prefabricated or solid house

Rating: 4.3 out of 5.0 (4 ratings)

This guide was developed directly from construction practice and helps you with many checklists, annotated sample contracts and practical tips:

  • Buying a plot of land: what matters and what is important for buildability.
  • Wood or solid? The different types of construction and building materials.
  • Basement or floor slab? Advantages, disadvantages and costs. – Electrical, heating, plumbing and ventilation: choosing the right building services.
  • Search for suppliers and conclusion of contracts: all important legal bases for prefabricated house, solid house or property developer purchase contracts.
  • Contract attachments: why building specifications and plans are so important.
  • When things get going on the construction site: an overview of the construction process and construction supervision.
  • Acceptance and warranty: securing important claims. Turnkey into your own four walls Anyone who wants to build a house often decides in favour of a prefabricated house manufacturer, a solid house provider or a property developer.

Depending on the construction partner, the legal differences are quite considerable and there are also many other things to consider throughout the planning and construction process – in order to avoid cost explosions, poor construction quality and risky contracts. Our large practical handbook accompanies you step by step so that you can safely reach your goal.

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