Real estate as an investment book recommendations: Passive Income, Taxes & Tips for Beginners

Real estate as an investment – You want to have a passive income and real estate as an investment? Buy a house or apartment, real estate as a long-term investment and thereby generate high income in the future? However, you are still completely new to the world of real estate and are looking for tips & tricks on how to invest in real estate as an investment in the smartest way? Here you will find tips and important know-how on how to become successful in the real estate world. How do you buy real estate as an investment, what risks are there or can arise? Most importantly, what mistakes are often made and how can you avoid them? We enlighten you! If you are interested in the topic of real estate as an investment, then perhaps the topic of real estate investment is also relevant for you.

Real estate as an investment: book tips & recommendations

Getting started in real estate as an investment isn’t easy: Buying your first property means first of all having to learn and understand a lot – whether it’s a penthouse, apartment, maisonette, terraced house or even a detached house. Here you’ll learn: How to get started in real estate (buying your first property)? We always refer to real estate for investment. Here, you’ll be guided through six steps that suggest a structured approach to getting started in real estate. So that buying property is soon no longer just an investment idea for you – but something that you successfully implement alongside your everyday life. So we’ll help you become a landlord or buy a condo and rent it out.

Here’s another tip for you! Online you can find a lot of articles and tips on Here you can learn everything: from tax basics for asset accumulation, to real estate as a capital investment through renting, to saving taxes with real estate (external). Everything free of charge from the expert.

Tip! Overview Real Estate XXL

The world of real estate is complex and multifaceted. If you want to keep an overview and avoid making mistakes, you should prepare well and clarify as many open questions as possible in good time. No matter whether you want to build, buy and rent out a property or live in it yourself, or even use a property as an investment to generate passive income: The preparation is the A&O. Here you will find articles, as well as book and video tips with successful and helpful books and videos on the subject of real estate – including tips and tricks from professionals and experts.

Buy real estate, rent & earn money

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0 (147 ratings)

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

The ultimate advisor for passive income from residential real estate.

  • With a real estate yields of up to 8 % are possible (if the investor manages cleverly).
  • Real estate is a stable investment – in the long run, an increase in value can even be expected.
  • Who invests correctly, builds up a lucrative additional source of income, an optimal old age provision or even a completely new professional mainstay!
  • The demand for housing is growing and there is no end in sight. Due to the housing shortage, higher and higher yields can be achieved, especially in cities.
  • With a real estate investment you can save a lot of taxes
  • Buy at Amazon

Tax Guide for Real Estate Investors

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0 (233 ratings)

The ultimate tax guide for private investments in residential real estate. Secure maximum tax advantages through superior knowledge!

  • Maximum recognition of income-related expenses
  • Realisation of tax-free capital gains
  • Tax advantages for listed properties
  • Holiday real estate at home and abroad as an investment property
  • Inheritance and gift tax (tax-optimised transfer to spouse & children)
  • Bonus material: Excel tool for calculating return, financing costs and cash flow
  • Buy at Amazon

A real estate millionaire in five years without start-up capital

Rating: 4.2 / 5.0 (387 ratings)

The ultimate guide to entrepreneur basics, investing, equity and managing money.

  • 43 timeless laws of success, with which you become financially, professionally and privately more successful and achieve your goals.
  • Precise step-by-step guidance to financial freedom so you can avoid frustrating mistakes while following your passion.
  • In total, the book contains 668 Learnings that specifically help you enjoy a happier and more fulfilling life
  • Proven strategies, tools and techniques to help you build passive income and a fortune (with real estate), even without any start-up capital.
  • The secrets of rich, happy and successful people, presented in such an inspiring and practical way that you will be able to put them into practice even without any previous knowledge.
  • Buy at Amazon

The 1×1 of the real estate millionaire: your precise guide to investing

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0 (257 ratings)

  • The ultimate guide on how to become a millionaire in real estate.
  • How do I build wealth with real estate and generate equity returns of over 30%?
  • How to achieve high returns with very little risk?
  • How do I choose the right object and how do I find it?
  • How is real estate financed correctly and what mistakes should be avoided?
  • How do I choose the right tenant?
  • How do I deal with sellers and brokers?
  • Buy at Amazon

How to successfully invest & get drastically closer to financial freedom.

Rating: 4.6 / 5.0 (110 ratings)

The ultimate guide on how you can successfully invest as a beginner or advanced investor to get closer to financial freedom.

  • Learn to master passive investing and make high profits!
  • You will achieve strong returns with the lowest possible risk and the highest security!
  • You learn to be an investor and finally walk the path to financial freedom.
  • You will learn everything about passive investing and will no longer be afraid of retirement!
  • You develop a successful mindset and understand the difference between stocks, ETFs and funds.
  • You’ll really get started with the detailed step-by-step instructions!
  • And last but not least, you’ll learn how to enjoy life while saving and approach the subject the right way.
  • Buy from Amazon.

Understanding finance: 100 graphics from Finanztest – Investment, law, finance

Ratings: 4.8 / 5.0 (15 ratings)

The ultimate guide to the visual explanation of all things financial.

  • Immediately see what matters in everyday finance: With the 100 best infographics from Finanztest, complex relationships around money and finance can be easily understood.
  • When does the airline have to pay for flight delays?
  • How does crowdfunding work?
  • Under what conditions can I retire earlier?
  • Who inherits according to intestate succession?
  • Any number of financial questions that you encounter in everyday life, from retirement planning to investments and taxes to supplementary insurance are explained here in a visually appealing way.
  • In this way, the dry subject matter comes to life and you quickly see what is important in the respective topic.
  • Buy from Amazon.

Investment strategy, tax strategy & tax-optimised choice of legal form

Rating: 4.8 / 5.0 (72 ratings)

The Secret to Rising from Middle Class to Millionaire – The ultimate guide to becoming successful through investing.

  • Many middle class people fail to make it to millionaire status only because they lack the critical information to reduce their tax burden and build wealth through smart investments.
  • This is particularly true for highly qualified workers and smaller medium-sized entrepreneurs.
  • To achieve financial freedom and economic independence, the accumulation of greater wealth is essential.
  • To this end, three crucial building blocks need to be addressed:
    • Increase in revenue
    • Intelligent investment of capital to generate passive income
    • Limitation of the tax burden
  • This guidebook provides the critical knowledge needed to create a sophisticated investment and tax strategy that anyone can implement, paving the way to financial freedom and independence.
  • A self-made millionaire and best-selling author, Goldwein is a trained lawyer specializing in real estate and tax law.
  • He has inspired numerous readers with his books of advice and led them to economic success.
  • Buy at Amazon

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